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    • mechanic58
      Thanks, I really appreciate this information. Not too worried about the line fitment, thats just a simple plumbing task.    Hoping to get the L67 out of the GTP this weekend. This will shed a lot more light for me. Its been too long since the last time I had one of these engines on my stand and I just can’t remember such details anymore. Getting too old I reckon. 
    • 55trucker
      The ABS VI system is a decent system, unlike it's predecessor it's basically trouble-free. Many Gen 2 cars make use it as well. The bIg difference in the 2 designs for the master is the number of ports. The non abs unit has 4 threaded ports whereas the abs  units have only 2 threaded ports. Where the ABS equipped car are concerned the master has eliminated the built in proportioning valve assembly (the internals were simply removed) but the non ABS master does. The proportioning valves are under those two large caps screwed into the master body.  What I do not know is whether or not the ends of the brake lines on an ABS car are threaded in the same manner as the ends of the non abs cars. The non ABS master & lines are threaded with 4 different threaded pitches & dia retaining nuts so they cannot be inadvertently mixed up.  
    • 55trucker
      That's quite right, the castings for both the block & heads are significantly different, to the best of my remembering the engine mount bosses are cast into the block at the same location.  
    • mechanic58
      Another facet of this project will include eliminating the ABS brakes on the car. I have just started looking into that and have a few questions maybe someone can answer for me. Looking at pictures of new replacement master cylinders - both from the early 1st gen Luminas and the later ones (that woulda had ABS), it appears the master cylinders are the same. I'm assuming then that the ABS unit was just engineered to attach to the existing master cylinders that were previously in use. I also don't see any listings for an external proportioning valve for the early cars and have noticed the master cylinders (for both applications) have 4 ports instead of two. Does this mean that proportioning takes place within the master cylinder itself? 
    • mechanic58
      Thanks, I appreciate your input. Edit: This engine I'm using is a Series II 3800. There were significant differences between the Series I and Series II engines. The 1st gen Regals woulda had a Series I engine. Are the motor mount locations the same on both blocks? I know for a fact there were multiple casting differences between the two engines, especially along the oil pan rail area on the block. 
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