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Found 1,067 results

  1. Has anybody seen this before?
  2. Hi everyone. I have a fixture for rebuilding the 1989/1990 Turbo Grand Prix, TSTE exhaust crossover (x-over) pipes. The original crossovers have bellow style flex joints that cracks and leaks, causing a rich running condition. All rebuilt ones come with a woven style flex joint that is the industry standard nowadays. Also, the original is encased with a molded steel heatshield that trapped moisture against the crossover, accelerating corrosion. Once rebuilt, the heat shield is no longer utilized, with no ill effects. $375 USD shipped anywhere in North America without core return. $300 USD shipped anywhere in North America with core return. (Effectively a $75 core charge - I'd prefer to receive your rebuildable core rather than charge the $75) I have had lots of seamless transactions with members on this board and, so have no worries. All shipments will include a tracking number. PayPal and money orders are my preferred methods of payment. Any questions, concerns or comments please feel free to PM me or email me at Matt
  3. MaD


    Anyways, so, I was at Murray's last night and I started browsing the exhaust aisle. I became intrigued by the mufflers that they had there. (I didn't know mufflers were so cheap!, I was under the assumption they'd be around $200, don't ask why... (midas)...) So anyways, There was some no-name brand for like $20 and a couple of Dynomax ones (I suppose I've heard good things about them). I saw the Dynomax "Super Turbo" muffler, as well as their "Ultraflo welded" something or other. Now, The "super turbo" was roughly $40 and the other one was $60. Initially, I assumed the more expensive one would be the better one, but then I started reading the back of the box with all the flow-rates and I started to wonder if the UltraFlo's 1,440cfm flow-rate was indeed something I'm looking for.... After all, that's seems a bit excessive.. The Super Turbo, on the other hand, was flowing somewhere around 350cfm (That seems a little low). When I looked at the design, I could see why it was such a drastic difference. The innards looked like a "z" , while the Ultraflo's was simply a straight pipe with holes going through some fiberglass. Then, I started to realize, "I really don't know what all these numbers mean". So here I am. Ok, well, I know that to gain performance, you must lose some back-pressure, but if you lose TOO much back-pressure, performance suffers and if I remember correctly, this is bad for the engine. (Any truth to this?) Well anyways, the part that I'm stuck at is the "cut-off" point. I don't know exactly when perforrmance starts to degrade. Basically, I want to squeeze out as much perfomance as I can by putting a new muffler on. (My car is slow enough as it is) Oh, I don't care about sound at all, so if losing backpressure makes the car loud as hell, so be it. Ok, now, for what I already have. (I don't even know if this makes a difference) I have pretty much stock everything. Stock cat, stock 2 1/4 piping (it IS 2 1/4, right?) , etc. I do have a warm-air intake (It's a K&N cone filter) So that's great in getting the air IN, but it needs to leave too. I also have a FDP chip (not sure if that matters)... Oh, and I don't have head work or anything like that done. So pretty much bone stock. I AM looking to buy a 2.5in catco high-flow converter (or ANY high-flow converter) one of these days. And if I can find a nice, cheap place, I might go with a custom 2.5in catback. But for now, I just wanna put in a muffler. I DO wanna get that Ultraflo (which is 2.5in in/out), but again, I'm not sure if that would make me lose too much back-pressure/performance. Also, if it's NOT too much, if I ever get the 2.5inch complete exhaust, will it be too much then? Gah, sorry if this is hard to decipher. Hopefully someone knows what I mean. One last thing, there shouldn't be a problem welding the 2.5in muffler to my existing 2 1/4in piping, right? they can just use a reducer or something, right? Thanks, and sorry this is such a long post. -MaD-
  4. FAQ section maybe????? can put up instaalling instruttions too, but real easy one youve gotten it out 1st off... i most likely missed alot of steps, and ill will add as questions are answered, ect ect ect...... and check my spelling later too IT IS possible to remove your transmission without removing the subframe Alright, since i recently replaced took the Transmission out of my car, ill explain what i did. (getrag 284 transmission) NOTE this was with a 5-speed transmission, and i DID NOT have to drop the whole Subframe 1. I started off by Removing the battery from the car/ and removed the drive side brace (felt it was easiest that way) and i removed the hood off the car for more room 2. I took all the lines off the turbo, and then used a 13mm (or 1/2") rachet wrench to remove the bolts from the downpipe (5 of them) and then the 4 on the x-over pipe. the turbo has to be removed to acess the transmission bolts. 3. i then took off my x-over because i decided to header wrap it up real nice to keep the engine cool everything else is already done so it was planned 4. jacked up the front of the car on the subframe and used an impact to remove the front tires 5. put jackstands (3) on the frame of the car (not the subframe on the driver side) 6. removed the brake calipier from the driver side front rotor. and tied it to the hood hinge 7. (driver side) removed/ seperated the ball joint from the control arm, and then remove the strut from the car by taking the 3 strut bolts off (1/2") from the strut tower 8. Drained the transmission fluid 9. unpluged all sensors ect on the transmission, and removed the shifter cables from the bracket. 10. put a jack stand under the tranny, left 1 bolt in the tranny slightly loosened and removed all the rest (18mm) 11. removed dogbones from the top of the engine, leaving them on the dogbone mounts 12. went back underneath and removed the bushings from the driver side., had it jacked right the control arm on the subframe 13. slowly lowered the jack and the engine and tranny went on a nice angle. 14. removed 4 bolts off the tranny mount 15. removed that last bolt on the tranny 16. pulled and pulled until the tranny finally break loose from the engine 17. slid the tranny out the wheelwell.
