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  3. 89-W-Body-Regal

    What are some of the best belts to eliminate most belt noise?

    I bought a gates belt again and it works fine
  4. THE ELECTRICAL & HVAC ISSUE IS FIXED AFTER SPENDING A LOT OF MONEY: ALL ELECTRICAL IS NOW RESTORED BACK TO WORKING ORDER: I have did a lot of damaged attempting to repair it myself. It cost me 2500 to repair the electrical issue and couple 100 bucks to look the hvac... plus they had to remove my rear bumper to check all the tail light wiring and the defective turn signal i bought NOS did a lot of damaged too. They said I pinched the wires together and stripped the hazard switch bolt. Those two issues is what made the car have a lot of crazy electrical issues. Plus someone who worked on the car before who done electrical work removed the circuit breaker for the headlights and that's why I didn't have headlights. So it's been said that the only thing I done correct was wiring the tail light pig tail in the right order. ON THE HVAC STUCK IN DEFROST MODE: After the electrical was restored the vents had ac blowing out of the vents (face position) again. They said all they had to do was move and clean some grounds and replace fuses... after that the air came right out of the vents... no doors were stuck, no actuators were bad... what's so ever. But I did replace lots of old fuses myself and clean the fuse box in and out of car so I don't know what they could have done differently. It all comes down to is, It wasn't the electrical issue that made the vents stuck in defrost made because that started happening after I replaced the coil packs. So for both issues it had to do with electrical. Something so simple for the HVAC issue and I didn't see it. It. The mechanic also said he thought it was strange that it had to do with a ground making the vents stuck in defrost mode because it's an vacuum system. But we all learn from our mistakes and I will never touch something I don't know how to fix again without experience.
  5. rich_e777

    Wanted- Cutlass Supreme 2D Valence/airdam

    I dont think the sedans even had them, cannot recall and online pics dont really show. Hears the one on my 94 that transfers right over but I still need another good one. Driving without it makes the front end feel different at interstate speeds.
  6. 89-W-Body-Regal

    Belt tensioner is loose and stripped the bolt over tighten it

    UPDATE ON THE DRIVE BELT TENSIONER: I will never buy those heli- coil pack again. It made things worse. The shop had to remove the entire timing chain cover and repair the stripped thread off the car. It cost me a little over a grand to repair because they had to remove accessories ect plus one of the pulleys was bad.
  7. Psych0matt

    Wanted- Cutlass Supreme 2D Valence/airdam

    2 door. Duh.
  8. MemphisMan

    Wanted- Cutlass Supreme 2D Valence/airdam

    2D meaning two door. The coupes and verts should have the same valence, but the sedan is possibly different.
  9. W30olds

    Hard to start when car is warm

    Close to a month now and haven't had a single issue with the starter. Still fires right up and zero problems. Thanks guys for all your input. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  10. Psych0matt

    Wanted- Cutlass Supreme 2D Valence/airdam

    2D? Maybe it’s just early but in 15 years I don’t think I’ve ever seen this in the context of a cutlass. Unless yours is a drawing...
  11. jiggity76

    Door panel question.

    Thanks Memphis. It looks just like my car other than the window tint. It gives me an idea of what mine will look like eventually with new paint and finished restoration work.
  12. Was driving the Vert and a truck in front of me lost a chunk of tire and I couldnt swerve to avoid it. Knocked the exhaust loose so the tailpipes are crooked and bent the black plastic valence/airdam on the front bumper cover. They are the same between coupes and Verts but not sure about the sedans. Ive not seen a 2D CS in awhile so if anyone happens to come across one let me know how much you want for it.
  13. Last week
  14. MemphisMan

