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TTs - Idle Re-Learn

"When you can't hold a steady engine speed..."

Car won't idle correctly?  Engine spits and stutters at you while sitting at a light?  Souns like the Idle Pintle Valve is having problems 'clearing out' and finding a correct idle speed through the Electronic Control Module (ECM).  This can happen through many thing including loss of power over time to the ECM, foreign matter blocking the Pintle Valve or other small ignificant factors.

1.)  First, check / clean the throttle body make sure there is no foreign matter present. 
2.)  Pull the battery cable or Electronic Control Module (ECM) fuse for about 5 - 10mins.
3.)  Re-install fuse / cable after time allotted.
4.)  Turn the key to the ON position for 10 seconds without starting the car.
5.)  Turn the key back to the LOCK / OFF position for about 5+sec.
6.)  And finally, turn the key back to ON for about 10 seconds again, and then start car. 
7.)  Once running, put the car in gear, and let idle in gear for about 5 - 10mins.

8.)  Repeat process if nesscessary.  If repeated more than once...
...check throttle body for build-up and proper movement of the Idle Pintle Valve.

- Average Time:  30 minutes
- Scheduled Maintenace:  irregular engine idle speeds / stalling while at idle
- Written by Erik Melander