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    Gentleman named Paul bought a bunch of Oldsmobile drafting papers and these were among them.
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    Hello all!

    I shall introduce myself, excuse my ignorance when it comes to forums and how they work. I’m Sarah, from Missouri. I’m excited for the W-Body meet as well. I’m also down to meet anyone who want to have a cruise or meet. Somehow, no one in Missouri exists with a WBody I guess. I own a 1992 z34 284 Lumina, and enjoy long walks to the parts store.
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    My Droptop

    So I’ve had a lot of mechanicals done to this old bird and it’s taken a good bit of the summer. This week it was brakes, wheels and tires. Next week starts the pace car interior swap. Theres never a dull moment.
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    Front suspension fail

    This is a good reminder to others to check your ball joints.
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    UPDATE: I found a nice enough (NOS) FE-3 badge (better than the one I originally bought) and put it on! I really like the look and am happy with it! I gave it the same positioning as the Oldsmobile logo on the other side. At first I thought it was "in" a bit too much but I like how that makes it stand out, and it is the same distance as the Olds text...
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    NOS 88-96 Grand Prix applique

    Hey guys, I've been talking to MemphisMan about this and actually pulled those pieces from a 88 Regal coupe that was in the yard today. I don't know if the Regal's and GP coupes share the same trim piece but they will NOT directly fit on the Cutlass coupes. The Regal ones are narrower and shorter in critical areas compared to the ones used on the Cutlass coupes. Here's what I'm talking about. The one on the left is from the 88 Regal coupe. The one on the right is the original one from my 91 International, I pulled it off to see if the Regal one would just bolt on. The Regal one also has a rubber bumper on it where both my 91 and 89 International parts car do not have the rubber bumper. Top side of the Regal one. Top side of the Cutlass one. The Regal one loosely mounted onto my 91 International Cutlass coupe. Notice how the top does not fit under the drip moulding and there is a substantial gap. The original Cutlass coupe back on for comparison. No gap and the top tucks nicely under the drip moulding. The Regal one loosely hanging on my car. There is a substantial gap between the inside of the trim and the screws have no way to grab the mounts to pull it tightly against the body of the B-pillar. Also, since it is also narrower, there is about an inch maybe even an inch and a half area where it doesn't cover the quarter panel window glass as far as the original Cutlass one. You can see the exposed dirty area on the glass. Again, you can see the gap at the top between the top of the cover and the bottom of the quarter glass window trim piece. Original Cutlass piece back on, no gap and the trim piece is covering more of the quarter window glass.
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    W-body Nationals June 2019

