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    jiggity76 comes through once again!

    My car has been missing this piece for as long as I and the guy before me have owned it. But today I got a "care package" in the mail from jiggity76 and inside was the moulding I have been missing and it is in WHITE. With about 20 minutes of my time disassembling and polishing, it's as close to NOS as a used piece is going to get. Now, a missing key piece to the car is in place.......
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    '96 Grand Prix Project - new member

    Hi folks, I joined this forum at the suggestion of a guy on another forum regarding a '96 Grand Prix SE (150k miles) that I'm trying to fix up. I bought this car for peanuts knowing it had a bad head gasket (or worse.) With a cold engine and radiator cap removed, coolant shoots out of the radiator whenever the starter is engaged or engine running. There's evidence of coolant boilover out of the coolant expansion tank, plus coolant in two or more cylinders (wet plugs). Also have coolant in oil (not a huge amount, but enough to tell it's there). Idiot previous owner wired up the radiator fan to run all the time instead of fixing what was probably a simple intake gasket, and proceeded to overheat the piss out of it. I'm pretty confident it's head gasket and not just the intake gasket. Oddly a compression test gives me 170 PSI on all cylinders. Pretty major power steering leak and a small section of rotting brake line that needs replaced round out the list of problems with this car. Shouldn't be all that difficult to make a good runner out of this, I've done head gaskets and fairly major repairs on other vehicles. I will probably make another post inquiring about options for repair-- I'd really like to consider an engine swap. This is purely a project car, can take my time and do it right. But for now, just wanted to introduce myself and add a couple pics of the car. Have always loved this body style GP, didn't give it a second thought when I saw this for sale, I had to have it!
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    Vintage W-body photo thread - most pics fixed and lots of new pics

    Here is More Vintage W-body Photos that I been meaning to get myself to share
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    3.1 Plugs and Wires

    I usually ask Manuel as well, but he doesn’t always answer right away
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    Front suspension fail

    She's back on the road! After a long winter of fighting rusty bolts, I finally got her back together yesterday. I carefully drove her around the block once, and she seemed to drive and shift fine. I haven't noticed any leaks from the transmission or the brake lines. I'll try a longer drive tonight after work and see how it goes. Parts replaced: Passenger side only: Axle. Both sides: Control arms, tie rods (inner and outer), ball joints, flex brake lines. Parts saved: Fender (I straightened the bent lip). Wheel well trim and lower cladding were slightly damaged but I reinstalled them. TBD: Passenger front tire and hub. The tire held air all winter, but I need to drive at higher speeds and go around corners to evaluate the hub and tire. Total cost: About $400 including tools. Time spent: I don't want to think about it, probably 50+ hours if you count watching videos and buying tools. It doesn't sound like much, but I found ways to make the project take forever. It was my first time doing any of these jobs on any car, so it was a slow learning curve to figure out what technique to use. I often would only have two or three hours a week to work on it, so it dragged on and on. I tried to save money by using the wrong tool for the job a few times, which just ended up with wasted time and frustration until I would give up and drive to the store and buy the right tool. Once I had the right tool and the right technique, each job wasn't bad. Moral of the story: Buy the right tool!
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    LQ1 3.4L DOHC V6 Timing Belt Change

    Here's the link to the timing belt change I did on 11 January, 2020.
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    My Impala Got Hit!

    Sunday around noon, I was coming home from church when a drunk driver rear-ended a Jeep behind me, propelling it into the back of my Impala. It tore off the rear bumper and mashed in the trunk lid and trunk tub. After I pulled over, I found my license plate under the front wheel of the pickup truck that had caused the accident. Thankfully, no one was hurt, not even the drunk. Amazingly, my car was the only one involved that left the scene under its own power. There was no damage to the suspension and it drove and handled just as it had before the accident, albeit with a few more rattles. Nonetheless, it's teetering on the bubble of being totaled. My insurance company is calling in a third-party appraiser to make the final call. With that in mind, I started looking at used cars on last night, just to see what was available in my area and at what price points. I started out looking at Malibus and Impalas and was disappointed to find that everything with an affordable price had a ton of miles on it and lower mileage cars were priced considerably higher than I was comfortable paying. I was about to close up my laptop and call it a night when I decided to look at Buicks, in particular the Buick LaCrosse. Imagine my surprise when the first listing was for a 2013 model that Edmunds identified as a "Great Deal" at $2,300 below market. It was the only "Great Deal" I looked at all night. The car looked pristine as the CarFAX report and while eating breakfast this morning, I gave the dealer (an independent in a small town about an hour north of me) a call and decided it warranted a visit, even though I didn't have the final word from my insurance company. Seeing, as they say, was believing and although I didn't intend to do it, I ended up buying the car. It was a bird in the hand that I didn't want to let go of. If the Impala is totaled, which my gut tells me it is, I'm a step of the game, having already replaced it. If not, the insurance company can pay to get it fixed and I'll sell it. Either way, it's a win for me, moving up two model years and back 30,000 miles from the Impala. The ironic thing is my mother has a 2013 LaCrosse also. Hers only has 6,800 miles on it.
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    hello everybody

