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  1. Don't know, they have a reserve on it.
  2. I would have loved to have had 2 Ciera wagons I have seen around town...1 was a 1990 XC Special Edition in white...1 of 20 XC wagons in white and the other was a 1992 with the Sport package and FE3 suspension...Either one would get a lot of bits from a Mexican Cutlass Eurosport including a 5 speed.
  3. I hope this one was fixed....But i doubt it. This one too, also an LQ1 car.
  4. Bench or bucket? Check: The last two you may have to look up something convertible specific (if bucket) or at least Cutlass Supreme specific (if bench) and find a suitable car, then call them to see if the seat is available.
  5. It's not a 5 speed, the software shows it as a 5 speed even if one wasn't available. It's up to the yard to select if it has an automatic or not.
  6. They go by the standard transmission option even if it has an optional engine.
  7. 1G5WT54V9LF298156 CD, sunroof, gray cloth.
  8. PICK-n-PULL Salt Lake City Salt Lake City, Utah 84115 1G5WT54V9LF298156
  9. It's a little more purpley than the 40th.
  10. Need to look up the rarity of this one some time...Only 2% of ALL GP (2076 of 105043) sedans were dark mulberry and only 12% of 1997 GPs were GTPs.
  11. I was going through some old pics, @jiggity76 you are going to hate this one... This was in a San Bernardino salvage auction back in 2015.
  12. PICK-n-PULL Salinas Salinas, California 93908
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