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    • CRT
      Hey, the first picture is the speedometer wich is built in now. i want to change to the full digital at the second picture. The Cables and the connector are different. this is my problem.
    • 94 olds vert
      Welcome to the site! I'm not that familiar with the Regal clusters. I know it is possible to swap these over to the digital cluster. Does your current cluster have a tachometer? When I did this for my 1994 Cutlass Supreme, I made an adapter so I could plug in my digital cluster. You could also put the connectors in the correct spot with the correct connector for the digital cluster.  This thread may have helpful information:    
    • CRT
      Hey my Name ist Christian from Germany. I have an Chrysler 300c and now i bought a Buick Regal from 1990. I want to Change the Speedometer. From the old one to the füll digital on. From 25089061 to 25089058. These are the original article Numbers. Does anybody have wiring diagrams or a plan how i can match this? Because the connectors and the wiring ist different.  
    • Schurkey
      Amazon shows that number as "not compatible" with my '92 Lumina. Whether that's "real" or not is up for debate.  It may fit, but not be specified as "correct" by GM. I know that GM had more than one steering rack for the first-generations, with the "sporty" cars having a faster steering-gear ratio, and perhaps stiffer "feel".  The sporty steering gear is hard to find and was very expensive.
    • carkhz316
      This is actually after I've consolidated all the LS4 and Z34 wiring. There are no extra wires left in this picture.   It really looks worse than it is.   Theres really only a few main bundles to sort through, otherwise the rest are categorized based on component/ sensor, etc. with labels at the PCM end so I can keep track of everything. The foreground bundle is the original Z34 front end harness that has the battery cable, ground cable(s), fan wiring, and any accessories on the drivers side of the engine bay, so it'll be returned back to the bottom of the radiator support. I had to take it apart to rid it of the old 4T65 wiring and some other bits.
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