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  1. here is a link to my FB marketplace ad... Selling my old 98 that I got back when selling the blue 98. I cleaned it up and replaced a good number of parts and gave it a buff and wax. Only real issue is the intermittent ABS issue where the Service Vehicle Soon light will come on. Module replacement has helped, but it still comes on sometimes. It hasn't turned the red light on since I've had it. The paint has the typical fading on the bumpers and a poor job removing a dent on the rear passenger side. $1500 obo
  2. I know these are going to be complete shiite, but has anyone actually bought these? I'm thinking about trying them, but there are 0 reviews on any of them and no instructions. I'm confused as to how you're supposed to install them since there are some missing parts judging by the pictures.
  3. Yeah, I probably should have just used the polish where the paint was still good. Thinking about sanding and clearing it, but it's probably not worth it. I've used a good bit of different stuff on the Mustang, but still can't get the swirls out, but I haven't tried this stuff on it yet. It's not the heaviest cutting stuff, but it worked well on the Regal and a truck I did for work. The paint was a little cold in some spots, so the compound was drying before I wanted it to, but it ended up okay. I pretty much just use whatever Matt (OG) likes and it usually works out. He uses Sonax Perfect Finish instead of the Jescar polish, though. Sonax recommends the Jescar compound, too.
  4. Thanks. It came out better than I was expecting. The hail dents are small, but there are so many of them that I don't feel like taking the time to pull them all. Thinking about making a claim after we get some hail, but I might not have it anymore before that happens. I usually clay first, but didn't take the time to do so with this one. There didn't seem to be much paint contamination for some reason anyhow. Just the cutting seemed to make it smooth enough.
  5. Last weekend, I spent the day cutting and polishing the Regal's paint. Most of it was in okay condition minus the clear on the roof, but there was absolutely no wax or anything on it and the paint was pretty faded. I wish I had taken better pictures of before, but I'll post some that I took where you can see the difference if you're looking for it. I used a FLEX XC 3401 VRG DA polisher (limited edition pink, don't know why I got that, lol). I still need to do the wheels really well. Sorry, but the pictures didn't load in the order I wanted them, too, so they're a mixture of before, after and in progress. And, yes, it has hail damage and I am crazy for polishing a car with hail damage, but a new hood and trunk lid would fix most of it. 1) wash with Chemical Guys citrus wash red (I got some when Obsessed Garage had some in earlier this year) 2) Jescar Correcting Compound with Meguiar's microfibre cutting pad 3) Jescar Micro Finishing Polish with foam polishing pad...this stuff did wonders for the roof as the compound would not brighten up the color, but the polish did (first time using this stuff) 4) 2 coats of Jescar Power Lock polymer paint sealant 5) 2 coats of Colinite 845 insulator wax
  6. pwmin

    2G W Regal DIC Swap?

    Just the DIC, nothing else. I took it apart again and the one solder joint had popped off. The board needed cleaned up a little better and I suck at soldering so I had my friend help me and it's working now. Didn't help that I wasn't exactly sober, either. It was dim when I did it, too, but it's nice and bright now.
  7. pwmin

    2G W Regal DIC Swap?

    Well, I thought replacing the resistors last night worked, but no display again this morning. Lovely!
  8. The DIC is lights out on the new 98 GS. I tried to replace the cluster with one from a donor car and that works, but the center display for mileage, etc. doesn't work. Nothing on the board looks burnt. It looks like a huge PIA to swap DIC's. What I want to know is it even possible? Any tips? thanks
  9. Ah-hah! We had made 1 Regal out of 2 a few years ago and I kept a lot of parts off of it. I found most of, maybe all of the lower trim on the windows. Only had 1 of the uppers, but they're all in MUCH better shape. Plus I kept the cowl pieces, which were broken out by hail It does have some hail damage, but it's not horrible.
  10. I'm probably going to sell it eventually, so probably not worth the effort. I'm just going to keep whatever is left of the window weep part of them and clean up the rest.
  11. The new Regal has the same issue with the outside window trim as my last one did and so as is with just about every other one that hasn't been garage kept. You know, the dilapidation of the rubber and plastic. Has anyone found a solution to this yet? I don't want to spend the money on NOS ones even if they're available and I highly doubt I'll see any in a junk yard that are okay. So far, I've just removed the peeling plastic and am going to repaint them, but the rubber part that seals against the window I'm not sure what to do about. I don't like the idea of it sitting outside and having water and everything else getting down into the door.
  12. Sad to see one that beat up and neglected. Only worth scrap prices.
  14. I've always liked Zaino's. I've been using Surf City lately and it seems to work pretty well.
  15. I can't remember, just some stuff I have leftover from when I had my older Grand Prixs; gaskets and what-not.
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