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W-Body Performance - Pushrod / DOHC
TTs - Secondary Timing Belt

"Don't want to lose a head, do ya'?"


One of the crutial things about the 3.4 liter DOHC is the secondary timing belt, without it the car wouldn't run... period.  And even that's not the half of it, for you 1995+ owners, if the belt snaps while running you'll have bigger problems with internal damage.  So, to keep yourself from not becoming stranded on the side of the road, or from having engine crapin' out on you... he's some basic steps for inspection.

With the secondary timing belt cover off, it's very easy to determine if it needs replacing or not.  Wider than the serpentine belt, it's stronger and last a little longer... but it should be check regularly.  It's not fun picking out shears when the belt finally snaps and get caught in all of the sprockets.

1.)  Locate front timing belt inspection cover on the left side of the valve cover when facing towards the rear of the vehicle.  It's a black plastic "box"
2.)  Find and remove 2x 8mm bolts
3.)  Remove cover (move or release line that are in the way)
4.)  Belt will show with both front cam gears
5.)  Check for cracks and abrasions among the belt, crank engine over to check different areas
6.)  Also check for kevlar build up due to age and wear
7.)  Reverse steps 3 - 1 to install cover
- Average Time:  5+ minutes
- Scheduled Maintenace:  check every 10K - 15K miles, replace every 60K miles
- Writted by Erik Melander