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  1. Psych0matt

    3.1 Plugs and Wires

    Nate did that iirc, I just used a combo of extensions (on the LQ1), takes 10 minutes
  2. Psych0matt

    3.1 Plugs and Wires

    I usually ask Manuel as well, but he doesn’t always answer right away
  3. I’ve heard there is but the vert is a beast, I suppose not meant to be terribly fast, but mine was pretty tame. Having a lighter car it feels way better (when I had my 95 z34 Monte Carlo), and obviously a ton better with a manual (my gtp).
  4. Psych0matt

    1997 grand prix intro

    An anteater, welcome!
  5. It says it has an electrical issue, that’d drive the price down for me, otherwise it’s a good deal $1500 car. I do t get why people hate the LQ1, but I digress
  6. Psych0matt

    2000 impala 3400

    No ones trying to be a dick but “muh car won’t start halp!” Isn’t much to go with. Hope you get it sorted! [emoji106]
  7. Psych0matt

    2000 impala 3400

    He needs to do a key? That’s not right...
  8. Psych0matt

    quarter window sweeps

    Shouting, talking very loudly usually in an aggressive manner.
  9. Psych0matt

    quarter window sweeps

    WHY ARE WE YELLING?! also. I haven’t had my beer vert* for almost 10 years and they weren’t available already at that point
  10. Psych0matt

    Back Again

    Welcome back! Post some pics of your projects!
  11. Psych0matt

    94 Cutlass vert

    Welcome! I still miss my 94
  12. Not to threadjack, but what’s this?
  13. Psych0matt Southern meetup 2019

    Disregard, this isnt the other meet thread
  14. Psych0matt

    W-body Nationals June 2019

    I like the idea of autocrossing, and that is a weekend that I already have off so that would work out great, but I wouldn’t be heartbroken if we didn’t do an autocross event. It’s only about a 4 1/2 hour drive so I’m all for that, I would just have to make sure the GTP hasn’t developed any issues from sitting all winter LOL
  15. I went a little o Debora’s on my springs when I did mine, but I’m super happy with the result. It’s also not a dad, so even better. My 06 I just went with drop springs (which obviously aren’t available for a 1g) and for a dd it’s perfect. Edit: o Debora’s = overboard, dad = dd
  16. Psych0matt

    Fast idle 3.4 DOHC

    It’ll be fine, any wear from startup is negligible
  17. Psych0matt

    Fast idle 3.4 DOHC

    It idles that high, or gets that high in startup?on cold mine usually drops from 1500 to about 800 over 10 or 15 seconds, it’s normal. If it stays higher then you might have a vacuum leak (I take gaskets are usually the culprit)
  18. Psych0matt

    New guy here. 2004 grand prix

  19. Psych0matt

    Replacing a shift boot.

    I think that looks fricken sweet! Now if only you could match the steering wheel cover... (probably a bit much) Not that it matters now, but as an idea I think black with white stitching on both would look awesome.
  20. Psych0matt

    Hello all!

    Welcome to the forums, and the LQ1/284 club
  21. Psych0matt

    W bodies with the Wrong stock wheels

    I say get some gxp wheels. I miss my 19” alessio wheels (essentially gxps)
  22. Psych0matt

    W bodies with the Wrong stock wheels

    In my opinion... those look awful and don’t fit the style of the car at all. But if you like them then [emoji1531]
  23. Psych0matt

    Roof repair need advice

    Convertible? Minus the convert part...