    Beat them without mercy with the old timing belt? Awesome to see new members trickling in still rocking the 3.4 DOHC.
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    New guy from Belgium

    Hi, my name is Tim and for about a year or so I've been a proud owner of a 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme that's been passed onto me. I live in Belgium and the car is in Poland for the moment but that's another matter. I had always wanted an American car, maybe the Olds isn't what the average teenager dreams of but these cars are very rare in Europe so I'm happy with it. The Oldsmobile make is almost unknown in these parts, so it adds to the curiosity factor. There are however problems with rarity - the first one being spare parts. The second issue is finding people with enough knowledge to be able to diagnose a problem or recommend any change - that is how I found this forum, I've already found a few useful posts. I hope that one day I'll be able to contribute to this forum to respond in kind.
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    Gave the ole girl a cleanup

    Wash/wax on my GP. Been neglecting my car for awhile. Decided to clean her up this evening. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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    Another red 90 TGP

    I just picked this one up last weekend. I had it loaded and down the road when I stopped for fuel and then decided to look it over, lol. I was floored when I saw the mileage! The car had all the paperwork from its yearly inspections in the glovebox, confirming the mileage right up until 2008 when it was parked. I'm assuming it was the brakes that did it in. I originally purchased it for parts and the front valance and interior bits were what I was after, but now I believe she will be back on the road soon. Everything inside works like new, the switches feel crisp and positive as they should, all lights, sounds, gauges etc function. The car will fire and run for just a few seconds, so I've pulled the injectors and will drop the tank for a complete fuel system clean and put in a new pump and filter. I'll have my body shop guys pull and fix the quarter panel dent, buff her out as good as possible and see how well she looks. If it was a sunroof car, I would most likely keep it, but since it isn't, it'll be looking for a new home in a few months. Now, if I could only find a dang black car!!
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    Z34 swag

    I need the rear sway bar off of all of those please!
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    Illuminated driver's side door lock.

    Your ability to find parts that haven't been made since the Clinton administration never fails to amaze me.
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    .........My 93 Cutlass Convertible......

    hello All It's been a few years, my last visit to this forum was 4 yrs ago, I owned a 95 vert then I got myself another convertible, very clean one...I've had it for about 2yrs now This one is a 93, super clean no rust at all compared to my 95 I had, elderly couple owned and as much as I hate the LQ1 engines, I think its the car good looks that keeps drawing me closer to them how I wish we could fit a trusty V8 iron in these cars I haven't done much to this car at all, compared to my previous 95 where (George from the forum here) and I did some work on our cars few years ago I did however modify the stock air box to improve flow, I took out the driver side high beam out and shaved off a few inches off the air box to align it closer to the high beam hole, car looked like it was missing a tooth so I took the other high beam out, which im hoping should help engine heat feel a bit more warmer
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    Lumatic Rides Again!

    I'm back and ready to restore my Z-34, again! I'm looking for advice on the following: 1. Where to find hard to find parts. 2. Interior restoration. The Florida sun has destroyed mine again. 3. Repair suggestions. 4. etc. If anyone has any suggestions on where I can start, please let me know. Lumatic
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    New 95 Cutlass Supreme droptop

    Greetings. I have wanted a droptop since my early days of muscle car ownership. Roadrunners, GTO, Dusters, Darts. Finally, at 64 years old I got one. 95 Cutlass Supreme convertible. 85k on the clock, one owner, 3400 powered garage baby. Scale 1-10, I give it a 9. Perfect paint, body and top. Strong motor. Couple leaks in the top I need to fix. Minor wear on drivers seat. Everything works. Despite the 3400’s reputation for being hard to work on, I ain’t scared of it. Been a gear head all my life. I figure if I run into a problem, someone here can bail me out. The real drag is since I got it, been raining every day. I’m looking forward to cruising the Texas Hill country with the top down and the wind in what’s left of my hair
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    Restoration project...

    So it has been a long time since I posted here.... and Shawn ( @GnatGoSplat) probably thinks I’m crazy for starting this project, but... Yesterday I rescued my 1993 Cutlass Supreme Convertible from what used to be a lumber yard in Byhalia,OH where it had sat for almost exactly 11 years ( it was parked there in October, 2008 ). I am in a bit of damage/deterioration determination mode at the moment. When she was parked, the motor was partially disassembled, so obviously there is some work to be done under the hood. The drivers side window was broken at some point, so that will need to be replaced, and at this point I don’t know if any of the interior parts have damage that needs to be repaired or replaced due to the layer of dirt and dust and other debris I still need to clean out of the car. Getting her up on the trailer ( and back down again ) was fun... the passenger side rear wheel isn’t spinning. Surprisingly, all 4 tires took air, though the drivers side front would only hold it about an hour. Passenger side front was better. It took 12 hours before it went flat.... Next task is to look through the pile of parts ( and repair manuals ) I put in the trunk all those years ago... I need it clear so I can see if the top still works....
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    Door glass interchangeability.

