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    • kcac
      This is interesting. I thought Cars and Concepts set up a shop and did the conversions at the factory. Who was the other company?
    • crazyd
      '92 LQ1 DOHC.  I'm getting a clunk from the driveline when i change direction forward/reverse.  Doing the motor mount test, I saw a lot of movement from the engine in reverse, so I figured the rear engine mount.  Pulled it out, checked it over, yanked and tugged on it, no sign of a problem.  The replacement I got looked worse than what was there, so I put it all back together as it was and made sure all the mount nuts were tight.  Yet the problem persists. As soon as I back up - clunk.  As soon as I go forward again - clunk.  The trans mount is a new 282 mount and all its bolts/nuts are tight.  Same with the front mount and the dogbone.  It's hard to tell where it's coming from because no matter which side you're sitting on it sounds like it's coming from that side, but it seems to be right in front of the firewall. Anyone else had this problem?  Any ideas?  Is it normal for the DOHC to move up a lot more in reverse than forward?  
    • LumiGuy1
      thank you will check out tonight.
    • LumiGuy1
      Sweet thank you much if I don't really care about AC can I just do a standard ac delete and be fine. So much help hopefully going to have the engine out of the lumina tomorrow then onto the monte!
    • 55trucker
      You're actually the 2nd newb to inquire about the 90 degree swap in as many days, Mattmac2007 recently did an L67 swap into a 1st Gen GTP earlier this year, he more than likely would be the freshest source for info on what has to be done. He did a thread on the conversion.....  
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