    Junk Yard Thread, Never ending

    I really appreciate you getting those parts for me. I really wish I had more W's around here I could go check out. I'm loving the color combo on that 87 Sunbird vert too. Reminds me of the black/gold 280ZX color combo.
  15. Update time! I managed to get the outer tie rods, and lower ball joints replaced over the course of a month with a vacation in between it all. This past Friday I got it licensed, and Saturday I had some new shoes put on and got an alignment done. Really got to enjoy it this weekend, with 600+ miles drove! Now it's on to the small stuff, like interior odds and ends, and complete vehicle detail. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  16. mfewtrail

    4T60E Shifting Issue: 95 Cutlass Supreme

    The converter will lock in 3rd even on OBD1 cars(4T60-E) around 40mph at light throttle cruising. If you have tunerpro, you can look at the parameters necessary for lockup to occur in either 3rd or 4th.
  17. I believe it’s from a 5 speed car.
  18. jiggity76

    New to the site!

    MemphisMan has been helping me out lately with some things to look for on the LQ1's. He's been great and I'm learning a lot. Since I'm new to the game compared to a lot of guys, this may be boring but I'm finding it very interesting. He suggested pulling the front bank cam cover to see if the belt is intact. Things look good so far. The car always turns over strong but not starting up. I was wondering if the motor will turn over if the belt is broken, I have since learned that if the belt is broken it will still crank but seeing the belt intact is a good sign that it's ok for now. I still think the fuel pump is the culprit but I want to get the dash working first.
  19. jiggity76

    Junk Yard Thread, Never ending

    Oh man! I'm excited and then immediately saddened by this info. Another 1 of 1 car getting scrapped. Sad, very sad.
  20. ManicMechanic

    Junk Yard Thread, Never ending

    Just 18 1992s in red with graphite cloth and black tops came with the CD player. Of those 18, it was the only one with a block heater and standard A/C controls.
  21. ManicMechanic

    Junk Yard Thread, Never ending

    Most convertibles with cloth had the UM6 base cassette player.
  22. jiggity76

    Junk Yard Thread, Never ending

    Just got back from 2 yards in my area. Got a lot of pics and hope everyone enjoys! A 1992 3.1 vert with cloth interior. MemphisMan and I think it might be kinda rare since it has cloth interior. Manic, have any thoughts? I took the CD player for myself and got the console lid for MemphisMan and his gorgeous new coupe! A Turbo GT Sunbird, not big on the color but what a cool car! I didn't know the trip odometer and trip timer were in the console on these, really cool! The missing engine parts are in the trunk. Ford Thunderbird Turbo coupe with a 5 speed. I like these too and bummed out it ended up here. Looks complete and waiting to be processed. This is the second yard, a 93 coupe that I grabbed a fog lamp switch for MemphisMan. I tried looking for some rear ashtrays for Selenoyl but no luck today, sorry. I'll keep a lookout. I've been to this yard since 2015 too and I've NEVER seen them crush this many cars at once. It's astounding! Sadly, there were a few W's in the piles. Upside down Cadillac DeVille. This yard has a lot of the older stuff but they are really hard on vehicles, literally throwing them around and dropping them on jagged rocks caving in their floor pans. Gold CS sedan on the bottom left. 95-97 car. A black CS coupe. GP sedan, dual airbags so a 94-96 car.
  23. crazyd

    Sunroof glass & seal from 92-96

    That depends on which part of Canada you're in!
  24. jiggity76

    Possible Top Pin Cup Solution

    Found this thread Memphis, I'll keep a lookout for any originals but no luck so far.
  25. Bake82

    Sunroof glass & seal from 92-96

    I do have both, but I can't imagine shipping from Canada would be too nice for the glass. It's going to be some time end of October) before I can do anything on the car, but since I know it will work, when I get to parting out the car I will keep you in mind and look to see how it looks. Sorry I can't help sooner!
  26. digitaloutsider

    Gen2,3 Hud in Gen1

    I'm no electrical engineer, but the screen in the newer HUDs is a dot matrix LCD, the old one is an old school VFD display. You would need some way to drive that new screen because the other board won't support it.
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