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ATTN CONVERTIBLE OWNERS, WE NEED YOUR HELP! - turning this over to jeremy

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I can tell you this, I will have my CSC until the day I die.  I believe someone will reproduce our vert specific seals one day and that it will probably be spearheaded by someone on this forum.  

25,509 were made from 1990-1995. I wish there was something like this website for data in the USA.   https://www.howmanyleft.co.uk

Yes I would like to see this thread come back!

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Having put mine out to pasture as a parade queen and weekend car club cruiser, I'm hoping for a few problem free miles.

It's also stored indoors Oct.-April (and most summer days for that matter) each year now that I've got it.


:bash: EEKS, I hope the grandkids won't want to start driving it! :bash:

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Perhaps you will hit in it say, 50 years with miles currently on your car. While 100k isn't that many miles on a car, the rust underneath my car tells otherwise...

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1g3wt32x8sd343468 is my blue cutlass that just met her maker to the junk yard was a 95 cutty blue body,white interor,white top,



1g3wt32x7sd304659 is my white 95 cutlass white interor black top....Thought id share these numbers for the list

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junkyard car: 1G3WT34T0ND386281 - '92 Red/Black/Black


I pulled the pump and top cylinders. The cylinders on this car were silver and the tubing is black. Are these aftermarket replacement cylinders? Or did that change sometime after 1992? (The cylinders in my 1994 are black with clear tubing, and the ones I have seen for sale on ebay are too.)

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