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ATTN CONVERTIBLE OWNERS, WE NEED YOUR HELP! - turning this over to jeremy

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Red white top white interior, cd player and hud


EDIT: Originally had a cassette player. But someone put a factory cd player in it.





White, white top, red interior.



'95 triple white

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I can tell you this, I will have my CSC until the day I die.  I believe someone will reproduce our vert specific seals one day and that it will probably be spearheaded by someone on this forum.  

25,509 were made from 1990-1995. I wish there was something like this website for data in the USA.   https://www.howmanyleft.co.uk

Yes I would like to see this thread come back!

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I took a cd player from a 94




I ran the vin and it came from the factory like that.





So does the CD load into the radio, or was the changer in the trunk?

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'94-1G3WT35X4RD355624 White,White top and red interior. CD player


'94- 1g3wt35x3rd399937 White, White top, red interior. CD player and HUD


'94- 1G3WT35X4RD355624 White, white top, red interior.


'94- 1G3WT35x2rd417196 White, black top, red interior, CD player and HUD

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I saw 2 in the junk yard discriptions are below.


1G3WT34T1ND381087 was painted white but I believe it was red with gray and black top not sure of year.

1G3WT32X85D325911 Green with tan and tan top had a 105k on her.

Mine is blue with white on white but I don't have the vin near me.



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red/black, 94 IIRC, LQ1, leather, junked in Wadsworth IL.


I will get a better pic later in the week.


Also there was another one on it's way in as I arrived there. When it gets set I'll grab VIN and pics.

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94 was the last year for quad buckets in a 'vert. 95s all the got rear bench seat.


Weird that the front ones would be nice and the rears trashed.


They weren't wear-and-tear trashed, they were stupid-people-not-knowing-how-to-remove-a-damn-seat trashed. That and there was all sorts of shit thrown on them.

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