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  1. Looks like the plug for the air intake thingy. I often forget to plug that back in.
  2. Ssc springs from a 2gen work, that’s what I have on mine
  3. From what I’ve heard don’t get the zzp kit because it’s plastic. I got the transgo kit and used the 1 to 2, and 3 to 4 spacers (the 2-3 requires trans disassembly). It definitely helped firm up my 1 to 2 shift, which was very noticeable because my commute was mostly freeway, and the on-ramp was super short, so before I put the kit in there was an almost 2 second hesitation between shifting to second. After I put it in it was pretty quick and crisp. I’ve had it in for probably over 20,000 miles with no issues, and it still shifts great. The car is at 235,000 miles, so that should tell you a little bit.
  4. Had I not already drilled mine in I’d be all over this. Free bump.
  5. lol RSC is not for The acronym for steering wheel controls, though you’re right. I think it’s remote stereo control... or similar.
  6. Nah, it’s fine. 2 for extra protection
  7. Hopefully to put your mind at a little more ease, mine decided to fail going 70 while cruising down the freeway, so still relatively low rpm’s and I had no issues
  8. That looks like the one that was made to fit the one and a half din opening, but it’s hard to tell just from the picture
  9. I have a pretty beat up TGP window sticker somewhere, I found it a few weeks ago cleaning some stuff out in preparation to move. If I can find it you can have it, but it’s kind of beat up
  10. Welcome! Looks like a fun project to me!
  11. I’m going to assume that it’s just your lifters sticking a little bit until the oil gets all the way through them. The LQ1 engines are pretty bad for that, I’ve never had one that didn’t sound like that that start up.
  12. July I’m more likely to make it, but again with my situation I still might not be able to. June is about 90% out (though normally I’d prefer June)
  13. Unfortunately it looks like I’m probably going to be out, if it happens in June. The way things are going, if our house sells then June the last month that we are in our house, moving to our new house
  14. Nate did that iirc, I just used a combo of extensions (on the LQ1), takes 10 minutes
  15. I usually ask Manuel as well, but he doesn’t always answer right away
  16. I’ve heard there is but the vert is a beast, I suppose not meant to be terribly fast, but mine was pretty tame. Having a lighter car it feels way better (when I had my 95 z34 Monte Carlo), and obviously a ton better with a manual (my gtp).
  17. It says it has an electrical issue, that’d drive the price down for me, otherwise it’s a good deal $1500 car. I do t get why people hate the LQ1, but I digress
  18. No ones trying to be a dick but “muh car won’t start halp!” Isn’t much to go with. Hope you get it sorted! [emoji106]
  19. He needs to do a key? That’s not right...
  20. Shouting, talking very loudly usually in an aggressive manner.
  21. WHY ARE WE YELLING?! also. I haven’t had my beer vert* for almost 10 years and they weren’t available already at that point
  22. Welcome back! Post some pics of your projects!
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