  5. Hey all. I'm trying to figure out what aftermarket turbo I've got here. Only marking on it is a .86 AR identification on the turbine housing. It sure as hell makes more boost than the stock T25. The car's a rocket compared to my stock one while wheezing through a factory airbox. Anyone know what this is?
  7. I'm not excited about it, but the automatic road to riches upon getting my degree is taking its time... so I'm parting with the TGP. Trying to put feelers out there, let me know if you or any of your car buddies are interested: 1990 Pontiac ASC Mclaren Turbo Grand Prix 118k miles only 3700 made $3000 obo -needs master cylinder
  8. Hi, I am looking for a LOWER front valence in very good to Excellent condition. Putting it on a 1989 red TGP. Dont mind painting it of course. I just bought the car(was just delivered from Maine today). This is my first 'WANTED' ad that I have not sure if I can post my phone#
  9. Hello everyone, new to here but been around the turbo buick world for awhile. Anyways I need some help getting info. I'm putting a 94 3800 supercharged engine in a 92 cutlass supreme coupe sl. I'm using the engine harness and computer from a 92 regal coupe with a n/a 3.8 to run it with a tuned chip. but I need the pinout for the c100 connector for the 92 regal and the 92 cutlass to get everything working. If someone has this info it would be greatly appreciated. I tried going to a local buick shop to get it but they wouldn't hand out the information.
  10. Hi ive checked these forums for a while now and finally decided to join. My first 2 cars were w-bodys and i loved them and i still have a turbo grand prix that i need to restore to its former glory. Hopefully I'll get to working on that soon if it ever warms up here lol
  11. OK i hate FWD on cars, especially cars that are suppose to be RWD to begin with. So i want to change that in my 1994 Cutlass Supreme 3100. I would love to drop some serious muscle in it like a 455 out of an old firebird or a 454 out of a chevelle, but a 3.8 V6 with turbo or a supercharger would be awesome. So i need to find out if a W-body frame will support a rear end and possibly a transmission like in the corvette. Or can i pull the rear end and transmission off a S-10 or a camaro and it will be wide enough? Anybody have any ideas? Frame Diagrams for W-Body and G-Body and whatever kindof body they used for the 94 camaro(J-Body?) Mid Engine RWD sounds good to, whichever will be easier.
  13. happened to come across this. ad says 1995 but I know it's a turbo probably 1990
  14. After some help, I am finally going with a burner/emulator from I have also read about using a wideband o2 sensor for increased reliability and feedback, etc. Better resolution. Has anyone here done this before? Which wideband o2 do you recommend? Is it computable with the stock ECM single wire input as long as it is tuned? I am planning on buying a 2 pod pillar and instating a turbo gauge and a air/fuel gauge. I have found many different wideband sensors and controllers from different suppliers, and Everything seems very similar to me, I'm just not sure if there is a specific one or something unique I would need. I'm just not sure if it is worth it to go wideband with a stock ECM, because the ECM still has to read the single wire input, from an adapter controller.
  15. my grand prix is intercooled with a phenolic air to water intercooler. I am weighing my options for going turbo and am thinking about using the existing intercooler to cool the turbo air. I'm told its less efficient, but will it still be good enough?
  16. I saw some videos of a 90 grand prix turbo, they floor it, and the engine goes way past redline. Is this normal for the car? I just got one and it does this as well.
