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W-Body Performance - Pushrod / DOHC
TTs - Spark Plugs (1991 - 1995)

"We need more power Scotty!"


Ok, older is sometimes better, especailly in this case compared to the 1996 and 1997+ DOHC models. The process is relatively easy, and expect to be under the hood for about an half an hour.

1.)  Remove / pull out spark plug wire of one of the front three spark plugs.
2.)  Loosen spark plug.
3.)  Remove old plug by using the spark plug wire boot.
4.) Install new plug by reversing steps 3 to 1.

5.)  For the back three, place car on hill where the front of the car is facing downhill,
stick the transmission into Park and DO NOT set the emergency brake.
6.)  To pull out the rear spark plug wires, rock the car repetitively forward so the locked transmission pushes the engine and engine mount forward and pull out the wire.  ** If the rocking doesn't work, release the compession of upper motor mount.  Also, modification can be made to the firewall trim; cut notches out to gain access to the plug wires. **  Car will need to be rocked several times to pull wire out in sections; don't try to pull it out all at once .
7.)  Use steps 2 and 3 while the car is rocked back and forth to gain acess to the plugs.
8.)  Install new plug by using reversing same process.
9.)  Make sure all connections are tight / secure; start car.
- Average Time: 30+ minutes
- Scheduled Maintenance: every 60K miles, but some recommend every 30K miles
- Written by Erik Melander