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91 Buick Regal - (More) Odometer & Electrical Problems

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I posted about a month and a half ago about an instrument cluster problem in my Regal Custom. The odometer wasn't working and the car couldn't pass inspection because of it. I wound up working out an arrangement with a member here for another cluster. Before mailing it over to me he assured everything lit up when he hooked it up to a jump box.


When I finally got the part I went ahead and hooked it up. Since then there have been times when the odometer doesn't move it all, times where it seems like it's accurately accumulating miles, and times where the odometer will go up by 50 miles for every actual mile.


Additionally, the gas gauge doesn't seem to be working properly, it's been stuck at full since I've been using it. Also the dashboard doesn't light up, the digital speedometer is illuminated, but my gas gauge and gear shift indicator aren't.


I got temporary tags on my car so I can drive it in the meantime, but in the next week/week and a half I'm going to need to have this car inspected again. If I have to take it to a mechanic to look at, I will, but if this stuff has a potentially easy fix I'd be willing to give it a try. My dad is convinced it's a "ground" problem. He's been running point on this car since he gave it to me, but I've realized I can't keep relying on him to get work done on this car.


Also, probably unrelated to the above stuff, can't adjust my mirrors remotely, windows work fine though. Any ideas on that?




One thing thats been a problem with this buick for years, apparently, is sometimes when accelerating the car "stutters" and I typically have to take my foot off the gas pedal and re-accelerate, in which case it's fine. It's not as high on the priority list as everything else, but if anyone is familiar with this problem I'd appreciate any input.

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