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  1. digitaloutsider

    To Le Bra or not to Le Bra

    It destroys the paint underneath. There's a reason everyone stopped using them in the 90s.
  2. digitaloutsider

    Found the leak...

    The design of that pipe is balls. I think I got one of the last remaining NOS ones for my Z34 back in the day.
  3. digitaloutsider

    06 Grand Prix

    Here's some info on those DTCs: I'll see if I can get the actual schematic when I'm off work. It's from eSI, so the links inside the document won't work.
  4. digitaloutsider

    94 Cutlass vert

  5. digitaloutsider

    New to this forum

  6. digitaloutsider

    Need some professional help about replacing intake manifold gaskets?

    In a small block Chevy with adjustable rockers and/or solid lifters, yes sure. There is no lash to be set on a 60 Degree or 3800 with hydraulic lifters. It doesn't matter where on the cam lobe the lifter is sitting. Pull up the repair procedure from eSI yourself, it's not part of the process. Edit: Also, to OP, rocker arm bolts are TTY and should be replaced.
  7. digitaloutsider

    Need some professional help about replacing intake manifold gaskets?

    I don't see why you would need to rotate the engine to put the valve in a specific place, that's generally to accommodate adjustable rockers. I have never done it on any 60 degree or 3800.
  8. digitaloutsider

    Buick Regal GS

  9. digitaloutsider

    I still lurk :-)

    I casually peruse Craigslist looking for a nice TSTE or TGP. One it's a lost cause and two I must be some sort of moron to actually want one of those again. TSTE would be extremely hard to pass up, though. For the longest time there was some goofy dick in WV with a really mint TSTE but IIRC he was asking way too much for it.
  10. digitaloutsider

    W-body Nationals June 2019

    Drive down to Texas, we'll go find some clapped out Century in a parking lot and park next to it and claim it's a meet. Which isn't much different from some of our actual meets.
  11. digitaloutsider

    Need some professional help about replacing intake manifold gaskets?

    They just get torqued down. There is no adjustment. Put both the rockers and the pushrods back in the exact same places they came out of (the 60 degrees use two different length pushrods). Do you need to replace the intake gaskets because they're leaking? 50k miles is pretty low to have those gaskets leak, especially on a Gen 2 motor, which don't really tend to have issues.
  12. digitaloutsider

    Hole in valve cover?

    100% not supposed to be there.
  13. digitaloutsider

    General Question about posting photos to forum

    If all the photos are dimensionally the same, they should display the same even when the forum scales them down. Can you upload them to this thread as an example?
  14. digitaloutsider

    Oil Pressure

    I can only find a 2-pin switch for an '02 Intrigue so that would lead me to believe that it's just for a warning lamp. But hey, I've been wrong before. Yeah, but Montes have/can have gauges. Intrigues are just warning lamps.
  15. digitaloutsider

    How to clean my Cutlass.

    Late comment, but why not just put electrical tape over the the display inside the cluster that shows the MPH? That's really the only "visible" difference between a HUD and non-HUD UB3.
  16. digitaloutsider

    Fuel leak at fuel line/fuel rail connection on 3800

    Replacing the O-rings should be fine, unless someone REALLY mangled the fuel lines and quick connects somehow.
  17. Cutlass Convertibles. With the 3100 you can use either a 3.1 or 3.4 bar, but IMHO, the 3.4 bars look better.
  18. digitaloutsider

    Knock sensor location

    They are correct. That's where it is. I imagine it's a huge bitch to get to with the auto trans in the way.
  19. digitaloutsider Southern meetup 2019

    Looks like about the same drive for you as it is for me. 9 hours, 50 minutes.
  20. digitaloutsider 2019 Calendar Submissions

    Hope Chris enjoys his calendar since I left it at his house lol
  21. digitaloutsider Southern meetup 2019

    Is it really that long? It's only like 12 hours from Pittsburgh to ATL.
  22. digitaloutsider Southern meetup 2019

    It's right under 10 hours for me. Count me in, I'd make the trek out to Nashville. Just wouldn't be in the Regal.
  23. digitaloutsider

    Fun with Emblems

    I tend to take badges off rather than put them on, but when I had that '89 5-speed Cutlass I was going to 3400 swap, I was going to do that same V6 H.O. badge. FWIW, those badges were on '99 GA GTs only. The 2000+ has "V6 RAM AIR" or something like that.
  24. digitaloutsider

    Oil change intervals, what do you guys suggest?

    My only fear with that (and I can't remember if I brought this up in the last thread or not) would be elevated levels of acid, since oil certainly collects it over time. I'd be interested if there is elevated bearing wear because of it.
  25. digitaloutsider

    Oil change intervals, what do you guys suggest?

    Yeah this is literally the last thread we had repeated lol. For the Regal, I change the oil whenever the OLM tells me to or when I decide "huh.. it's probably been a really long time since I did that". On average, that's anywhere between 6-8k miles, but the car does a lot of short drives and when it does get driven, it is driven a lot harder than most 3800s are. The Corvette is changed in accordance with the OLM. I use the cheapest Dexos certified synthetic oil I can find and Fram Ultra Synthetic filters exclusively. If I'm feeling particularly sporty, I will add Lubrimoly MOS2. I have had oil analyses done on both cars which came back with flying colors, so I guess I'm doing something right. pitzel, have you sent an analysis out on that oil? I'd be really curious to see what they come back with.