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    WANTED: White "STE Turbo" Nameplate

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    WANTED: White "STE Turbo" Nameplate

    I have one already. I just haven't got to the front end yet. I'm working my way around the car and doing the front last because it will be the most time consuming.
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    That's the best looking badge of any W-body, hands down, 100%, don't even try to convince me otherwise! Jesus!!!
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    WANTED: White "STE Turbo" Nameplate

    Maybe post this to the facebook TGP group to get more eyes on it(sorry, I don't have a link for you, but someone else here should be able to link you. I don't use FB, but know there's a group on there since others have posted about it). Oddly enough there are two "new" TSTE badges on ebay currently, but unfortunately, they are in the much more rare Garnett red color.