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Kuntzie's 01 Turbo GT 5-speed thread----- pg 10 extra special sunday delivery!


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ALright guys its offical, i have begun the swap, i will be posting a tonne of pics of the progress for your watching pleasure. im im doing this in my driveway for the time being and will pull the engine at a local gm dealership that has agreed to let me use their shop over a weekend :D


anyways for starters, even when doing this yourself if you ever decide to do it, take alot of pictures, its will help refresh your memory on re assembly if required.



Start of the swap, there is a few options, either you can pull the engine first or tackle the dash, or if you have help, you can have one on each.


i decided to start on the interior. its pretty basic but time consuming, a 7mm, 10mm, extentions and 13mm are your best friends. im not going to get into details as the pics say enough for the interior, but for other stuff more details will be had


to make things easier on yourself label all the connections like i am doing. im about an hour into the interior and here is my progress



















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dash is apart, the pedal get removed from the engine bay (brake booster gets removed, 4 bolt there.. going to remove the front seats now and carpet to get ready for the shifter cable / shifter install


more pics:








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Interesting. Bookmarked thread and will follow. Why a 5 speed over the F40?


5-speed = readily available ie i have one, its been proven to be strong, direct bolt in, no custom fabrication needed minus minor wiring and other small details really


6-speed = custom mounts, unproven realibility (although they may be amaizing), custom axles, custom everthing really, crappy flywheel, although they shift very nicely and its got an extra gear, its not worth the effort

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more progress.. brake booster is out, pedal assembly is out, downpipe off, turbo is out ect... and i also cut myself so i thought id post a pic of that aswell haha













battle wound.. good thing i was wearing gloves..


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Nice work, do you have to mod the firewall bracket at all to accept the manual plate on a 2nd gen? I know you'll have to punch/drill through the floor for the shift cables. I was going to 5 speed swap my 96 when I had it but never did. How much different is the swap on a 2nd gen than say the 96 cutlass? I know with the 96 I was told the hole for the cables was halfway punched out on one side, and had to be drilled on the other, and then of course a custom tune for the 5 speed, or you could wire up the NSS to trick it into thinking it was in D, but that wasn't the optimal way to do it.

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this clutch pedal is going to be a pain, thedistance between the firewall plate and the mounts are different for the 97+s im going to have to make some crazy adapterand im not even sure if that is going to work ill take pics in a bit

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matt (GOT2B GM) has not gotten invloved in the project, he currently making a hybrid with the 2pedal assemblies as the older style will not work whats so ever. hopefully he post some pics of his progress/ craftsmanship

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Yeah I have NOW gotten involved, going to custom mount the Gen 1 clutch pedal onto the Gen 2 pedal bracket. Going to mod the Gen 2 brake pedal to suit.


I'll post pics as I progress.

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Started fabbing the clutch pedal bracket today, also had to do some trimming on the Gen 2 pedal bracket to accomodate the clutch pedal.


Just have to take the clutch pedal bracket to my parents, weld it up, paint, then I'll post pics.

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Ok heres my custom clutch pedal bracket on a 2nd gen pedal support.



Cut the 2nd gen brake pedal to suit.



Bolts up using existing holes. Had to trim some of the sheet metal "cage" back for clearance.
















1st gen on left , 2nd gen on right, note the clutch and brake pivot points. Had to duplicate that with the bracket.




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they packed your clutch the exact same why they did mine, mine musta gotten dropped and it broke the TO bearing in the process, fortunately spec eventually got me another one.


thats a fine looking clutch, looks very different then my stage 2

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