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  1. Psych0matt

    W-body Nationals June 2019

    I like the idea of autocrossing, and that is a weekend that I already have off so that would work out great, but I wouldn’t be heartbroken if we didn’t do an autocross event. It’s only about a 4 1/2 hour drive so I’m all for that, I would just have to make sure the GTP hasn’t developed any issues from sitting all winter LOL
  2. I went a little o Debora’s on my springs when I did mine, but I’m super happy with the result. It’s also not a dad, so even better. My 06 I just went with drop springs (which obviously aren’t available for a 1g) and for a dd it’s perfect. Edit: o Debora’s = overboard, dad = dd
  3. Psych0matt

    Fast idle 3.4 DOHC

    It’ll be fine, any wear from startup is negligible
  4. Psych0matt

    Fast idle 3.4 DOHC

    It idles that high, or gets that high in startup?on cold mine usually drops from 1500 to about 800 over 10 or 15 seconds, it’s normal. If it stays higher then you might have a vacuum leak (I take gaskets are usually the culprit)
  5. Psych0matt

    New guy here. 2004 grand prix

  6. Psych0matt

    Replacing a shift boot.

    I think that looks fricken sweet! Now if only you could match the steering wheel cover... (probably a bit much) Not that it matters now, but as an idea I think black with white stitching on both would look awesome.
  7. Psych0matt

    Hello all!

    Welcome to the forums, and the LQ1/284 club
  8. Psych0matt

    W bodies with the Wrong stock wheels

    I say get some gxp wheels. I miss my 19” alessio wheels (essentially gxps)
  9. Psych0matt

    W bodies with the Wrong stock wheels

    In my opinion... those look awful and don’t fit the style of the car at all. But if you like them then [emoji1531]
  10. Psych0matt

    Roof repair need advice

    Convertible? Minus the convert part...
  11. Psych0matt

    W bodies with the Wrong stock wheels

    The other side had both Z wheels on
  12. Psych0matt

    W-body Nationals June 2019

    Ehh, as long as I can get home I’m good, I don’t get to enjoy the car enough as it is, the thrashing it for a few hours could be worth it, but I digress.
  13. Psych0matt

    W-body Nationals June 2019

    I missed this because winter = not doing as much car stuff. I’m totally down for doing it in pa, assuming I can plan work/family stuff around it. If there was a location poll I’d vote for it. If nothing major car wise happens between now and then it’s going to be a tough decision which car to bring, though the gtp will most likely edge out the 06.
  14. Psych0matt

    Sun visor stickers

    I vote removed, nice and clean
  15. Psych0matt

    Free engine covers!

    I replaced the old one with one of these, I like t better. Pretty sure I still have 2. Maybe I should add it to your pile
  16. Psych0matt

    New Olds convertible member

    Welcome! I’ve owned my share of LQ1s and they’re not any worse than any other engine IMO other than being a bit tight
  17. Psych0matt

    Wanted- Cutlass Supreme 2D Valence/airdam

    2 door. Duh.
  18. Psych0matt

    Wanted- Cutlass Supreme 2D Valence/airdam

    2D? Maybe it’s just early but in 15 years I don’t think I’ve ever seen this in the context of a cutlass. Unless yours is a drawing...
  19. Psych0matt

    Sunroof glass & seal from 92-96

    Those can be replaced? Huh, TIL
  20. I mean, who doesn’t? On a serious note, Luke you’re awesome
  21. Will it fix my lactose intolerance?
  22. Psych0matt

    September 2018 Meet Planning

    that’s how my year has been, hence not even attempting the June meet (which is the first time in years without much wiggle room). Not that it matters a whole lot here but there’s a good chance that I won’t make this one either, based on the likelihood that it’s 75% chance going to fall on not the one weekend I have off. However, I’m still excited to see what happens. I miss you chuckleheads.
  23. Psych0matt


    I bought a set of brake pads a few years ago for I think the monte Carlo, and when I got the box it had three correct brake pads and one from something completely different. I emailed them and they said they could refund me 25% of the cost since the other three were correct. I told them that was unacceptable because no matter where I go I will still have to buy a set of four pads, so they eventually completely refunded me. I’m not sure if I got the refund or a new set of pads, but I didn’t pay anything else. Everything else I have bought from there has been fine.
  24. Psych0matt

    September 2018 Meet Planning

    I’m hoping to make it this time.
  25. Psych0matt

    New Member

    welcome! I think one of the guys made some replacements. When I had mine I just wired them to the interior lights since I never switched them anyway (mostly because I didn’t know they were supposed to have a switch).