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W-Body Performance - Pushrod / DOHC
Tech Tips

"Never forget the basics concepts of automobile maintenance..."

Basic maintenance is a major key to having your W-Body running strong and clean. This page is a compile many things anywhere from schedules to repair procedures and diagrams.  Again, like in the entire site, if you have anything to add or I've goofed on the information given... please fill us all in.  Vehicle maintenance options are in blue, performance / appearance modifications links are in red.  Until then, best of luck, and hope all works out for you.

.: DOHC :.




[LB6 / LHO / L82]

All right, that's the scoop on some of the major projects on the six - cylinder family.  Hope these procedures were helpful to you and hope your troubles can be minimized from this.  Remember if you have anything to add or have a project that needs to be done, e-mail the idea and we'll get it up within days.  Again, thanks to the people who orginally wrote these service bulletins.