    I was abrupt in my earlier post, apologies to Al and thank you for getting this moving so early so we can have a great 2019 meet, I've actually been cooking something for the past couple of months to pitch for the summer meet but you caught me off balance as I wanted to have a motel and rates and all before I posted. --------------------------------------------------------------------- I've been thinking about this for a while and would like to propose that this year's Summer meet happen in Erie, PA. I started talking to people locally a while back and believe I can put together a good deal of activities, here's the proposed/optional itinerary that has resulted: Friday: Roll into a small motel (actually looking at a few already that would be privately owned and off the beaten path so we don't have any problems with noise levels and have more bargaining power as a group to secure good room rates. Two have pools ... again I'll scout ahead and get pictures, ect.. beforehand.) Friday night: Vote on dinner based on what's nearby and go eat, followed by the customary standing around in the parking lot drinking. Saturday Morning: Plan "A": SCCA Autocross event at Lake Erie Speedway, spectate,drive your car, ride along with someone else... or sleep in and skip it if you'd prefer not to go. I've spoken to the SCCA about the possibility of us coming in preparation of this pitch already and we are welcome. Plan "B": Stand around the parking lot and drink. Saturday Afternoon /Noonish: Plan "A": Our usual picnic hamburger/hotdog style lunch at Presque Isle State Park - Perry Monument (this shows up on GPS, which I value as a quality so we don't have to crazy convoy unless we want to for fun) By the time we get there my Son will already have several kayaks and life vests waiting for those who wish to toss one in the water (we have 2 singles and 3 tandems, and enough life jackets which are mandatory to clothe a small army) There are grills down there so cooking is not a problem. Presque Isle has beaches, lagoons, (which are accessible a few feet from where I'd like to do this) and showers so if one were to have a kayak mishap there is a place to clean up and shower ten minutes from this location. Plan "B": Stand around the parking lot and drink. Saturday Dinner: Vote on style of food, Erie has everything, authentic Mexican and Thai, pizza joints and Italian, and literally everything in between. My little family is an insanely busy one so sadly enough I know every restaurant in town well - from the fine dining "underground" to which pubs have the best burgers and subs. Plan "B": Stand around the parking lot and drink .... but with Pizza or a grill or something. Saturday night: Plan "A": I'm a member at a local chess club, there are chess boards there but I've never played chess there. "Clubs" can stay open until 3AM in PA and my club, "The King's Rook" has two levels. Downstairs is a bar, a soft couchy area, seating at both tables and booths, and a tiered and sunken rave-like room with a large stage and a bazillion whirling lights in front of a dance floor and flanked by railing with elevated (or rather not sunken) walkways, one of which has another small bar. Upstairs is another bar, another couchy soft area, more tables, another stage, a counter with very simple food like Hot Dogs, 6 pool tables, a dart board, shuffleboard table and a door leading out onto a deck where a tiki bar is. There is a short school bus which has been converted with booth style seating that's upstairs and provides minutes of entertainment as well. Saturday in June means a band- a GOOD band will be playing downstairs and a reasonably good band will likely be upstairs. Drinks range from reasonable to cheap, but there will be a cover for entry. I've spoken to management and made some loose plans, non-members are not allowed to buy drinks so we would be arranged as a "party" which means you would simply declare yourself as a member and get a hand stamp to buy drinks with member status for the night. The dart board takes quarters like every dart board in every bar in every city, but pool, shuffleboard, and various board games (including chess... go figure) are free to play all night. Plan "B": Stand around the parking lot and drink. Sunday Morning: Breakfast at wherever - or - Lowville drag strip before departing for our respective homes. ------------------------------------------------------------------- The Good: Plenty to do, and a bit more centrally located for members that can't drive all the way to Toledo The Bad: If we want to Autocross we're limited to one weekend in June, or one weekend in July as the SCCA only races once per month like this. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Rich, there are not one but two BXX Evans in the Erie area, no worries. If we do this I'll compile some information on paper and pass them out so everybody has proper names to GPS to stuff and a map to Presque Isle (again the lunch location does show on my Android GPS so a map would just be neat) Please let's not let the meet be planned expressly on even if we decide against Erie, that really sucked that it went down like that for 2018.
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    W-body Nationals June 2019

    Facebook should be a link to here, decisions should not be made there like last time. Facebook is Facebook, is
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    New member

    Just joined the forum thought I’d introduce myself. I bought a 94 Grand Prix GTP the other day. Needs some love but I really like it.
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    Doubling Down on W-bodies

    This really isn't true. But welcome back! I love the red 'verts.
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    limited edition cutlass 94

    New member

    hello everyone, my name is rob, a newbie here just bought this limited ed. cutlass supreme conv. in amazing condition and loaded except heads up. i know how many in this color combo thanks to someone on this site(393) anyone know why and how many limited edition were made.
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    Submitted my favorite photo of my fuzzy dice machine.
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    How low is too low (tranny fluid)

    I have to agree with Shaun here. If you change the fluid and the trans dies, that trans was long gone already. In our case though, my experience tells me that fluid maintenance matters less than other platforms. Sure, you don't want fluid totally destroyed, but a serious number of failures in the 4t60/65 lineup is hard parts, which couldn't care less what state the fluid that bathes them is. If you ask me, adding a good trans cooler is far more important than doing fluid maintenance.
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    At the prices you've listed in your two threads, you need to find a new shop ASAP. There's no way in hell they spent enough time on that car to justify a $2500 charge for something this simple.