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    Gentleman named Paul bought a bunch of Oldsmobile drafting papers and these were among them.
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    These are great illustrations Manic. Thanks for posting them. Looks like they assigned individuals by name to fabricate different support pieces. In the back of the 1991 CS Service Manual Vol 2, there is a section which shows all of the reinforcements added to the coupes to make them convertibles. I counted 30 diagrams and each diagram appears to show a different support brace and it’s location on the car. I’d post all of them in a separate link, but my manual looks like termites got in it and the entire section of the manual is damaged. If someone could post up the diagrams in the Vert section that would be great. Here are just some of the diagrams. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Dude save your money, ive got 3-4 Cutlass front tower braces Ive collected over the years. PM me if you want one, they all could use a good painting though. The one in the link reads as if its for the 2nd gen GP that was started up in `97. Maybe a few made it out in 1996?
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    WOW! When the time comes, post how you liked these or not, looks like one mean tire.
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    If you ordered a rear strut bar from GOT2B GM, well done, I think you got his last one. You are going to love what this does. I have one of these in mine and I got his 2nd from last one for my brother who got my old 1994 CS from my Dad. Huge improvement and others look into the trunk they won't even know it's there. This piece, coupled with a front STB from the CS convertibles and a set of KYB's in all 4 corners really make one heck of a difference. All the better. I bought the new Coopers for the car as well. Right now the car is laid up until Spring, looking forward to Another year with this car.
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    Where to start for suspension upgrades

    I did coils on my 91 GTP and found the 250s were to soft I’d also recommend 300. You can use the rear sway bar out of a 97 montecarlo if you can find one. It’s the largest stock bar there is. 95-96 might also have these as well. I have a powder coated strut tower bar from a 96’ cutty vert. In my 91 it rubbed ever so annoyingly on the EGR so I took it off. I’ve posted it on eBay here and there but did not sell. If you’re interested I’d sell it on for a low price but couldn’t say what shipping would be or if it would rub your EGR as well. It’s more likely to as they’re both 1st gen GPS?
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    5 speed swap

    Got the other carrier off last night. All seems well from what i see so far. Will bag and tag each lifter and see if there’s any bad ones. I’ve done some general research into hydraulic lifters and the consensus is to put em back where you found em and clean them with solvent to remove any dirt. The sticky plunger I found on one could just need a cleaning. If not it seems summit of all places might have them in stock. Next up is off with the heads..
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    None what so ever. The b-pillar was reinforced but between the pillars was just the same metal that was there when it began life as a coupe.
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    Fun with Emblems

    Very tastefully done Imp! I like it, whenever it looks like a factory add on, I'm all for it. I'm looking at your car everyday now on my Calendar!
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    Top Raising.

    Let us know how it goes.
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    Cutlass Convertibles. With the 3100 you can use either a 3.1 or 3.4 bar, but IMHO, the 3.4 bars look better.
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    Dark Ride

    Knock sensor location

    So there a reason it couldn't be on the front of the block?
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    cheatah faheatah

    Knock sensor location

    That's .... just ....EVIL ...
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    I had a three leaf steel one on the buick I sold recently. That was installed maybe 6 years ago. At the time, I found it from JCWhitney online I believe. I tried to order it and they refunded me saying they no longer carry it. I somehow got them to cough up their supplier and it turned out to be a local shop to me, so that's where I got mine. I was appalled that they had them already made for this application. Either way, you might have to special order. Due to the size and weight, I'd recommend a local spring shop. The ends are very simple, they're just flattened as to ride on top of the pucks in the knuckle pocket. I mounted it with the original rubber that I scraped off the old leaf using longer bolts to reach around the three leaves.
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    If you DO ditch the Mono-Jeaf setup, it is recommended to add a larger diameter Anti-Sway bar... They can be sourced from another car... Michael from Fast Forward Performance modded one for his Z34... Can't tell you what car he got it from tho... Also numerous companies make larger diameter sway bars... That should make up for any loss of rigidity from removing the mono-leaf... Tom B...
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    If you don't want to ditch the monoleaf setup, you can get one in steel. It makes things hella stiff and lowers the car. It sounds like that's what you want.
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    Okay, that helps. I installed coil overs strictly to lower it. I'm not educated in the performance advantages of putting coil overs on w-bodys so I'm no help there. I chose to remove my monoleaf at the recommendation of others who installed coil overs before me. It's thought that some lateral stability could be lost when you remove the monoleaf, which makes sense to me, but I don't do any hard cornering in my vert so I can't say for sure. Installing rear coil overs are really straight forward. The parts list and pricing is here:
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    Where to start for suspension upgrades

    Strut tower bars would be a nice start, unless you need suspension components as a priority due to wear. Checking everything out is a nice idea too.
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    Trunk leaks

    Mine was leaking on a 92 Cutlass Supreme. Installed a new trunk gasket, and that stopped most of the leaks. If it rained really hard just a little bit of water was getting in, and I could not find out where. Finally found that it was leaking at seams where seam sealer was used at the factory.
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    1 of 996

    Newb checking in

    Finally back at it. Been working on it for the past 2 weeks now. Progress is very slow but steady and nice. Will take some pictures when I get a chance. I must say, it's looking pretty good. NOS parts definitely make a difference.
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    Fun with Emblems

    As long as it's not re-badging a car to make it look like something it's not I'm game. My Regal got a new set of the correct Regal badges after it was painted. I didn't put the CUSTOM badges back on, instead I did the SUPERCHARGED script found on the back of a Riviera in their places. The rear of the car looked bland so I did the same combo on the trunklid. I had a set of GS badges but couldn't bear to put them on even though that car would have stomped a first gen GS. On my GS I did the new style black & chrome symbols on the wheels and would like to either remove the hood badge or replace it with the new style.
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    Hello all!

    I shall introduce myself, excuse my ignorance when it comes to forums and how they work. I’m Sarah, from Missouri. I’m excited for the W-Body meet as well. I’m also down to meet anyone who want to have a cruise or meet. Somehow, no one in Missouri exists with a WBody I guess. I own a 1992 z34 284 Lumina, and enjoy long walks to the parts store.
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    Hello all!

    Have you tried Rockauto for cv shafts? There's usually some good deals there.