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  1. dammit forgot all about the meet when i booked my trip home yesterday, i fly back to AZ the 12th
  2. Fbody does have that issue as thats a different set up. These bolt right on no problem. Only fitment issue is you have to bend the brake line about a 1/4 in to clear the bleeder as mentioned before
  3. I put longer studs in my GTP without removing the hubs so idk if the 3rd gen just has less room Matt, but yes you can replace just the studs without removing the hub just hammer the broken ones out and then just put new ones in
  4. Got a brand new pair of Hella horns still in the box $35 shipped
  5. Guess ill be making a yard run this weekend
  6. 1991 Pontiac brochure- mint condition Sold 1994 Cutlass Convertible Brochure- very good condition, minor crease on back page Sold
  7. The dual piston set up was night and day even with the cheaper powerstop pads for me. Compared to my much higher end rotor/pads with the stock calipers. Was one of the best mods i ever did
  8. If your doing the ss swap and plan to buy ss lines get the extended ones. It will give you a bit more play as they are at the limit with the stock length
  9. i can confirm that not much has changed lol
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