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    • pontiac6ksteawd
      What are you going to do for Crank Trigger? Dont forget about the differential bracket. If you do find a LX9, all the supplemental crap can still be bought from Milzy. Or you could take the car there, and they can install it... Just saying LOL. Milzy has been working on a transmission adapter for the AWD applications, which I have been waiting on for my Aztek. Luckily, I have not needed it yet.
    • Geologist
      Hi everyone, My son has an 03 Regal (not Monsson). Want to put a new system (complete) in it. Have all the amps, speakers and wires. The tricky part is the head unit. He wants to be able to play CD's as well as more modern interface (Bluetooth, thumb drive etc...). The problem is that Crutchfield lists very few units that fit due to the very shallow mounting depth. I had the dash apart once and had the radio out, and when looking back there it looked like I might be able to cut out a piece of plastic that is restricting the mounting depth. Does anyone have experience with what I am running into here? Can the head unit cubby be modified to fit something longer than what Crutchfield says will fit? Thanks for any help.
    • Amanita
      I measured the original rear sway bar on my '96 SE a while ago and I think it was 20mm. Smaller than the rear one on my '98 with FE1 suspension.
    • Impala871
      This is true, and in an ideal world, I would DEFINATELY go with Milzy's "3500 Swap for 3100 or 3400 powered vehicles" which would end up about $1600 and I would have a practically new engine, with all the parts needed for the swap (except the TB which I am going to get from a diff vehicle) .  But then you have to add the cost of going to get it.  He's in Ohio no? I'm in New Mexico.  According to the checkout on the site there is no shipping for that part.  Maybe you can call and arrange something, but still you adding another $200.  So $1800, which would still be just about around my original budget for the engine, however....... Plan A was find an LX9 from a yard within 200 miles, no core fee,  for $250-$350, add $100 or so to go get it (I have done this on car-part.com by the way THANKS AGAIN!); or I've also found a site that will sell me one about 120k and deliver it (even residential), for $498.01 (I know nice price).  So $500 either way and I have a 90 day to 6 month (respectively) warranty on an LX9 with 100k-130k miles sitting next to the 3400.  That leaves me $1300 to spend on a cam, valve springs, head gasket kit, DIY port and polish kit, CAI, modified downpipe w/ highflow cat, and probably even headers.  So you see my dilemma. BOTH options have a huge upside and a huge downside when put side by side.  There is a small chance that a very decent financial windfall may be coming our way which would render this question moot cause I could do all of what I've listed... But assuming things dont change and I have to go one way or the other, what would each of you guys do?
    • sirdoctorjohn
      Well is not that difficult i import mostly direct from Rockauto is most efficient in price and shipment options... here the service centers are to expensiv and to be honest don’t really those cars... difficult to find good mechanics i think all over the world.  but try my best to do things by my own or with a friend as well with my others rides. 😎
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