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  1. In a 1991 any digi dash will plug and play. Depending on what you have a few wires may have to be 'repinned' as they say
  2. Years ago I messed around with these clusters. I tried to manually advance the mileage on my cluster and had success at it. Trying to roll one back is going to be harder. There used to be information on this forum for doing such a thing but that escapes me now.
  3. I've never touched trim on a CS coupe. I've removed all the trim on my 94 CSC at some point or another. Look for small bolts or screws first. Then carefully pry by hand and check for movement. These might have adhesive on them. You might want to look into trim removals tools so nothing gets damaged. These arent easy to find pieces.
  4. I would remove the corner lenses. You might not have to, but it's nice to get them out of the way for head light removal. Should be straight forward to remove the bumpers. 92+ CS are not that hard, but what I remember is one bolt on the back bumper was a bit of a stretch. There are a couple in the trunk and then a few inside the wheel wells for the back bumper. Might have to remove the tail lights but not sure.
  5. Yes, these boots are difficult to put on. I changed out all the velcro on my 94. Made a world of a difference.
  6. I just do what I want 

  7. That harness was working perfectly 7 years later. Still probably going strong today. Lots of great info in that thread.
  8. The front is a 34MM sway bar, and I forget what size the rear is. Any first gen sway bar will fit in any other 1st gen without issues.
  9. I'm so sad to this car go. I can't believe I actually sold it after all these years. I haven't driven it in nearly 3 years, and I really didn't have plans to drive it anymore. At least I sold it to someone who will use it. I'm excited to move on, and I can get started on one of many other projects.
  10. I remember you being around here. Welcome back to the madness.
  11. I had an issue with mine. The ground wire rubs on the shifter and over time it breaks. It is s really easy fix once you pull that piece of plastic to access it.
  12. Welcome to the site! Nice looking Cutlass you have.
  13. I was wondering what you were talking about. Then I saw you mentioned pictures, and then I got it.
  14. Welcome. You have come to the right place.
  15. Welcome! Any pictures of your GXP to share?
  16. I've been thinking about it. Right now I thinking about the Cub Cadet.
  17. I saw 4 of them on my cl from 800 to 2000. All in various shape of disrepair.
  18. The ones on my local CL look rotted out. What I'm gonna use it for, I don't really care. It is gonna get beat on.
  19. I was looking at spending around $6,000 after taxes on a Cub Cadet UTV. If I could pick up a Zr2 for 2,000 or less. Hopefully less, it might work out for my trails.
  20. If I could find a cheap (like scrap price or a little more) zr2 S10, I would buy it. I think it would make a perfect vehicle to drive around my woods. Instead of buying a UTV.
  21. I did this once too. Scared me for a second.
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