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Found 602 results

  1. Name all the TV shows and movies that you have seen that have w-body's in them. 1. (TV) In the heat of the night (Buick Regal cp) 2. (Movie) Serial Mom (Chevrolet Lumina) 3. (Movie) Josh and Sam (Pontiac Grand Prix cp)
  2. After sifting through 20+ pages of search results, I thought we could all post any production numbers we have in one spot, to make future searching easier (especially since there aren't too many websites that have this information). I DON'T HAVE ALL THE NUMBERS! This is a collaborative thing; everyone just post the info that they have here for everyone else to see! So, here's what I've got: Total 1995 Grand Prix: 131,835 Total Grand Prix Coupes: 58,896 Total Coupes with B4S GTP Package: 9,256 Total Coupes in 41U Black: 8,230 And from this info, my *ESTIMATE* of black '95 GTPs: 1,288. To get numbers on your car: Grand Prix: Regal: Lumina/Monte: Cutlass: Make sure you have your VIN handy.
  3. The passenger side dash speaker in the Grand Prix (91, 2dr SE 3.1L) has built a dang house on the fritz. Sounds like someone's making digital popcorn in it whenever I leave the radio on for more than a couple minutes. I'd like to replace both the dash speakers (I'm not a car audio junkie, I'd be fine with some $40 ones from Walmart or something). Does anyone here have any experience with removing and replacing them? I didn't want to jump into it blind. If it turns out I would need to remove any big parts of the dash or something I'd pay someone to do it. Thanks guys.
  4. Hey all, New to forum and not 100% sure how this "Posting" business works, but here goes. Does anybody know why my 95 LQ1 GP does not have a MAP sensor? May sound like a total noob question but I've seen several images of an LQ1 intake diagram and they all show MAP.
  5. I have been cruising Google and I found this site put in the search perimeters. 1990 Pontiac Grand Prix 3.1L and it comes up with a list that has the Mclaren referenced. So when I get home I will email this place to find out more.
  6. GPX

