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W-Body Performance - Pushrod / DOHC
TTs - Rear View Mirrors

"I'm sick of staring in black, I need color!"

Looking for something to spruce up your older ride but not willing to pay much or dont want something flashy?  Perfect; color matching mirrors might be the update your W-Body may need.

1.) Remove the door panel.  There will be minor differences in bolt pattern for each of the vehicles, pay close attention and record / mark hardware so it makes reinstallation easier for you.
2.) Remove the foam wind stopper from the door frame
3.) If equiped with power mirrors, disconnect the plug from the wiring harness; if mechanical adjustment, make sure lever is disconnect from panel and frame
4.) Loosen and remove the three 10mm nuts
5.) Remove mirror / adjuster from door frame

6.)  Remove mirror from mirror housing  * be extremely careful not to crack the glass *  some force may be needed, since you'll need to pop the adjusting rods from the motor / base
7.)  Remove the motor / base by taking out the three screws holding it in place
8.)  Sand housing to desired smoothness with proper sandpaper
9.)  Throughly clean housing with both soap / water and some type of laquer thiner
10.)  If bare metal exposed after sanding, spray a few light coats of sandable automotive primer
11.)  Can sand primer after drying to get to desired smoothness once again
12.)  Apply matching (or non-matching) paint with light coats; more frequent light coats of paint (every 20 - 30mins depending on tempreture & humidity) give better results with no runs in the paint, better coverage and a complete factory look
13.)  Once housing is covered completely with paint, apply a few coats of a clear sealant afterwards while colored paint is still wet (after 30 - 45mins from last coat of paint)
14.)  Set aside and let dry for at least 24 hours till handling

15.)  Once dried, put together mirror reversing steps #5 - 7
16.)  Re-install mirror housing unto door by reversing steps #2 - 4
17.)  Re-install door panel, check for rattles and creaks
- Average Time:  full day; from decontruction to final paint coat
- Scheduled Maintenance:  when the exterior needs a minor update
- Price of Items:  color matching paint ~ $8.00+
                              clear coat sealant ~ $3.00+
                              automotive primer ~ $3.00+
                              sandpaper (200+ grit) ~ $5.00+
- Written by Erik Melander