    Yes. The glass changed in 1995. So 1988-94 are different than 1995-97.
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    Restoration project...

    So I spent a little time out in the garage tonight. I pulled the old crusty battery that has sat in the car all these years and replaced it with a new one ( which was also used to power the winch we pulled it onto the trailer with. This let me test some electrical components. All 4 window motors are working. The motor for the top works, though it is a bit sluggish ( i’m Sure it doesn’t help that there is extra weight in the roof framework, in the form of old mud dauber nests.) I was able to get the top all the way down, though the motor struggles to go back up ( this could be as a result of a partially drained battery. My old charger bit the dust, so I will need to get another one. Of course, having the top down has some advantages. It is much easier to see the mess that is the interior. I started the process of vacuuming out debris, tomorrow I should have some upholstery cleaner to work on the seats. I also took a few more photos to document what I am working with.
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    Restoration project...

    Nice save, looks pretty solid for an Ohio car. Fortunately, the door glass is the same as a 1988-94 coupe
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    New to the site!

    Big thanks to Jay! He grabbed me these LQ1 motor pieces that I need for the STE. They will make a big difference in the appearance and correctness of it's engine bay. Also, he grabbed me an extra cam cover and these little booklets. They have awesome information regarding our W's including torque specs. I've never seen them before or even heard of them so I think they are kinda rare, maybe not, but I am so thankful he grabbed this stuff for me. I really needed this little spark plug holder for the front wires as my STE's is missing I think and the wires are just thrown everywhere. I also put in my spare cluster and the rest of the dash/HUD so that I can watch her vitals when I first start her up in over 10 years of not running!
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    Back Again

    Hello all, I was a member here in 2000-2004ish (FATGUY) and life happened. Back then I had a Maroon 1990 Turbo STE and was fairly active. Since then (read as kids, wife, jobs, moves) the car went away and eventually I bought a 1995 Cutlass Supreme body and dropped in a 2002 3100 for my daily driver about 90 miles per day. 5 1/2 years and 120,000 miles later I had an engine mishap and now and contemplating what direction to go with the car. My wife hates it, I LOVE it!! lt is starting to show its Upper Midwest Salty Highway wear, but its not too bad yet (neglected the last couple of years). I am currently looking for a few parts to fix it back up and will be here more often with updates. I am extremely busy with 3 teenagers, work, restoring a 1973 Nova for a friend, and general honey-do list items, but will get here when I can. Good luck to all maccdadd_72
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    Could A Profit Be Made from This Car?

    I do love fins, chrome and horse power just like everybody else, I have also put my foot down to other car collectors about my taste, but when I roll up in my car from 1990 among a sea of 69 Camaros and tri fives Chevys I stand out. We have the cars that were not suppose to survive but THEY DID! So make room, like it or not. I do understand that the majority of people grew up around the rear wheel drive big v8 cars but the FWD drive cars can pack a punch to.
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    Could A Profit Be Made from This Car?

    Seems like I'm on a constant LQ1 myth buster crusade on fb. People who've never owned or maintained one acting like they're an authority. The biggest myth being how difficult it is to change a timing belt followed closely by constant head gasket failures and massive oil leaks. Then I get called a dick because I call them out for disseminating false information
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    To Le Bra or not to Le Bra

    It destroys the paint underneath. There's a reason everyone stopped using them in the 90s.
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    94 Cutlass vert

    Hello, sorry it took so long to respond. Thanks for the warm welcome! Here are some pics I snapped today.
  27. 3 points

    Need some professional help about replacing intake manifold gaskets?

    They just get torqued down. There is no adjustment. Put both the rockers and the pushrods back in the exact same places they came out of (the 60 degrees use two different length pushrods). Do you need to replace the intake gaskets because they're leaking? 50k miles is pretty low to have those gaskets leak, especially on a Gen 2 motor, which don't really tend to have issues.
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    New to the site!

    So let me just say, MemphisMan is the man for countless reasons but he found this part on Ebay and texted me bringing my attention to it and I couldn't believe my eyes! A 91-94 CS HUD unit! After inspecting it, I can confirm that it is an NOS piece and has never been installed. The screw tabs have never been tampered with and the maroon cover is perfect along with the rubber seal that goes around the perimeter of it. Also, you can see the outside and inside lens/mirror is perfect, no scratches or fogging. The inside has no dirt, dust, or any debris at all! Incredible! It came in a very nicely packed box and was enclosed in a sealed bag. I would have never known about it unless MemphisMan said something and I'm forever grateful to him. The best part, I only paid $36.15 for it including shipping! There was and I'm sure still is a NOS HUD unit still out there that I posted somewhere here. The guy wants $1000 for it! Thank you Memphis! Your the best!
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    Monoleaf Pad Thread (Part Number and HowTo Inside)

    They look OEM to me too. Got to see them when I pulled my monoleaf yesterday One of mine was worn.
  30. 3 points

    Knock sensor location

    Yikes, it’s much easier on the LQ1. That’s a first...
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    Vintage W-body photo thread - most pics fixed and lots of new pics

    More 1988 Olds Indy 500 Pics
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