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Kuntzie's 01 Turbo GT 5-speed thread----- pg 10 extra special sunday delivery!


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i give ya tons of props man, so far you are nearly the only w-body here making some real horse power so until someone else can say the same thing you got all the braggin rights bro. that cam has quite a bit more lift, is it a roller cam.

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man it sounds really good, exactly what a cammed out beast should sound like, nice job. are you running solid roller, hyd roller or what and what is the adv. lift and dur. on it.

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Dude, I have to admit, you're my W-Body hero. I absolutely love you're GP........makes me wanna go and get a silver 2 door and do the same thing, really....That thing is sex on 4 wheels.


I always said to offline friends, if I had the time and money, I'd either do a RWD swap, or monster 3.8 with a 5/6 speed, and this just proves at least one of those is perfectly viable :D. That must absolutely KILL so many cars on the road....i just imagine a few ROUSH, a BMW M5 or two, just getting SMOKED and having them wonder WT* happened.:thumbsup:

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