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  2. 55trucker

    1989 Regal 3.1 stalling issue

    If you're still getting the same ECM code 33 with both MAP sensors in place & you know for CERTAIN that there is not a vacuum issue test the circuit from the ECM to the MAP for proper reference voltage & return. A high voltage situation suggests that the ground circuit may have an issue & the return (MAP signal) is seeing too high a return voltage back to the ECM.
  3. Bake82

    LS Swap - L67 & OBDII n2 95 Cutlass Vert

    You need the following parts from a 98-99 Monte Carlo z34/ lumina ltz wiring harnesses power steering lines exhaust downpipe (or have one made) heater core hoses if possible the alternator bracket/tensioner for the right angle heater hose connectors under alternator not 100% needed but nice to have. Other items Need to use the inner axle cups from the donor car and the outer shafts of the original cutlass Motor mounts bolt in no issues Donor car rad and hoses work Donor car auto trans cooler lines work Need a pcm tune to di
  4. Sigurd Jarlson

    1989 Regal 3.1 stalling issue

    So I finally had the time and the weather to finish up on this job. I replaced the following: The two injectors that ohmed out at 4 and 7 plugs wires fuel pressure regulator MAP sensor IAC valve O2 sensor TPS Coolant Temp sensor It started, which is an improvement, but subsequent starts have been hard, and I'm getting a 3-3 MAP sensor code no matter whether I have the original one in or the replacement I bought. I took it for a shake down run around the block and it really isn't running that well. Hesitation with gas and it seems like it wants to stall w
  5. Yesterday
  6. Please help a fellow Cutlass enthusiast. I need help with getting this supercharged motor in and having it run smoothly. Also, I need assistance with the wiring harness and OBDII port. Please assist
  7. Last week
  8. This started when I'd recently had the problem of my driver's side door not opening again. Been through this so many times I've lost count, but it had started lasting less and less. I ordered a Dorman replacement from Amazon, hopefully thinking it would be the best of the worst. It lasted less than a month. I'd had to set it at the limit of the adjustment right from the start, which wasn't a good sign. Sure, it worked at first. But it started getting harder and harder to open with seemingly every pull. Within a few weeks it didn't open the door anymore either. Looking more
  9. Human

    Convertible Top Switch

    My switch was sometimey when I first got the car. I sprayed the hell out of it with CRC Electrical Contact Cleaner. I didn't even take the switch out of the dash. I just stuck the little straw against the gap between the switch and its surround and let 'er rip. Then I just worked the switch back and forth for about 30 seconds and I have had no further issues with it.
  10. bluecalais79

    3.4 Water Pump 1994 CS

    Finally got the water pump in last weekend. Is there nothing on these 3.4 motors that's easy to install?!? The coolant tank was removed, that certainly was a must. But, man what a booger getting the old pump out, there's just no clearance to work anywhere. I got really lucky getting the (new GM) one in, you really need to set the gasket on the pump with sealer and hope it doesn't shift when you are jamming it through to get it to where it needs to go. Fortunately it set correctly and it wound up not leaking at the seal meaning I don't have to do the job all over again. The WP I took
  11. coreylubahn

    Convertible Top Switch

    Can you tell me how you fixed it. I am having the same issue. I have 2 big springs and 1 small. Just don't know where they go. Can you advise me. That's be awesome.
  12. I wish I had some seals to make available to you for this effort, but the best I can do at this juncture is offer moral support. That said, I'd love to have a set if they could be made available for an affordable price. I did have a mechanic, who describes himself as a reluctant convertible top expert (he says he's really good at convertible tops but really hates working on them), tell me that periodically coating the existing seals with silicone grease is a good way to keep them pliable and extend their useful life.
  13. Thank you for some of the history. I will definitely be making different inquiries. You are probably right about the tooling sitting somewhere.
  14. Ive contacted Steele and onw other company and they are not interested in reproducing them, Steele would be the company to do it though. Send a letter to their R&D engineering team via the customer support rep, but you`ll have to get a good one on the phone and not one that`ll give you the run around. I was going to let them have access to my vert and everything for the effort. Due to the complexity of some of the seals and the projected profits the company foresees, its not feasable for them to pursue. I had a thread going but I cant find it in my "Content I started" tab that might have s
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  16. WoodyUSSLUCE

    Hello from 89 Olds Cutlass Supreme owner

    I finally got a chance to get a picture today. Definitely not showroom floor new but for the mileage not too bad !
  17. That is great information!! I will see what I can track down with the leads that you have provided. Thank you!!!
  18. Unfortunately I don't have any New Old Stock seals to share, I'm impressed that you were able to find any at all. I would like a new set of seals, as mine leaks in many places, but I'm worried they would be too expensive for me to buy if a company did reproduce them in a limited run. I've tried to add an additional seal on top of the existing seals in the places where they are leaking, but I haven't had much luck with that technique. I wonder if the original drawings for these seals exist in a drawer somewhere at GM or at the company that bought Cars and Concepts. I found this tidbit
  19. As we all know, there are no companies that offer reproduction seals for the 1990 to 1995 Cutlass Supreme convertibles. I am hoping that if we were to collectively pull together original (ideally NOS) seals to assemble a complete top seal package, that we may be able to convice a company (e.g. Steele Rubber, Metro Moulded) to reproduce the seals and offer them as part of their inventory. I currently have a NOS front header weatherstri
  20. For those wondering, they fit just fine. Fronts have plenty of room, about 1/2" and the rear has about 3/16". It's all moot because I acquired a different beater, 2006 Monte Carlo, and they're going to go on that and the GP is going away.
  21. Do I have to pull the cowl to get to the wiper motors? If so can you explain how to remove it? I don't see them in the traditional location on the firewall.
  22. 55trucker

    Rear strut mounts.

    It's just a purchases one where the price is agreeable.....the item I have came from London, England......
  23. mfewtrail

    Rear strut mounts.

    You can find those for less than half that all day on amazon, ebay, etc.
  24. Schurkey

    Rear strut mounts.

    Forty dollars for a bubble level and a magnet?
  25. Built-into the wiper motor.
  26. Where can I find this wiper circuit board you speak of?
  27. My '92 Lumina had a non-functional washer pump. I went crazy trying to figure out what was wrong. Turned out to be the circuit board for the wiper motor. The electrical power for the washer goes through the wiper board, and the wiper board failed. At least at that time, I could buy replacement wiper motors...but the circuit board wasn't included and wasn't available. Treasure-Yard Only. While I'm sure it's POSSIBLE, I was not prepared to do board-level circuit repairs beyond re-flowing solder connections; and I didn't see any failed solder connections because the board was covere
  28. All good points. I have ordered a new top that will be installed by an auto upholsterer. I will be asking him about possible options once I receive the top and visit his shop again. I created my post because I thought I could possibly find the OEM material online in advance. I am also tempted to see about having the matching carpet material used in place of the OEM material. I know some cars actually used the floor carpeting for that area.
  29. Yours looks similar to mine. I believe the wear pattern is from rear seat passengers shoes, they don't put them under the seat and they treat the lower seat back like a footrest. Or when they're climbing in or out, the seat back is pushed forward and they might accidentally step on that piece. If you aren't strict about using OEM material, I'd recommend using something stronger than the original material if you plan on having rear seat passengers. You could go to an upholstery shop, they could give you suggestions for what to use. They might even be able to simply cover it with anothe
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