    Sticky Suggestion

    I'd love to see a sticky about engine swaps into 1st Gen cars. You know, something that covered engines and transmissions that are feasible and the relative ease or difficulty of and expected gains from each swap. For instance, I'd love to have an LQ1, but swapping one into my '95 GPSE is probably a stupid idea, but someday, I'd like a motor in there that can generate some serious excitement! It is a Pontiac after all. With these cars all being so old, and newer, better engines available for relatively cheap, it would be great if a person could find all this info in one place to help with decision making. I know I've read threads touting the merits of LA1 and L67 swaps, but there's the LX9 to consider, and probably others. And is turbocharging a complete custom (read: cost prohibitive) proposition? I once again look to the wisdom of the many gurus on the forum...
  7. Been looking for a new old stock coolant reservoir for a good while now, and I am unable to find one. I can find new tanks for older cars and newer ones, but none for mine. Been searching Ebay for weeks now with no luck. I would rather have a new one, but I will buy a used one just as long as there is a good view of the coolant level. The GM part number for the tank is 10239079. That part number fits Regal 91 through 93(3.1 only not sure), Cutlass Supreme 91 through 93, Pontiac Grand Prix 91 through 93, and Chevrolet Lumina 91 through 93. If you have a used one that is in good shape, or know where I could get a new one, then please let me know. Thanks
  8. Saw this gem on Copart. It appears the Tempest body was put on the entire chassis with floor pans and everything. Wish it hadn't been wrecked.
  9. I'm not excited about it, but the automatic road to riches upon getting my degree is taking its time... so I'm parting with the TGP. Trying to put feelers out there, let me know if you or any of your car buddies are interested: 1990 Pontiac ASC Mclaren Turbo Grand Prix 118k miles only 3700 made $3000 obo -needs master cylinder
  10. Hi all, my wife and I have just purchased a 2000 Buick Regal LS. It replaced the rot box Pontiac grand am I had. I have worked on and driven a few 3800's before, just never owned one. I must say, this car is much more pleasant to drive than the grand am. (This is coming from a 24 year old no less)
  11. Hi everyone. I want to say thank you to all of you who have helped me directly and indirectly over the years with keeping my vehicles on the road. The reason for this thread is that I almost lost my family in an accident yesterday. Someone decided to blow through a stop sign and T-bone my car with 4 passengers and myself in it. We were all shaken up but my sister-in-law got the full brunt of the pickup. I tried to pound the gas to avoid him (Red Explorer) but it was too late. She was released from the hospital last night with no broken bones or internal injuries other than taking a 4000lb-plus-line-backer to the side. My girlfriend was in the front passenger seat is a bit beat up and her daughter was in the rear sitting on the hump with my cousin sitting behind me. I was doing 45kph down an incline and he was doing 20-30kph accelerating into me and the impact spun me 180* through the intersection. I may shit on GM products but I have to say that if it wasn't for the stance, fat arse and beefy build of this car (apparently there was a rollover last year with the same intersection in the same fashion). Things would be much worse. Take care everyone and thanks for everything. I am happy that I have family alive and well on both sides of the monitor. =) Cheers -Steve
  12. So these came on my car when I bought it and as luck might have it, my Dad decided to buy some new ones for my mom's GP, so I am getting her stock set. The tail lights are on the car and are in great shape, I am asking $90 plus shipping and paypal fees, I will have mine off this week, or this weekend. I am firm on the price as they are in great shape. They are these ones. I will get pictures up by tonight.
  13. The front bumper has quite a bit of damage on my GP and the hood also has a big spot that needs attention. In order to address this and hopefully add some "flair", I am going to plasti-dip some hood/bumper stripes. If I like them enough, I might paint them. I took some pictures of possible stripes and am looking for some input on what anyone thinks will look best or if anyone has any suggestions. There's a good amount of gouges in the middle of the bumper, but on the passenger side, some damage extends to around where the middle of "PONTIAC" would be, so I'm trying to cover as much of that as possible. Please look at the pictures and tell me what you think. I know the lines aren't perfect, but I'll make sure they are before I plasti-dip it.
  14. fast buick

