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    • GTP091
      looks like your Trans harness is unplugged, it’s the large one in the pic with the red boot, the other harness with the light blue boot coming off of it is the AC pressure sensor. the harness pack laying on top of the transmission with the green boot looks to be the cruise control harness. The lone red wire with the grey harness is the fuel pump test wire. The three wire harness with the purple boot must be for the MAF sensor. I have a two wire IntakeAirTemp sensor instead being I have OBD1 with a MAP instead of the MAF. Someone else will need to confirm for you.
    • GTP091
      Huh. I’m not entirely sure what that blue wire could be.  Possibly it is the knock sensor wire.  The knock sensor wire is a a single lead and is dark blue.  I guess you could go to the sensor and trace it back to see if it goes to the ecm. If it’s broke on the harness end that’s likely it.  You’ll pull a code if it isn’t connected and ecm won’t be able to adjust timing to limit knock. Those 4 black wires and the other 2 with the ring terminals are certainly grounds.  I just took a look at my engine to confirm.  The 4 I have are grounded to the transmission on the forward bolt of the engine/trans bolt, just below the trans modulator and secured with a nut.  The other two are connected in the same way but to the bolt just above the trans modulator.  In the top picture you posted the lead your holding is actually pointed right at the bolt I have mine connected to that doesn’t have the nut on it.  Looks like you need to tighten up the trans to engine bolts first?  Clean em up and nut em down.
    • mechanic58
      I have the engine and trans out of this car now. It’s available for sale if anyone is interested. I may put it on eBay eventually. 
    • 95cutlassv3rt
      So, the altenator harness does have the four wires going into it, there is a weird 5th wire that just looks broken and is dark blue. That 5th wire does not seem to go to anythiong, I wish I had noticed it before I got the engine in, tracing it back is going to be a huge pain in the drain with the engine installed. Also, I have this cluster of 20ish guage wires that look like they are supposed to be grounded on the transmission. There are also two other wires on the harness that are 6 or 8 guage in the same area with bolt anchors that could be power or ground, hard telling really. I know the wires coming off the battery are for the fuse box, starter and also there is the ground side, I am thinking the two other large wires on the harness are for the starter from the key maybe. I had taken pictures of all this mess, but my phone broke and it did not back up to the cloud. Luckily the powers of ADHD and photographic memory has served me well in putting bolts where they go and whatnot.
    • 95cutlassv3rt
      It took two days two pull the subframe with 6 jacks, cribbing, pry bars, chains and a pickup truck lol, I had the engine back in with the trans attached, all motor mounts removed and there is about 1/4" of clearance between the brake booster on the driver side and the fuse box on the left, dropping it back in only took about 3 hours with a second set of hands. I also should mention, I pulled the subframe engine, trans in one piece out the bottom without help. I also did all this without ever removing the axles from the hubs lmao. The engine hoist also made reinstallation of the subframe a breeze as I was able to pull it up to the body and adjust it before I tightened it.
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