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Found 1,528 results

  1. i'm gonna do one last suspension mod and that is put teh DOHC 34 mm bar in do I do it? I can do the rear susp. in my sleep. The front....I know nothing about... I'm gonna do the engergy susp. poly bushings too
  2. Hows it going guys, had to get a new radiator due to a leak, wont use any kind of stop-leak unless the manufacturer agrees to buy me a new car. So i of course order the bigger radiator from AZ, got it and installed it all the while distracted enough to forget to space the damn cooling fans and the drivers side fan ate a hole into the radiator. No problem, under warranty got another coming. What im wondering is if anyone has had this situation before and what was used to space the fans out slightly enough to clear the radiator and on any of the w-body 3100`s out there are any known to have fan shrouds? Figured some washers would be good enough, dont know. Kind of drunk and just wanting to talk cars i guess.
  3. ive read that they started installing heads with better ports and larger valves in 03+ 3.8s (that were still series 2) yet they still have the same 200hp rating. did the head swap affect the power curve w/o raising power peak? curious as im getting an l36 from an 04 impala thanks
  4. olds93

    engine swap

    I own a 1993 olds cutlass supreme sl with a 3.1 litre v6 with 403,000 kms (240,000 miles ) on it. Will a 3.8 litre supercharged v6 fit under the hood?
  5. just bought a floor shift model full digital cluster to replace my stock broken base cluster I moved pins around to make it work best I could since the junkyard one has no harness so far I have working both turn signal indicators(before left was out) high beam (before wasn't working) brake engine low coolant temp gauge(ran wire direct to new sender) oil gauge (still has switch so shows max) volts gauge( just replaced alternator stays in middle whole time) fuel(works way better than base one which was bouncing all over) eng/metric switch Not working Tach (ran c13 direct to orange on diag port and nothing) seatbelt light(I think that was yellow one) have about 5-6 extra wires and this cluster has a extra 8x2 plug I don't have Any ideas on the correct pinouts for this swap and why is the tach still dead Also my speedometer is way too fast and says 99mph at 75Mph (GPS Speed) it does this with both clusters...
  6. I picked it up from the original owner, little old lady... its been garaged most of its life, runs great .. and not a spec of rust on the car (its been here in Tucson since day 1) If I can find a nice set of 18" wheels I may put them on.. I have a speed shop here in Tucson, its a mod I could live with and swap back if I needed to as well easily enough. But the car is so original and un molested I would hate to change anything too far and ruin it. If I start driving it more and can put a babyseat in it correctly, I may install a HID headlight conversion too, since its all plug n play. THe car does need struts, they are pretty worn out.
  7. I literally just need a few small parts to have 100% everything I need to do August's 5 speed swap. I need: clutch fluid reservoir, preferable with hose, but I can take care of that. Rubber grommets to go on the firewall plus the metal retaining ring, this is for 282. the grommets for a 284 are probably not compatible due to the larger shift and select cable sizes. I'll have to 100% verify that. 284 retaining ring is the same part. let me know how much shipped to 16001 Thanks -Chris
  8. Ok I have a 99 Lumina 9C3 and it's brake time. What other W body rotors will swap right onto my car? Reason why I'm asking is it will allow me to find out if I can take advantage of another cars rotor upgrade package. Car has the 9c3 brake package (4wheel disc).
  9. Hello guys, seeing if there's another miracle worker on here. I'm helping a buddy with a engine swap, but the dash harness we have has been cut. What I'm trying to figure out it where the dash harness plugs into the back of the power distribution box. We got most of the wires figured out but there is about 10 wires that are green. All same color of green and same size with no other markings. Does anyone have a diagram for this or know what these wires are for?
  10. well folks my 3500 Lx9 swap into a 2000 buick century is done n runs great n very fast
  11. Ok, It's a long story I will try to fill in the details later, but right now I am trying to fix this. I have an aftermarket CV axle I installed last weekend. It's a Cardone It's a bit too long 3/4" longer than the OEM iirc. On the test drive it was clear the vibrations were from it being too long so I parked it. I was only doing this because the boot on my OEM axle split. I have not gotten the boot replaced on the OEM and want to swap it back in. The Aftermarket CV Axle will not come out. I have bent a pry bar. The slide hammer won't budge it. I tried taking the side cover off to see if I could get to the retaining clip and couldn't. WTF do I do?
  12. Made a thread about engine issues, but sourced an engine. Topic is no longer needed anymore.
  13. fast buick

