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First, can a Mod please move this to the FAQ section. Thanks.


For anyone that has a 5speed W-body, we all know about the situation with shift cables. They are hard to come by and condition is unknown. Well fortunately, if your looking for one, your problem has been solved.


This is the cable that I had in the group buy:






This cable is rated for 215lbs push and 620lbs pull. The length is the same as the stock cable. It is physically bigger around than the stock cable, so you will have to modify the body grommets for this to fit.


Now how do you get one?


You will need to contact this company:


Here is a list of their locations with contact information to see which is closest to your location:


Now that you know where to look, heres the info youll need to tell them.


The part number for this cable is:




Here is the e-mail from 01/08/2013


Hello Jason, your price for the 173-M-TT-2-59.75, would be $ 133.94 each, up to 10 units, over 10, would be $ 110.92 each, plus freight and any applicable taxes. Please allow 3-4 days to build, test and ship.



Since this was from 01/08/2013, expect prices to go up.


Now the good thing about this cable is the end hiem joints can be changed. Shift cable for a 282/284, select cable for 282/284. If you have a different platform car, the last number ( 59.75" ) is the cable length. The J,N, etc platform cars use a shorter cable. Just measure your cable and give them that measurement instead of the 59.75"


Now the bad part about this cable, since it is adjustable, youll need to mess with the adjustment, to make the shifts perfect/make it go into all the gears all the way. This will take a little time. Also, the end hiem joints are not perfect and might need some working with to make them fit.


Everybody with a 282/284 equiped W-body, no need to worry about old shift cables. This will be the last one you buy.


If anyone has any questions or wants more information, PM me.



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I'll let you post or edit if you don't want this info as a separate post 19Cutlass94, but I contacted the company in the link and they are selling those cables for ~$75 + shipping right now. I just broke my shift cable on a test drive last night and was bummed at first but now relieved that we can get these for an affordable price. So jump on them people so you never have to replace your cable again!

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I do! To add, the "Heim" style end joints (I was told heim was a brand name apparently) that work with these cables and fit perfectly are under the Dorman line (same as parts store stuff) part number #116-102

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