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Found 903 results

  1. Swapping to olds intrigue struts in the rear of my 97 monte ls. I currently have a rear sway bar from a 98 monte z34. What i wanna know is what w, 88-2012, had the stiffest factory rear bar. I dont have access to a police impala. I do have access to; 92z34, 95 monte z34, regular impalas(3.4 and 3.8), 2001 monte ss, 2006 monte lt 3.9, intrigues (3.5 and 3.8), along with the usual w jy fodder. Thanks
  2. After sifting through 20+ pages of search results, I thought we could all post any production numbers we have in one spot, to make future searching easier (especially since there aren't too many websites that have this information). I DON'T HAVE ALL THE NUMBERS! This is a collaborative thing; everyone just post the info that they have here for everyone else to see! So, here's what I've got: Total 1995 Grand Prix: 131,835 Total Grand Prix Coupes: 58,896 Total Coupes with B4S GTP Package: 9,256 Total Coupes in 41U Black: 8,230 And from this info, my *ESTIMATE* of black '95 GTPs: 1,288. To get numbers on your car: Grand Prix: Regal: Lumina/Monte: Cutlass: Make sure you have your VIN handy.
  3. what all will i need to convert a 95 monte ls to OBD2 so i can actually tune the motor? i dont care for ABS, and dont have cruise control if it makes a difference. if you could, list a good estimate on price and how hard its going to be to do this. and are there any decent, cheap tuners out there?
  4. Apparently sunroof optioned Monte Carlos and Lumina are quite rare, and I am having a hell of a time finding a replacement motor for mine. Are there any other models with sunroof motors that will work? Or even a hand crank? Not to mention finding another Monte Carlo with a good sunroof headliner is going to be nearly impossible, but I doubt headliners will be interchangeable.
  5. Since it seems that we do have people that are unsure on how to access speakers, or take apart they're dashes, I figured I would go ahead and upload these. These are the only one's that I currently have. If I am missing some, either they are not available, or I totally forgot about that certain vehicle; Just let me know, and I'll let you know . If a guide is not available, and someone would like to make a nice write up, like the ones in the link, PM me the write up, and I will add it to this. Also, these are currently loaded onto Putfile, which has a 30 day experation, meaning 30 days from the last download, they delete the file off of the system. So... If someone that has a server would be kind enough to download all of these, then upload them to their own and PM me the links, I will glady update this thread. Hopefully this can be added to the FAQ or made a sticky. 88-94 Cutlass 95-97 Cutlass No available guide 88-91 Grand Prix 92-93 Grand Prix 94-96 Grand Prix 97-99 Grand Prix 00-03 Grand Prix 00-05 Impala 98-03 Intrigue 90-94 Lumina 95-99 Lumina/Monte Carlo 88-93 Regal 94-96 Regal 97-00 Regal 95-99 Riviera
  6. My dad made the comment that i should grab a second car so im not feeling rushed when wrenching on the monte. I agreed. Been poking around and actually found two nice cars i actually like. 2001 regal gs Pros-clean as hell, most parts interchange with my monte, ive actually wanted a regal for a while, will make a good candidate for a regal 2-door conversion idea i had(hehehe) Cons-they have a price a lil high on it, previous body repair. 2008 impala ss Pros-5.3 , good color scheme(red/black), eeven cleaner than hell, decent price, would b an eventual ls4 donor for monte after car is beat up and the trans dies Cons-little interchange with monte, before mentioned trans weakness, more expensive parts Kinda leaning towards regal even tho the impala is a better deal
  7. Hi all! I was just wondering, I have a ram air intake on my 3100 ls Monte and I had it fall down a few times now over bumps because it is freely hanging there, and its clamped fairly tight on there now but, and I was just wondering if I can just put a cone right on the TB? I know older muscle cars do it like Novas and there carbd but I was wondering if I can do that also? I have a O2 sensor and a mass air flow sensor and IDK if I can do this or not. I see when ppl install FWIs that they do not do these sensors? So can I just clamp a cone on my TB or no? Thanks in advance!