    Lx9 swap

    hello to all im getting ready to swap in a Lx9 3.5 from a 2006 pontiac g6 its going into a 2000 buick century i already got new metal intake gasket set n throttle adapter n waiting on external crank trigger n also to take care of the map sensor plug n two wire temp. sensor n cam sensor plug im using fuel injector wireing harness from 2005 impala 3.4 which takes care of all the connectors ok now my car use 3 wire temp. sensor but 3.5 use 2 wire n so does the impala harness it should work fine right? n im very excited cause i do believe tht im going be first to swap in Lx9 into buick century but let me kn please also i already got the Lx5 throttle body n im using the 3.5 upper still but im modify the fuel reg. bracket
  14. would a 440-T4 from a lesabre t type be plug and play with my tgp? i thoughts are possible try and pick this transmission up for cheapish and beef it up to swap into the tgp. any info would be much appreciated! thanks in advance.
  15. I know much has been posted on the topic, but I just wanted to mention that I am one who has ran through the gamut of troubleshooting steps for correcting the multiple misfiring issue. Mine ended up being the ICM. Replaced it with the slightly cheaper Valucraft ICM, she ran like new. Less than a year later, the wonderful P0300 misfiring came back. Had it start happening in the middle of my trip home from work. Parked it, let it sit overnight. Next day, problem was fine until I drove it for approx. 15 minutes, then it was back. It did this two more times before it finally became a permanent issue. I decided to swap out the ICM FIRST this time, and its back to running like new now. Just wanted to share this so that others know: 1. An ICM can fail again within a year or less of being replaced. 2. Especially if you go w/ the cheaper Valuecraft ICM I bought the cheaper one again (much to my chagrin) as at the time I was only 90% sure it was the problem. If you ever get in this boat, spend the extra $30 and get the Duralast (or AC Delco) one. Regards
  16. I recently acquired a Buick regal 3.1 limited and managed to get the key stuck on.. It's a joy to drive but it's kinda stuck at my house. Upon trying to take the steering column apart - I got the pivot pins out and all the way down to that step, but the metal plate wont seem to budge.. is this a car where you need to actually disconnect the linkage under the car? I'm a bit stuck and would love some advice. Thanks!
  17. OK I have a 96 cutlass supreme I'm putting in a 3800 sc from a 97 ssei what will I have to do I have trans wiring harness and computer so is there anything I should know or what works best any help I would be grateful for
  18. ok i have a 2000 buick century tht needs both rear window regulators/motor n i have a 2000 chevy impala as parts car tht has all 4 good window regulators/motors can i swap them into my 2000 buick century?
  19. I'm working on a 97 Chevy Venture. I'm doing this for my neighbor who is absolutly poor. His 97 Venture Van died and someone gave him a engine for it. So I just assumed he knew if the engine was the same one but its not. Its a 3100 from a car. It appears almost the same besides just a few plug ins. It looks around the same year. Can anyone tell me if I can use the 3100 in place of the 3400 without spending much money. ?
  20. Sorry about the other post, tapatalk app didn't use the screen name I had typed in, instead it just used my old email screen name. But anyway, I'm from Fairborn Ohio, and a few weeks ago I bought a 1998 Monte Carlo ls with a little over 200k miles on it from a friend for $460 as a second car. Other car being a 1991 Ford Festiva with a 1.6l swap, and a 5 speed. The Monte Carlo does have some rust issues I plan to get fixed. (Rust doesn't scare me!) Like the rear strut towers are rusted through, but my friend already offered up someone to weld them up. I got quite a few plans for this Monte, and I have a brother that knows the 3100 l82 inside and out, he's even done the 3.4 top end swap to his Malibu. First things first though, the rust needs fixed before I dump any amount of money into it. Pics coming shortly.
  21. hey i have a 2000 buick century original 3100 v6 then i swapped to 3400 v6 from impala now im going to swap a 3500 v6 Lx9 non vvt from a 2005 malibu now im nt new to engine swaps at all but my question is im nt understanding this "external crank trigger" why cant i swap in block crank sensor from my 3400 into the 3500 im talking bout the one for the coils and use my crank pully onto the 3500 n put my other crank sensor tht goes behind the pully im going to use my 3400 upper intake and coils please let me kn
  22. First, can a Mod please move this to the FAQ section. Thanks. For anyone that has a 5speed W-body, we all know about the situation with shift cables. They are hard to come by and condition is unknown. Well fortunately, if your looking for one, your problem has been solved. This is the cable that I had in the group buy: This cable is rated for 215lbs push and 620lbs pull. The length is the same as the stock cable. It is physically bigger around than the stock cable, so you will have to modify the body grommets for this to fit. Now how do you get one? You will need to contact this company: Here is a list of their locations with contact information to see which is closest to your location: Now that you know where to look, heres the info youll need to tell them. The part number for this cable is: 173-M-TT-2-59.75 Here is the e-mail from 01/08/2013 Since this was from 01/08/2013, expect prices to go up. Now the good thing about this cable is the end hiem joints can be changed. Shift cable for a 282/284, select cable for 282/284. If you have a different platform car, the last number ( 59.75" ) is the cable length. The J,N, etc platform cars use a shorter cable. Just measure your cable and give them that measurement instead of the 59.75" Now the bad part about this cable, since it is adjustable, youll need to mess with the adjustment, to make the shifts perfect/make it go into all the gears all the way. This will take a little time. Also, the end hiem joints are not perfect and might need some working with to make them fit. Everybody with a 282/284 equiped W-body, no need to worry about old shift cables. This will be the last one you buy. If anyone has any questions or wants more information, PM me. -Jason
  23. Ok I have a standard 5 speed swap parts list for everything coming from a prob is I havent found any 5 speed ws around me. Im wondering what other cars I can get parts from. I already know about all 88-92 ws having the right pedal box without the clutch pedal. Ive jheard you can use a cobalt/g5 clutch pedal(which I have) I have an s3 alloy pan from a gp, I have a reatta ofa(2 actually lol), I already have someone to machine a 3800 camaro flywheel for me. Any help or tips would b greatly appreciated. Thanks
  24. Hi everyone! Found this site looking on yahoo for info on my '93 Bonneville's 4t60e that im gonna - I hope- swap into my 94 Park Avenue.
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