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  1. LOL! I just hope it works out for both you guys.
  2. I still don't think I can make it this year. If something gets finalized again, I will definitely take a look at it and try.
  3. I just PM'd him to contact you if he still wants one.
  4. I would PM 55trucker, I think he's been looking for one. I can get ahold of him if you prefer. Nice that you got it for anyone that needs it, thank you.
  5. At this rate, CS verts are going to be really scarce. This section is cars that are For Sale. This area is right in front of the yard/office. Not sure if they would sell parts off of it but I will ask the next time I'm there.
  6. Ok, not W's but was really surprised and excited to see these two 57 Bel Air sedans sitting out front. They're rough but how often do you see something like this? I wonder if they were sitting in a field or barn together on the same property. I hope they get to live on and not get scrapped. They are in the For Sale section of the yard so maybe someone can get them and do a proper restoration.
  7. I did notice that! Either I lucked out or maybe there are still some left on shelves somewhere.
  8. I got these a few month ago, maybe like February? I can't remember but it was sometime around there so maybe they are still available somewhat. One's for the International and the other is for the STE if they need them. Good info and thank you!
  9. There is some really good information here on this subject. I'm sure guys will chime in. There should be something in the Powertrain section. You might have to dig a little. I will be doing this to my 3.4 Cutlass soon. Any pics?
  10. Red wires with the red exterior will be sweet!
  11. Bad one. It was definitely rounded off and missing the vent top piece entirely.
  12. I still don't understand why rust free cars get scrapped, what a waste of a rare one. I probably shouldn't ask this but does it have HUD, CD, or moonroof?
  13. Oh no! A rare 3.1 International sedan! I'm about 8 hrs from there when I go pick up the STE too. Beautiful maroon rust free car, NOOOOOOO!!!!
  14. Ok, thank you. It's cool that you can circle things in pics, very magically! I'm going to get it fixed soon, need to look at the parts car and if not there, then parts stores or junkyard. I'm glad I got rid of those grey wires in front. Red ones are so much better.
  15. Ok, thank you. Hopefully the parts car will have it. Thanks for bringing it to my attention too.
  16. Oh wow, thank you my friends! Are these specific for the LQ1's or will my parts car with the 3.1 work? Guess I can look tomorrow or maybe you guys know where I can get one. Are they readily available at parts stores? It's amazing how I'm sweating the little stuff like this to make this car correct and complete, lots of miscellaneous things either missing or wrong.
  17. I used a site awhile back for a repo of mine, it was ok but didn't look anything like the originals. It did give me the individual options and the cost of them. I can post a pic of it if anyone wants to see. I really wanted to have the GM look of the original sticker but decided to just do the invoice instead. Much nicer info and it gave me what I was looking for.
  18. Thanks! I just got tired of sitting in a dirty interior. Now I want to get it running and then I'll do the interior a few more times to get it as clean as I can. I was really worried about taking the color out of the material but no issues with this method. Years of neglect and dirt build up really made it look so dingy and sort of white looking, especially the passenger seat. I'm interested to see how your cushions will come out, I need to do mine at some point too. The rear seats look awesome but the fronts need attention.
  19. I don't think the rear buckets were offered in the 94 coupes so it must have been a conversion right? 1993 was the last year for the International Series and rear buckets in the coupe. I have a 89 International parts car, if I decide not to keep the rear buckets, I'll let you know.
  20. I have an official GM letter about this issue for my parts car, an 89 CS International coupe with the 3.1. I bought it from the original owner and he kept every record and receipt for it. I'll try to find it. In the meantime, concerning the issue with the LQ1's, what years apply? I have a 91 and a 93 LQ1 car.
  21. Wow! That's crazy and sad for both the junkies who live like that and for people trying to get good parts. I had my parts car get gone thru one time. It's off in it's own little part of the unused parking lot section of my apartment building. I went to get something from it and noticed the front and center console lids were open, the glovebox, and the ashtray door. I never lock it, I use it for parts, but you could tell someone was looking thru it for money and valuables.
  22. No, not for me but some guys do want them. It's good to have one just in case someone needs it. See that little notch towards the right side? That's for the LQ1 cars, the 3.1 verts do not have that little notch.
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