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Found 463 results

  1. okay so im putting a new HU in my 1995 cutlass with the uq3 6 speaker sytem. i got a sony cdx-gt705dx and i got the scosche gm035 wiring harness. i got everything wired up and first i try the set up without the factory amp connected. and only the front left speakers works and not very well...then i try with the amp connected and i get front left speaker working and only low end signal with lots of background noise in the two rears. front right speaker nvr comes on. i know that these speakers are wired all weird and the ohms are way over spec for this HU is there any easy way i can get these working with out having to rewire all the speakers? also should i keep the rear speakers wired up with both sets of connections or should i unplug one. is there a way i could rewire the factory amp plug to complete the speaker circuits normally?
  2. I have a 91 GTP 5 speed that has a couple of problems. First is that it dies if the rpms are somewhat high and I suddenly press the clutch. It basically goes from whatever rpms it was on to 0 rpms and dies. The second one is that once it dies after 2 or 3 times the engine is pretty slow cranking up and will eventually not start. Looks and sound like if the battery was dying. I have replaced the battery and starter, checked the alternator and it shows okay. What could be the problem? I'm hoping that someone here has had the same issues
  3. So as im sure a lot of you have seen on FB i have this clunk in the front of my car. The noise seems to originate on the passenger side. I happens one single time on every initial acceleration from a stop. It also happens intermittently over large bumps like gutters and speed bumps, and on rear rare occasions full lock turning.. This clunk is loud I've had a cd skip while playing once or twice Now this started right after a lot of suspension work. I replaced control arms, ball joints, swaybars, endlinks, and lowered the car. I did reuse the old struts and mounts as they were less than 30k miles and 2 years old, i also installed shorter dogbones to make sure the downpipe doesn't hit the swaybar (clunking happened before shorter dogbones so thats been ruled out). Ive had a inspection done on all the replacement part and they all seem to be installed and tightened correctly Motor mounts were replaced 2 years ago but were replaced with stock hydraulic mounts, and both cv axles are spewing grease, but both of those usually have different symptoms than what I'm experiencing. Let me know what you think Thanks Jake
  4. hey guys, my 04 grand prix started to sway a few weeks ago around 80-100kmh my tires had some play so i changed bearings ball joints tierods and sway links and even bought a new set of tires, im one of those guys with the infamous abs traction control messed up as well so im starting to think maybe now i got everything new and tightened up that im feeling the sway because traction control is off? or am i maybe due for some struts? they seem ok they dont klunk when i hit bumps and they release to original position quickly when i push down on the car, any ideas?
  5. Looking for a working HUD for a 91 GTP. Thanks !!
  6. ALright guys its offical, i have begun the swap, i will be posting a tonne of pics of the progress for your watching pleasure. im im doing this in my driveway for the time being and will pull the engine at a local gm dealership that has agreed to let me use their shop over a weekend anyways for starters, even when doing this yourself if you ever decide to do it, take alot of pictures, its will help refresh your memory on re assembly if required. Start of the swap, there is a few options, either you can pull the engine first or tackle the dash, or if you have help, you can have one on each. i decided to start on the interior. its pretty basic but time consuming, a 7mm, 10mm, extentions and 13mm are your best friends. im not going to get into details as the pics say enough for the interior, but for other stuff more details will be had to make things easier on yourself label all the connections like i am doing. im about an hour into the interior and here is my progress
  7. Anyone have the torque for the engine oil level sensor that goes in the oil pan? I can't find it in the service manual unless it's what they refer to as the oil level sensor stud. We just changed the oil pan gasket on my 95 Grand Prix GT and that's the next piece to go in. Oh yeah, and the flywheel cover for this car is just that plastic piece, there is no part that goes in above it to cover more of the flywheel/torque converter, right?
  8. I have a 2000 Grand Prix GT, and being the clever individual that I am i decided to put a tiny screw in one of those half inch holes under both ends of the balancer shaft. Since the screw is now keeping the cam company, i thought this might be the right section to post a thread. I've spent about 4 hours of quality time with my car and a tiny magnet on a stick, and the screw is still in there. Shop says 1000+ most likely, so I was hoping someone might know how i could un-screw myself?
  9. Hi all, Got the car back together today. Still has some sort of miss. Doesn't stall anymore. Never pulled all the plugs just the wires so we will do that tomorrow. Anyway, I'm wondering if any of you know what this wire/plug is for (the one being held, not the hood light). I was reaching up inside the driver's wheel well to find a pair of pliers that fell down and found the wire. Looking at the end of it, it hasn't been plugged in, in a long time. It appears to snake down back behind the engine??? By where the harness plugs into the transaxle. Not really sure as we were calling it a day. Could it go into the automatic transmission? Maybe not having it plugged in to wherever its supposed to go is causing the miss? Or maybe it's one of those connectors that was never supposed to plug into anything?
  10. Hey guys My friends '02 Grandprix gt has been having issues and she finally got time for me to look at it on my way home with it I noticed the odometer and the trip were not turning, all the other gauges seemed to me fine. So is that a fuse or something with the cluster itself?