  8. Anyone have the part number for the front bar? Thanks
  9. Hey- I just bought this 1998 Monte Carlo Z-34. It's driven great for about three thousand miles, and still runs OK. It throws a code for a small leak in the evaporative emissions canister. Probably the line is rotted. Where, exactly is the thing? It's not where my 1996 W-body manual says. My Buick GS rotted out around the right rear trailing (holding?) arm. No one would fix it. thanks for any replies, I know it's been a long time since I posted last. Mike
  10. Up for grabs I have a set of 1997 Monte Carlo 3.4 DOHC fuel injectors. I am unsure of the miles on them. Worked when pulled. $25 shipped. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Hey guys I'm new here, just trying to sell an engine. I picked this motor up a few years ago as a backup but I've got no use for it now as I sold the Monte Carlo I had. The motor is a complete 1991-1993 long block, from cylinder heads to oil pan. It includes every engine sensor, water pump, and alternator all brand new. There is not a used part on this engine, not even a bolt. I will include a box of used parts with the motor, along with the factory service manuals for the engine. There is a 91-93 lower intake manifold, fuel rail, 2 sets of fuel injectors, upper intake manifold, engine cover, and several (Maybe 4-5?) valve covers. Shipping is on you. I can build a crate for the engine and have it sent via freight, or you can drive out to Denver, Colorado and pick it up. Price is firm at $1,200. Thanks!
  12. I pulled a few sets of speakers out of the Grand Prix I'm parting out. There is a pair of 6x9 Kickers, 4x6 Alpines, and 4x6 Pioneers. Picture with part numbers/ specs are below. I couldn't find much online about them; probably because they're older models. Would these be decent upgrades to the stock speakers in my Monte Carlo? I'd also let em go for cheap if someone wants to buy them as I can't imagine they're worth much. Also pulled this steering wheel control interface that I can't out anything about either. Anyone know anything about it or have any use for it?
  13. I honestly can't tell if the Passkey 2 system in my 1998 Monte Carlo is bad and in a bypass mode if that is even possible. Or if it has been physically bypassed at a certain time in the car's life. When I pulled the cluster out to reinstall the Chg Oil Soon bulb, I noticed the security bulb had been pulled, so I swapped a bulb into its socket, and when the car is on and started, it just stays lit. Never had any issue with it starting at all. I would think if it was bypassed, the light wouldn't be on at all since the system would just be tricked into thinking the proper key WAS in the ignition. But also confused because if it was just a fault in the system, it usually strands people, and the car is unusable until repaired, or bypassed. Unless there is a rare fault that happens where it just disables the security and allows the car to start regardless if the resistance on the key pellet is correct. I only ask this as I bought 2 keys off ebay, seller says not to go off Ohm readings to figure out the key number, but that is what I did anyway, since the multimeter reading perfectly matched the design resistance of a particular numbered key. But if the system is faulty, or bypassed then reguardless of what key number I ordered, they should all work.
  14. Well after figuring out that my 98' Monte has a "change oil soon" light system, but never seen it working I pulled apart the dash cluster to see if the bulb was blown, found out GM never installed the bulb for it, or for the security light, and there was a couple other holes they could have friggin' used for a cruise control light, but go figure it didn't even have the anything on the faceplate for those holes. Excuse my rant, first GM product and things are already irritating the crap out of me. Well after swapping the volt light bulb over to the "chg oil soon" light to see if it would work, and finding out it fully worked and was able to reset the oil change system. Put it all back together, drove it around the block to make sure everything worked, and the speedo is slow to get up to the proper speed, the needle acts like it's catching on something and jumps until it gets to the proper speed, same thing for deceleration. Will be sitting at a dead stop and it will still read 10-20MPH until it catches up. What's wrong here? Tried playing around with the needle while the plexiglass was off to see if I could get it to smooth out, but no amount of fiddling with it made any difference. I really don't want to hear the words. "Replace the cluster" EDIT: Ignore the dumbass lol aparently when taking the cluster out, it fell forward and pushed the need far enough in for the base to drag on the faceplate. Went out to get some dinner, and at a stoplight I grabbed the base of the needle gently and pulled it ever so slightly away from the faceplate and it is working fine again. I still wonder why there was never any bulb installed for the Security and Oil Change lights though. Must have been built on a friday. lol
  15. Does anyone know if anyone besides Addco makes aftermarket sway bars? I like the idea of bigger stronger bars, I just don't like Addco's price!