    Lx9 swap

    hello to all im getting ready to swap in a Lx9 3.5 from a 2006 pontiac g6 its going into a 2000 buick century i already got new metal intake gasket set n throttle adapter n waiting on external crank trigger n also to take care of the map sensor plug n two wire temp. sensor n cam sensor plug im using fuel injector wireing harness from 2005 impala 3.4 which takes care of all the connectors ok now my car use 3 wire temp. sensor but 3.5 use 2 wire n so does the impala harness it should work fine right? n im very excited cause i do believe tht im going be first to swap in Lx9 into buick century but let me kn please also i already got the Lx5 throttle body n im using the 3.5 upper still but im modify the fuel reg. bracket
  15. Hi All, Never been a member of a forum before, so take it easy on me. I have a 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix that is starting to have some issues. I thought I might be able to get some help in this forum. I am a stay at home mother & wife. Live in Missouri, 1 child about to graduate high school and go off to college. Not sure what else to say. Hope to get some answers to the weird stuff my car has started doing, and maybe make some friends along the way. Talk to you all soon.
  16. Hi all. This message is for the members in the Toronto and Durham areas. I just came back from the you-pick yard at Standard Auto Wreckers in north Toronto. There is a 1996 Pontiac Grand Prix in the you-pick yard that is fairly intact. It has a 3.1 motor and a automatic in it. I took a few interior parts from it and the LH / RH door handles. Get there before the idiots get at it.
  17. Hi guys, Can anyone tell me where to find the Stabilizer Link Brackets for my Grand Prix? I've looked everywhere but every website says they are discontinued. I need both sides. I would check a junkyard but I live in Massachusetts and honestly getting these off a scrap car would probably be worse than the ones I already have. If someone could direct me to a place to find them or has extras they could sell me it would be much appreciated. They are GM Part Numbers 10409334, 10409335. It is part #3 on the picture below. It connects to the frame of the car. I also need the bushings that go with it.
  18. I have been gathering info on the 88-96 cars lately. Specifically the manual transmission cars, I know that they produced them but I have only seen a handful. So I'm wondering if anybody knows exactly what trims came manual and with what motors? They did an interior revamp in 94 or 95, did they continue the manual transmission after that? Ive also heard that some were getrag 284's as well as 282's, Was there specific models that designated what transmissions each car got? Im really just looking for info right now, and thought I might as well ask here first.
  19. I have a 2005 Grand Prix with a N/A 3.8L and the fans aren't turning on? What could be the issue? How can I fix this?
  20. I just picked up my second W-Body. My first was a 2003 Buick Regal which I sold about 2 years ago. But now I've bought a 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix. But sadly it has an overheating problem because the fans aren't turning on =(
  21. I know i could have posted this in the commercials/films thread, but this amount of epicness deserves its own thread Enjoy
  22. Hi, im new to the l67 (or any variation thereof). I got bored one day so I got on craigslist to see what I had to offer. i bought a totaled 2001 ssei Bonneville. not too much damage but the insurance company thought other wise. After searching the forums I wanted to come up with a 1 of a kind swap that would be easy and cheap to build, be unique, and be a sleeper. I found a 1998 vw beetle. then I got to measuring and cutting. sorry for some reason the pics are not in order. I cut the Pontiac at the firewall. then I cut the REAR floor pan and trunk floor. measured and notched the vw frame. I put the Pontiac subframe and unibody in place and started welding and plating. then I cut the rear deck out of the Pontiac and placed it over the engine in the rear of the car.
  23. Anybody ever put 17" trans am rims on grand prix? Look like the gp ones but the bolt pattern is slightly larger.
  24. Hello. New to the forums here.... i have a 2000 Pontiac boneville ssei with about 160k miles on it. Last week water pump went out. Changed that and also changed the famous plastic elbows that go to the intake. After I changed it something happened and I never had heat inside the car. Drove it for about 15 minutes before I Relized that. Went home and shut car off. It never read that it overheated on the gauges..... Once I shut car off I could hear it boiling in the radiator. Long story short the next day when I checked oil it had coolant in it and I could tell something was wrong because when I went to go drive it and see if I had heat, the car was missing... Which was clearly my plugs fouled out. So today I started tearing into the motor. I'm a first timer on this and just took it slow and took pictures. I have a few questions. Once I got to the lower intake it looked like it was slightly cracked , the gasket that is, and I wasn't sure if that was culprit or not. Also where the coolant passes into the head was full of a red sludge and the thermostat was a sligt color of red. Not sure what this build up is inside there. Anyways I already got this far I figured I better keep going and to be on safe side check the head gaskets. I tore the front head off and the valve cover on the edges inside I could see white where coolant n oil were mixed but the rockers and everything were just normal black oil looking.... Once I got the head off the two right side cylanders were full of coolant on the top. The first once was just clean an nothing in it. I just wanna make sure that nothing else could be bad. I am going to change head gaskets and all other gaskets hen I put it back together. Any and all ideas are greatly appreciated. Also before I tore it apart the car was smoking pretty bad and I could clearly smell antifreeze coming out of exhaust. I will try to post some pictures I took along the way. Thanks everyone
  25. My Pontiac has a weak second gear sycro. and a leak at the output shaft seal. Will a Fiero Getrag 5 speed interchange? My Pontiac has a pull forward release bearing and linkage, the Fiero hasn't. I think it will bolt up as the 3.4 was derived from the 2.8 engine. Are the axle splines a different diameter? Will my hydraulic clutch slave cylinder work? Are they vastly different in gear ratios? Thanks for any assistance. I joined because there seems to be some knowledgeable people here.
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