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  3. www.A-Body.Net Its not as active as it used to be. But its still alive and kicking. I am the forum moderator over there.. Come on over! Would have to hear the sound the motor is making to give an honest answer.
  4. Not familiar with the Ciera instrument cluster, is there an oil pressure gauge or just an *idiot light*? Do you see anything to suggest that there is little or no oil pressure?
  5. I hope that your mom gets better soon. Record and post the video when you have the time. No rush.
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  7. Well, I was going to suggest ebay.......but you've found a source. As shown there are just two manuals for the 1995 set.
  8. I just got these... if there is something else I should get I am all ears...
  9. Haven't updated my thread lately. Here is one of my Aussies, Asa, posing for a pic with my Olds. My most favorite picture I have taken yet! Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  10. At this point to adequately further diagnose the issue you really need the factory electrical service manual. One needs an accurate schematic of the car to know where everything goes. That particular fuse interacts with so many devices without a guide to show one the route that each conductor follows makes it difficult to diagnose. Indeed the SDM is the airbag sensor.
  11. Get an assistant to pour water or coolant in while you watch for the leak from up top. If you can't see anything leaking there, but you've got coolant gushing between the engine and trans, then you could have a freeze plug that has failed between the engine and transaxle.
  12. I've been thinking the same thing. I hate to scrap an STE but yeah, it's pretty rotted so I don't think I could restore it financially and I already have my unicorn. Gotta think about it.
  13. I pulled the glove box looking for the auto door lock do-dad but wasnt there. I did find a funky soldered jumper on a pink wire that is wired to fuse #39. I recalled that I seen a stripped pink wire under the dash. so I followed it to the stripped portion and sure enough they make continuity. This pink wire runs through a ribbon cable up the steering column. I pulled the airbags/stereo controls and the fuse kept popping... Then I remembered that when I first looked under the dash that the plug for the second brake switch (I think its for the cruse control?!?!) was unplugged... so I plugged it back in... well, I pulled that sucker and both ends of the plug make continuity to the pink wire. I am at a loss but since I've pulled the connector back out it seems to have resolved the issue. The first pic shows the pink wire jumpered with orange and black. the second shows under the dash with the stripped pink wire circled in red, the brake switch connector in blue. The yellow is a wire I added for the brake to the starter.
  14. I thought it must have crept up and that is why I reversed everything I did and the starter. I cant for the life of me figure this out. What the heck is the " Sensing and Diagnostic Module" is that for the airbag? I've already disconnected that under the seat. Guess ill have to pull out the glove box to pull out the automatic door lock module next.
  15. What engine? There are coolant lines that go to the throttle body, start there.
  16. So - this morning I found that all of the coolant in my car had dumped on the ground. After adding coolant I noticed it looked like it was coming from between the engine and tranny? But I don't know what's there that could leak. Could a higher up coolant hose ruptured, sending coolant pouring down the block? It's hard to tell. So I guess my question is, what hoses are in that area that could rupture like that?
  17. Are you saying that the HVAC fan motor only runs when the secondary rad fan motor runs? Or that the AC compressor only runs when the secondary fan motor runs? I guess either way, you need the wiring schematic from the service manual, and you need to trace the wires connecting the secondary fan to the rest of the A/C system. I don't have a schematic for '94. Used service manuals are typically available on eBay, often for chump change.
  18. Honestly, now that you have a storage space, it might not be a bad idea to make a run up and grab it, then pull all the parts you could need and store them with your car and scrap the rest. I can't see this be worth restoring with the current rust situation, but it's an amazing parts car.
  19. This is for a 1994 Cutlass Supreme 3.4L. (Sorry about that). The system seems to work fine and is blowing cold air in the cabin with the secondary fan is running. I did a bypass (connected direct to battery) from the electrical harness to make sure the fan would work and it does. I guess my other question is how can find what wire went bad using a multimeter? I was able to test both relays on the primary fan and they work. I checked the fuses under the passenger side glove department and they seem fine. Thank you for the help.
  20. My mother has been in hospital since friday i haven't had the chance to record sound yet but im hoping to by Thursday at the latest. Thanks everyone
  21. Seeing as you haven't owned the vehicle very long has this issue just crept up or has it been there from the time you purchased the vehicle?
  22. What are the refrigerant pressures, high-side and low-side? Are the refrigerant tubes on the evaporator cold? Does the compressor run? If the pressures are reasonable and the evap is cold, you've got air-door problems. If the pressures are way off, or the tubes to/from the evap aren't cold, you've got system problems. Might be nice if we didn't have to guess what car this is.
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