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Kuntzie's 01 Turbo GT 5-speed thread----- pg 10 extra special sunday delivery!


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didnt have a chance to do anything today really, no work tomorrow so ill be at this all day (minus the early morning as ill be watching the red wings game tonight)



still in my parking lot...



tires off



draining the fluid... still soooo clean!





as you can see both of my axles are losing grease



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What axles will you be using? have spares?


i went to the free parts day at a yard about 60 miles from me... pay $50 and all u can carry out is yours.. walked out with 6 axles in a hockey bag with every shift boot/ knob i could find, and a leather seat on my head haha


ill be using gt 97+ driver side axles.

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^ thats a random question, but no. anyways...


the bitch is out... good bye 4t65-e, you suck blah blah blah..


its really hard to take pics when ur greasy but i took some in the later stages...

both axles were messed.. the straps were fallen off of both. i have spares but will be buying newones in the near future anyways.


and yes... still in my parking lot... no powertools used once again aswell...


nothing like using 4ga power wire to hold up ur hub assembly...









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Wow I bet your neighbors are loving you, or at least wondering why youre doing a tranny swap in the parking lot LOL. Coming along nicely though.

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nah its all good, i dont think they care..


couple more pics...


car has 117k kms (~70k miles) on it and the tq converter and trans were both remans...



broken Input shaft..




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Heres the flywheel and related hardware...


the flywheel is for a 1996-2002 camraro 3.8L,

since it is from a RWD application the flywheel is way to thick and has to be machined. rougly .25" get removed to give it a thickness of .840"


the bolts..



5/16"-18 3/4" length.. these are for the flywheel, they are the zinc ones pictured


m8 x 1.25 18mm length.. these are for the pressure plate.



you can not buy cheap bolts fot these pats, these are grade 8 bolts (flywheel) and 10.9 for the pressure plate bolts. i always get my bolts from Spaenaur and ive never had a problem. you need 6 of each bolt. also pictured are the guide pins for the flywheel, this helps position the pressure plate.





the flywheel has been drilled here for counterbalancing, when machine everything stayed balanced accordingly as it was new (flywheel was 130+ 90 for machining... getting a used one would be far more cost saving if you can find one as they would be in the $20 range used if you can find one.






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clutch is now in... home stretch is near!!!!


test fitting the clutch on the flywheel..




manual vs automatic flywheel




automatic flexplate off... ps the jack is NOT holding up the engine, there is no pressure on it, its just there insase it was to fall it may help.



flywheel only lines up one way... it would proably help with 2 people putting this on..



peak a boo...






this is my clutch alignment tool... its a 1/2 drive 12mm and a stubby extention.. the 12mm will fit in the crank while the 1/2" drive section fits nice around the clutch dics to keep it inline...



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i lol'ed



last set of pics before the transmission is in!


release bearing and grease pics... dont make the mistake of putting the release beaing onto the pressure plate or you with have a bit*h of a time lining it up..








position when clutch is engaged.




this would be the position when the clutch is disengaged (foot on the clutch pedal)


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thnaks guys.. transmission will be in later tomorrow,


i linked this thread on clubgp and there is a couple people saying theres no way the trans will last at all and they arent good for even 300hp in lighter cars (fieros)


time to prove them wrong... as if my tgp wasnt enough.

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Right. You could not be doing that car any greater justice then removing the 4t65e failbox. I HATE that transmission with every ounce of my being. And having swapped out 5+ now, I think that hate is justified.

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