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  1. It's a little more purpley than the 40th.
  2. Need to look up the rarity of this one some time...Only 2% of ALL GP (2076 of 105043) sedans were dark mulberry and only 12% of 1997 GPs were GTPs.
  3. I was going through some old pics, @jiggity76 you are going to hate this one... This was in a San Bernardino salvage auction back in 2015.
  4. PICK-n-PULL Salinas Salinas, California 93908
  5. Aztek was a bust, nothing left in it. Saw this though, 4 seater too.
  6. One thing I am looking for if i can find one intact is a sunroof wind deflector. But that involves removing the sunroof glass so I will get that if I can find one.
  7. Not sure, I'm going to the junkyard tomorrow, they just got in a 2003. The just crushed both LQ1 cars they had.
  8. Shame the sunroof was left open, looks pretty bad.
  9. Speaking of which, no pics under the hood but you can see it's a 52X car. Another column shift LQ1.
  10. Remember, the only LQ1 cars to get a column shift were Luminas.
  11. 1 of 5 Dark Teal/Gray cloth LQ1 sedans with steelies, 3 of which were fleet cars.
  12. Believe it or not, it's a fleet car! Those are original.
  13. 1996. @jiggity76 would have a heart attack if it were a 1997.
  14. Greg is an awesome guy.
  15. ManicMechanic


    Like the opposite of your STE.
  16. ManicMechanic


    Likely an original cassette car and had a CD player installed at some point.
  18. Been a while since I have been in the dash of one but as I recall, it's similar to my van. There's a small screw or two behind the glovebox door and another behind the trim that goes under the steering column.
  19. That Vette isn't for parts is it? I am searching for a set of LT1 valve covers from a Vette for Mike Massey's Roady wagon.
  20. PICK-n-PULL Portland South Portland, Oregon 97266
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