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ATTN CONVERTIBLE OWNERS, WE NEED YOUR HELP! - turning this over to jeremy

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I can tell you this, I will have my CSC until the day I die.  I believe someone will reproduce our vert specific seals one day and that it will probably be spearheaded by someone on this forum.  

25,509 were made from 1990-1995. I wish there was something like this website for data in the USA.   https://www.howmanyleft.co.uk

Yes I would like to see this thread come back!

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I wish I had seen this 2 days ago. I was at a boneyard in PA; unfortunately a 200 mi round trip. There's a 93 Supreme vert there. Pretty stripped. If I'm back that way, I'll try for vin & option codes. It's red, charcoal interior, black top. Wheels long gone; top in shreds.

This is exciting. Besides that one, and mine, there's three others around here. I'll try to get in touch with the owner's to see if they'll let me copy the option codes. white/black top (I think 94-it has a high-mount stop lamp on the deck). red/black top (no clue on yr.) red/black top/black or charcoal interior (92 if I remember correctly-it's at a used car lot). teal 93 at Super Dave's Used Cars in Bridgeport, OH (pics & vin on his website)

Mine- 3/93 Cutlass Supreme S 1G3WT34X8PD352059. AC3 AL4 AN3 AP9 AR4 AUO A31 A78 A90 BYP B34 B35 B57 B71 B84 CD4 C49 C68 DC4 DD2 DG7 DL5 DOE D55 D81 FE3 FW9 IK2 JL9 KD1 K34 K68 LQ1 MXO M13 NA5 NC5 NP5 N33 PYO QXJ R7A TR9 T93 T96 UBB UK3 US6 UT6 U25 U47 U66 VB7 VH9 VK3 V93 WJ7 Z7S ODN 1SC 1SZ 12I 122 41T 6XX 7JK 81U

I'll get at the others as soon as I can.

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Hey I want that radio! I wonder if it still works? The radio in my 91' is pretty bad and only a casette.


I didn't have the right tools with me when I went to grab the radio. I do plan on heading back to that yard.



I love that 91 of yours.

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Looks like mine, sans the LQ1, and the spoiler.


Wish it had a white reverse bar...still looking for a good one for mine. I guess I could paint mine, but would rather find one ready to install, less $$$ that way.

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Well, If you are interested I found one at the yard today. I really hated not buying since I already have a good one. With the holidays I'm a bit short on the cash or I'd buy it just to have sitting around.





It's not perfect. There were several scuffs and scratches. It's from a 1994 DOHC coupe that spent a good portion of it's life in Cali. There were not any cracks on it and I think the lenses were good on it as well. Let me know what you think.

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Looks like a piece of trim will run about 8-15 dollars at that yard. I don't know if I will have any available time to go and pull it. I could try and get it next week. Right front fender. The passenger side?



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