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  1. kuntzie

    88-96 3800 turbo?

    my old lumina (gen 1.5) was cartuning turboed, you would have to ask kevin at cartuning for a modded 97 style upper downpipe and you would have t o tweak the lower portion of the downpipe
  2. kuntzie

    ATTN: Jeff (kuntzie)

    i was renting storage space until jan 31 as i was moving shops (i was renting from the guy (next door) when i was renting the shop there aswell) it was none of this guys business, and he's getting charged with a whole lot of charges including theft,
  3. kuntzie

    ATTN: Jeff (kuntzie)

  4. kuntzie

    3800 series III starting problem

    in the 04s they were a return less fuel system with a filter under the car with a return hose, if the filter is old, its most likely causing this startup issue
  5. kuntzie

    My 700 whp 3.8L build.

    my plates came in earlier today, but my wisdom teeth have been killng me so i havent done anything on it really
  6. kuntzie

    1999 Lumina 3.1 subframe swap with a 3.8

    the subframes are the same, and IIC the 99s all had the 4t65s at that point
  7. kuntzie

    My 700 whp 3.8L build.

    holden was just test fitting once again, for height and clearances with the hood, no issues. the upper intake is going to be modified to fit a 90mm ls1 TB, the holden stock tb neck will be cut off and the tb will flare out into a rectangle on the side of the uper intake to keep the same area as the 90mm TB, no bottle necking then for optimal flow. im going o be reinstalling the wire harness, mounting the Power steering resovoir, and cleaning up the engine bay tomorrow. i also have to cange the valve covers around. you can see how much free room the drive side has for the turbo kit now, can fit a 3.5" downpipe in with no problems it appears. i will be running stainless braided fuel lines in the car aswell, was getting the measurements with the intake and fuel rail in aswell. its been a fairly long proces but its finally getting there more pics tomorrow
  8. kuntzie

    My 700 whp 3.8L build.

    new hood, motors in, ready for the custom CT turbo kit now i transporterd the hood abut 100 miles on the roof of my monte, yay for carbon fiber and ye im still low
  9. kuntzie

    My 700 whp 3.8L build.

    a bunch of udates in a row hee i forgot to post here the turbo i am going with is a turbonetics t76 Billet, ball bearing t4 divided housing, 1.3ar, with a soundperformance spool valvebuy, this will be the cats ass as for progress, was very busy, and had some more modifactions before installing. the holden intake uses a different tensioner and the power steering downt have a resovoir so there was no room for the stock PS pump and resovoir. i searched long and hard for a remote resovior from a gm, to keep as many GM partss as possible on the car, i found this this is a power steering resovoir from a chev optra, PERFECT! lower intake manifold..
  10. kuntzie

    V8 engine swaps

    you can swap this without crazy amounts of fabrication, ie, it came in a w-body already
  11. kuntzie

    V8 engine swaps

    5.3 from a Gp gxp= easy enough of a swap
  12. kuntzie

    Vote Now: W-Body Nationals September Edition

    i hope you realize that no one will be getting over the border on the weekend of the sep 9th to 11th, thats shits going to be so tight
  13. kuntzie

    My 700 whp 3.8L build.

    this is the OFA i am using i also have this one thats just a modified stock unit with a remote filter
  14. kuntzie

    My 700 whp 3.8L build.

    the hole i drilled is only 1/2", theres many holes mush lager that were already on the case... and as mentioned before i didnt have the engine to trans bracket last year... Another update powdered engine to trans bracket on same day (friday) so i got it done with the colour my buddy was working with so i could get it back right away. engine and trans together with all lines ran and spacer installed on the subframe.
  15. kuntzie

    My 700 whp 3.8L build.

    just saw your pm, it will take 450wtq all day long forsure. and oil filter adapters are easy, i have a spare i could sell even.. btw i can lift that block with the pistosn and everything in it.