  11. Just saw this thread where a guy with a 2000 Impala put C5 Corvette calipers on it. I have a spare set of C5 calipers in my garage (doesn't everybody??) and would love to use them on my '92. If I upgraded to Gen2 front spindles, which I've been planning to do for the past year already, would there be a bracket that would work to mount a C5 caliper? Thanks, DD
  12. Yesterday I spun a bearing in my '04 Prix GT and now I have a wicked rod knock. Does anyone have any suggestions for pulling the engine, where to buy parts. I'm fairly new to the 3800 game. I just need some tips and tricks to get started on my new project.
  13. howdy y'all, Just signed up and had to stop in. Retired GM calibrator from the Proving Grounds. I own a Michigan rusted 99 GP GT. 168k. I found some trans mods that will hopefully save me from pulling the trans and burning clutch plates with lazy LOW pressure shifts and steady state pressures TOOOOOO LOW FOR ME. Used Wester's software and cal to change some trans and engine cals to suit me. Got rid of the ECCC slipping converter clutch which will eventually wear out the clutch and Valvebody Bore. Made it an On off. Well enough of this. I find the dual coolant fans run very quite. I see other GM fans run at a higher spd and MOVE MORE AIR or Cooling. I only have the small, not PWM fans so I am trying to find out if another fan motor will give me MORE RPM and air flow. I unplugged the fan at the fan motor connector and used a 12 gu wire to 12 v and grd. Still not enough air for me with 100 degree temps in the shade and 95% humidity. Thanks....
  14. Does anyone know of anybody that has tried these: [video=youtube;5YbcOhiwmkE] [video=youtube;eHV-ANmN0ns]
  15. I'm wondering if anyone knows how to delete the auto trans stuff from a 97 Monte Carlo ecu 7797. For my 3.4 Dohc 5 speed swap into my 87gt fiero Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk
  16. So i have been doing a lot of reading about this GT28RS turbo for my 1990 TGP....but i cant figure out what exactly all my numbers should be. like the A/R or turbine and the compressor wheel/housing sizes...can someone point me in the right direction? I am new to the upgrading turbo stuff. Thanks in advance!
  17. Tomorrow I'm looking at my first car. It's a 1997 Grand Prix GTP 4 door, it has 144,000 miles, and appears to be stock. So my question is, should I be looking for anything in particular about the car? I know I should ask the last time the supercharger oil was changed (It's supposed to be every 30,000 miles, right?) and they use 91 Octane so I should ask if that's what he has been putting it in there, but is there anything else I should ask about? Thanks -Zach
  18. I have a 4t65hd and a 97 Monte Carlo wiring harness and ecu. I have heard that I can swap the wiring harness into my car but there is some repinning that needs to be done. I'm wondering what I have to do exactly to make the wiring and ecu work in my car. Thanks Sent from my MB886 using Tapatalk
  19. A few weeks ago I got a '12 Impala LTZ. Those are still W-bodies right? I've had a few other W-bodies in the past (90 Lumina, 93 Grand Prix GT & 99 Grand Prix GT), the were all good cars. Anyone else have an Impala here? I haven't seen many just browsing around the forums...
  20. **Edited!!! I have a 1998 Grand Prix GT 3.8 V6. With 102.000 miles on it. When I first start my car I can only shift and lock into P,R, and 1st gear. I can't use D, 3, or 2nd gear until I get on the road with 1st and slowly shift into 2nd, 3rd then drive. Fluid is full and a little dirty. I'm 20,000 past due for a change (Past owners had originally told me they didn't change fluid ever. Found out that was incorrect about a week ago.)
  21. I'm wondering if I can put a radio from a 00 Montana van. The radio is a CD/Cass/am FM/eq unit, in where my stock cassette player is. I also have swapped a 99 Gtp HUD into my car in order to use the radio in the HUD. Just wondering if this is possible. I have the plugs for the Montana radio as well Sent from my MB886 using Tapatalk
  22. What gen 2 gps can you swap around pcms on without clearing security codes? 98-99 right? Thanks
  23. Hey guys I have a friend with a Pontiac Grand Prix GT with the 3800. His motor and tranny are both finished. He has come across a nice deal for a 2007 Pontiac Montana or Chevy Uplander motor the 3900 and tranny with all the subframe and the computer all wiring harness for $800. Engine and tranny have both 54,000 KM only. The van got hit in the back with damage in the front. Wanted to know if this will fit in his GT ? The only thing I see that is different is that with the 3900 engine it has a 6 bolt pattern, I know because I have the Montana 2007 SV6 with the 3900 and it has 6 bolts.
  24. Couple weeks ago i and booba were walkin around the jy and pointed something he noticed out to me. 3.5 intrigues had similar looking but SHORTER dogbones. Today at the same yard i pulled one and test fitted it on an 01 gp gt, perfect fit! Anyway, why do people pay inflated prices to the aftermarket for the same thing you can get at the jy for like ten bucks? They were 1" shorter btw.
  25. hi, hope I am welcome here, don't have a w-body, baby is a '95 Bonneville SSEi (but my brother drives a black '98 GT 2-door that I got him to buy from a neighbour of mine). Reason I joined is I sometimes come across photos and info that might be of interest to this group, came to my attention today when I posted something about indy pace cars on my facebook page - so check it out, if there's anything of interest let me know indy pace car post here -
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