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    • Jake93
      Upon further inspection, my 05' GT had a bad wheel bearing that would hum/roar anywhere from 25mph-70mph at its loudest. I went forth and changed it out. I raised my car up set jack stands under it with a jack for support and chocked the rear wheels and put it in neutral. Driver side was solid with no up/down play nor side to side play. I checked the passenger side and i could easily move the wheel up and down and side to side. My original thoughts were that the driver side was bad but i was wrong. ALWAYS check both sides before changing out a wheel hub! Reason being is you don't want to replace a good hub and come to find out later you still have a bad one. Also note that if one side goes bad the other is usually not far behind! Change them in pairs if you're able! So I proceeded to change out my bad one, it wasn't terrible until i still had a piece stuck in the steering knuckle... i chuckled and thought you bastard lol. I tapped it out with a flat blade screw driver and mallet and then ran a wire wheel on a drill to clean up debris stuck to the aluminum. I Installed my new one, plugged in the  abs sensor wire, reinstalled everything and went for a test drive. All is quiet again! Here is an attached photo of the trashed OEM hub. Had it gone much longer it probably would have siezed up and caused more damage or an accident.  Happy 4th everyone! 
    • rich_e777
      On the two door coupes if one were to round off the edge on the typically brass part that swivels and "slides" up and down and lubricate it then the Chinese junk handles will last much longer as well. Seems like a good place for a roller bearing similar to how the rocker arms changed from the earlier 3100 to the later 3100/3400.
    • oldmangrimes
      Well, maybe not, it's been a few years and I've replaced tie rods of my other cars since then.   I looked at the picture of the harbor freight tool and it looks familiar so maybe I did buy one and use it.   Oops, sorry, I'm getting forgetful in my old age.      
    • 89-W-Body-Regal
      Really? It came loose with a adjustable wrench?
    • RPE1992GPSE
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