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    • Jaywags
      I just confirmed yesterday that this one was crushed on 3/6/23… rip 
    • jiggity76
      Not to rain on your parade as I prefer these early style of front ends...but really, if we're talking about legal stuff, that front end is not technically legal. I absolutely love that corner area marked in sort of that grayish color with that emblem in the center. I think it's gorgeous!  But, on the newer style Ciera's, there would be a functional illuminated or maybe it's just a reflective corner lens.  The previous owner should have also switched out the bumper and kept the light that's mounted in the bumper ahead of the front wheels.  Like this. Anyways, just something I noticed but no matter, the car is beautiful and I love it!  
    • ManicMechanic
    • jiggity76
      Ooh, she's clean!  So glad you decided not to drive her thru the salt!
    • jhayes63
      I'm relatively new here having bought a red 1990 turbo Grand Prix this past fall. I'm not sure of it's history but one modification is that it has an aftermarket K&N air filter instead of the original air intake system to the turbo inlet. I used to have a 1985 Buick Grand National turbo which is before they had intercoolers. Of course the later Grand Nationals had intercoolers to boost horsepower. My 1985 GN had an aftermarket filter to improve air flow, similar to my 1990 GP. The other mod that we would do is to run ducts to get the air from the front of the car behind the grill. So my question is since the 1990 GP stock air intake was an intercooled system, why replace the air box and duct work taking air from the front of the car with the aftermarket open filter taking air near the turbo? Since intercoolers provide more horsepower via cooler intake air, it would seem the stock system would provide cooler air to the turbo than the open filter under the hot engine bay next to the hot turbo, all things being equal. This would seem to result in lower temperature after the intercooler hence more power. Was the original set-up so much more restrictive, robbing horsepower, or was there another reason? I would like to return the intake back to original but want to make sure that I wouldn't cause performance issues. By the way, I'm looking for the original system parts - any ideas?
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