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The Official W-Body Production Numbers Thread

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A little more in depth figures for the 94...


Thank you for contacting the Oldsmobile Customer Assistance Center. I appreciate you taking the time to write us in regards to the 1994 Cutlass.


The production totals for 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Series:


Coupe S 35,757

Coupe S with R7B 19,936

Coupe S with R7C 10,129


Sedan S 77,861

Sedan S with R7B 38,895

Sedan S with R7C 11,934


R7B is Special Edition package, content varies by model

R7C is Special Edition package, content varies by model


Convertible 8,638


Total 122,256

Sweet, my family has owned to Sedan SLs with the R7C package :lol: .


I know the original dealer of mine, I bought it from the same dealer when the original owner traded it in.

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:D :D :D


well, they replied....and I quote....


"We can provide the following production figures, broken down by color, for all 1995 Monte Carlos:


RPO Desc. Number

13U Silver 4,061

16U White/Fieldstone Gray 22,158

19U Black/Sherwood Green 20,117

30U Adriatic/Atlantic Blue 5,185

41U Black 20,786

70U Torch Red 13,871

72U Med Garnet 3,549

91U Purple Pearl Metallic 3,260


I apologize that I couldn't break the production color totals down specifically for the Z34 Coupe, but I hope this information helps!"


There were several different shades of Adriatic blue (I know of Light, Medium, and I believe there was a Dark shade also). Wonder if that figure is all three of those colors combined...


Mine is Medium Adriatic Blue Metallic (which I am thinking was a Z34-specific color) but still not that out of 5,185 or less :D



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I finally got some good STE production numbers from Pontiac.



4-Door Sedan - STE (all) 5,773

Turbos - 1,000



4-Door Sedan - STE (all) 4,308

w/3.1L V-6 - 3,391

w/3.4L V-6 - Manual - 125

w/3.4L V-6 - Auto - 792



4-Door Sedan - STE (all) 1,127

w/3.1L V-6 - 499

w/3.4L V-6 - Manual - 57

w/3.4L V-6 - Auto - 571



4-Door Sedan - STE (all) 533

w/3.1L V-6 - 172

w/3.4L V-6 - Manual - 1

w/3.4L V-6 - Auto - 360


They also sent me this RPO code info. Im not sure which years this applies too, or if it applies to all years but here's some more info. The way it seems from the email these might apply to each year.


Regular Production Option = RPO Code


RPO Description Totals

Leather Beige 82

Leather Graphite 219

CF5 Sunroof 257

UV6 HUD 237

U1A Compact Disc 166

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Dear Mr. Reynolds,


The information you have requested is as follows:


In 1991, there were a total of 2,546 Pontiac Grand Prix GT 2-Door Coupes.

In 1992, there were a total of 1,380 Grand Prix GT2-Door Coupes.

In 1993, there were a total of 932 Pontiac Grand Prix GT 2- Door Coupes.

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I think it meant Grand Prix 2-Door coupes, not GT2


Yeah, but 932 coupes in '93 no way.


You think Pontiac is wrong about how many Grand Prix GT coupes they made?


They were wrong about how many coupes they made that should have been included in the cradle bolt recall. :bash: :bash:

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