  17. ALright guys its offical, i have begun the swap, i will be posting a tonne of pics of the progress for your watching pleasure. im im doing this in my driveway for the time being and will pull the engine at a local gm dealership that has agreed to let me use their shop over a weekend anyways for starters, even when doing this yourself if you ever decide to do it, take alot of pictures, its will help refresh your memory on re assembly if required. Start of the swap, there is a few options, either you can pull the engine first or tackle the dash, or if you have help, you can have one on each. i decided to start on the interior. its pretty basic but time consuming, a 7mm, 10mm, extentions and 13mm are your best friends. im not going to get into details as the pics say enough for the interior, but for other stuff more details will be had to make things easier on yourself label all the connections like i am doing. im about an hour into the interior and here is my progress
  18. I have a 98 lumina LTZ with a L36 that eventually I will turbo. I decided to run a supercharged motor for the low compression, however I'm not sure I should hold out for a series 3 or if I find a series 2 with good mileage, just take it. I under the impression the 3 will perform better and hold up better. My plan will be to swap the upper intake over to a n/a style with hv3 insert. Fuel wise I'm curious if there is an advantage with return or return less fuel rails? I'll be setting up for e85 if it's readily available otherwise meth injection. I'm set on the z7 kit for now, but I'm wondering if I can run it with a wastegate dumped into the atmosphere rather than downpipe just for the noise or is it better to run it into the exhaust I don't really see why. Just putting my thoughts out there to see what others think. I'm still learning.
  19. What transmission would work in 1990 pontiac turbo grand prix. Think the original trans is the 4T60. What trans should i be looking for.
  20. I need help instrument cluster somewhat works the Speedometer doesn't work tac doesn't work the turbo gauge doesn't work. Also the HUD is just all lit up. Need help on how to fix.
  21. Hey Guys! What' up? Just joined the forum today but it gonna take me a few days to get me page/garage filled up. Im the second owner of my 2003 Monte Carlo SS which i purchased from a long time family friend a little over a year ago. I bought it with 116K on the clock and it needed some TLC. It now has 137K and still ticking. Have a few small mods to it ie: Double Din Radio, 12' infinity sub in custom fit box, 5% tint, painted factory wheels, blacked out badges, Ram Air Intake, 180 Thermo, Thrush Turbo Muffs w/ 2.5 inch chrome tips. Here a few pic of her. The day i brought it home. Monte Carlo meet @ High Point State Park, NJ fall of 2013 Cruising to the Park. Photo Cred: Montess2K Having fun in the snow!
  22. what are some performance mods for the 3.1l LHO engine i know port polish heads and intake and get the cam reground and bore out and replace pistons but what else is there really to do besides turbo or 3800 supercharge swap, i plan on pulling the motor/trans from my 90 lumina and scrapping the car but saving the powertrain for the 95 gp i plan on getting that has a 3100
  23. So this morning my TGP caught fire. The Hydac accumulator doesn't thread far enough into the PMIII housing to hold it well enough under pressure. I installed the accumulator about 4-5 months ago or so. I heard a loud thump this morning as it finally blew off the housing. It hit the crossover, leaving a decent dent in it, and landed on the trans shift linkage. The resulting brake fluid leak caught fire on the down pipe. I could not get the fire out, and by the time the fire department got there, it was too late to save it. I removed the freshly rebuilt turbo this afternoon. It seems to be unaffected by the fire. The engine and trans also seem to be largely ok. I will hook my spare harness to it this week and make sure it runs before I pull it out, along with the rear suspension. That's about all that can be saved. Sad Day. .
  24. So when I bought my Turbo GP, the guy I bought it from said he had upgraded yellow injectors professionally installed. The purchase was a year ago, fast forward to today... I was replacing my fuel regulator when I came across the fuel injectors. They are two different part numbers, two different colors, and they arent even the same length!! LOL The shorter fuel injectors have extra O-rings on them to make them fit with the longer fuel injectors. So I guess I am asking which professional does this?? LOL
  25. 1990 turbo grand prix. Replaced valve seals, put car back together and now it does not start. It will sometimes backfire, never actually wants to start though. I did not remove the intake manifold, all work was done with heads on the car, I used compressed air to keep valves in head. I am absolutely positive that I put the valve locks back in the right way. I also did not get the rockers mixed up, I removed two at a time and labeled them. Things I have checked: Spark IS good Fuel IS good All fuses are good, even checked tail lamp fuses LOL If I forgot to plug in a connecter some where I do not see it, I have checked everywhere. My main question is, is there something special you have to do on these 3.1l engines when removing the springs and rockers?? On my 3.8l valve seals were a breeze... thanks for reading, Luke
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