  16. Sorry about the other post, tapatalk app didn't use the screen name I had typed in, instead it just used my old email screen name. But anyway, I'm from Fairborn Ohio, and a few weeks ago I bought a 1998 Monte Carlo ls with a little over 200k miles on it from a friend for $460 as a second car. Other car being a 1991 Ford Festiva with a 1.6l swap, and a 5 speed. The Monte Carlo does have some rust issues I plan to get fixed. (Rust doesn't scare me!) Like the rear strut towers are rusted through, but my friend already offered up someone to weld them up. I got quite a few plans for this Monte, and I have a brother that knows the 3100 l82 inside and out, he's even done the 3.4 top end swap to his Malibu. First things first though, the rust needs fixed before I dump any amount of money into it. Pics coming shortly.
  17. One thing I have noticed since my car was new, over 7 years ago, is that the rear tires bowed out a little bit. You could see this when approaching the car from the rear. I was told it was normal, by both the dealer and by tire stores. I never studied Grand Prixs or Monte Carlos of the same year to see if the tires did that. That seemed to be the case on some LaCrosses. The tires wore well for the first 30,000 miles and I'm sure I knocked out the alignment somewhere along the way. They are wearing faster now. I will need to replace them and get an alignment at the same time. I sure didn't get the 60,000 miles advertised for this OEM tire. My last W-body's original tires went 80,000 miles. Question: Is this bowing out of the rear tires normal for some W-body makes? Is this the sort of situation where shims will need to be added when I get a 4 wheel alignment? I've never seem them insert shims during a wheel alignment on any car I've owned. "Bonus" question: If you were going to go into some high quality Michelin tires, would you also replace the struts or do that a little later? I've heard OEM struts typically last 50,000 to 60,000 miles, on average. Your input is highly appreciated. Thanks!
  18. fast buick

    oil weight

    wat are yall using for oil weight in the 3400 v6 like impala monte carlos grand am alero....
  19. hey everyone, i just came across this webpage so i thought id throw up a introduction, Christopher from the grand strand area. owner of a modded 2002 monte carlo ss. i really suck at these intros so ill stop here lol.
  20. I have a floor shift column with destroyed shaft bearing and i also have a column shift column that is mint. Both are from 97 monte carlos. My question is can i use the column shift column to fix the floor shift column? Thanks
  21. Has anyone tried to modify Pacesetter headers for the Malibu/Grand Am to fit a 3.1or 3.4 Lumina or Monte Carlo?
  22. Ok I have a standard 5 speed swap parts list for everything coming from a prob is I havent found any 5 speed ws around me. Im wondering what other cars I can get parts from. I already know about all 88-92 ws having the right pedal box without the clutch pedal. Ive jheard you can use a cobalt/g5 clutch pedal(which I have) I have an s3 alloy pan from a gp, I have a reatta ofa(2 actually lol), I already have someone to machine a 3800 camaro flywheel for me. Any help or tips would b greatly appreciated. Thanks
  23. I have a 1996 Lumina that we raised our four children in. I love the car for those sentimental reasons plus I just think they are good looking cars. Now that the kids are raised it is time to do something fun with it and make it better than new. I work as a CNC Machinist and port cylinder heads and intakes on the side. I have rebuilt the 3.1Liter motor using good quality products in the bottom end, I ported the heads and added bigger valves as well as porting the upper and lower intake manifolds. I also added a Comp Cams street/strip grind hydraulic roller cam offered by WOT Tech. What brought me here is the fact that I am not close to anyone who tunes, and the mail order from WOT Tech does not seem to work. We tried a '97 computer with their tune and it wouldn't run. He is at a loss because he has had the same problem with Monte Carlos but does fine with Pontiacs and Olds. I am running on the stock '96 computer with no trouble codes, but it has no low end. From part throttle on it runs much better than any naturally aspirated 3.8 I have ever rode in. I would like to get the tuning issues ironed out so I can start on suspension upgrades, paint, and interior:biggrin:
  24. I have a 2001 Monte carlo ss with a top swap and the transmission needs replaced, it is stock, and I have a good transmission from a 99 oldsmobile silhouette with maybe 60k miles on it that I could put in there for basically free but I was wondering if it would work. Mine of course has the stock gearing and I found this chart that shows the silhouette has 3.29 gearing. Also it says that my transmission has ims and the olds doesn't. I dont even know what ims means?
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