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Found 1,856 results

  1. My Bilstein Shocks are completely worn out after 80k miles and my rear tires are showing it. The cheapest I can find replacement Bilstein HD shocks are around 250 a piece, which is a bit steep. Can anyone find these shocks at a cheaper price, or the best alternative to them? I've looked the Bilstein non HD shock and KYB excel G shock and thats what I'm debating about using but all opinions are welcome.
  2. Well this is my first post but i'm already on my 3rd 3800 series motor car. 89 Bonneville SE, 97 Lesabre Limited and now my incredible W-Body 94 Regal Coupe. I got the opportunity to buy a little old lady's car and I took it. A 1994 Buick Regal with only 32,000 miles. The car has lived a very easy life being the routine grocery getter. Spending most of it's life in a heated garage. I have a ton of service records on the car and all the original paperwork and documentation. Best of all it has the 3800 motor in it. Really fun car to drive and I can't wait to get a new pair of tires and 5 spoke rims on it.
  3. I've been losing a small amount of coolant the past few days. Before I left for work this morning, got out the flashlight, and began looking for leaks. Sure enough, I found coolant on top of the distributor stub. It's been less than 3,000 miles since I replaced the LIM because of this very thing...the surfaces were so clean, you could have eaten off of them, and I used Fel-Pro gaskets, and very carefully confirmed that the torque applied to the fasteners was done correctly... What could have gone wrong?
  4. I am new to the forum, and I may have posted this in the wrong section. I am also trying to learn how to move around on the forum. Here is my question posted in the new member section. Any help please. My wife loves this car, so I am trying to fix it before it goes to the Pull-a-Part. Thanks in advance. [h=2]PLEASE, Help for 2001 Intrigue[/h] I have a 2001 Olds Intrigue. Looks like a bunch of stuff just went wrong at once. It has 215K miles on it. Is there anyone out there that has dropped the sub-frame? Are there any references or info out there on how to do this. I need to replace the water pump, valve cover gaskets, serp belt, and cross-over gaskets. I think it will be easier to drop everthing and work on it while I can easily access everything. I have access to a car lift and full auto shop, although I am not a mechanic by trade, but I have been working on cars for years. Any one, please any information. Time is a killer for me, so I would rather do things faster even if it involves something as exotic as dropping drivetrain. Thanks in advance.
  5. olds93

    engine swap

    I own a 1993 olds cutlass supreme sl with a 3.1 litre v6 with 403,000 kms (240,000 miles ) on it. Will a 3.8 litre supercharged v6 fit under the hood?
  6. I'm trying to find out how many miles are on my digital cluster, so I just need to know what pins i need to power up to be able to view it, or the whole cluster since I've never powered up the whole thing. Thanks
  7. I'm a convertible (and an Olds guy) - always was afraid of the 3.1+3.4L's in the 92-95 verts, totally forgot some of these had the 'older' 3.1 similar to what I'm used to on my 1988 Z24 2.8L (the smaller bore version). Anyway, its a well maintained 91, can't believe its owner gave it up. I'm told it was traded in for a truck to haul a camper/trailer. The guy kept it mint, I'm going to have fun trying to keep up what he did. I don't think it was ever driven in rain or snow. It has the 1SD package and even "white stripe" tires which are mentioned as being an option in a brochure I have. Has about 95k miles on it.
  8. Must Sell Price reduced to 5500.00 OBO. Selling for what I have in it. Hi all. I am listing this to see if there is any interest. It's a 1991 Grand Prix GTP with 5 speed manual transmission. 66 Thousand miles. Blue with gray cloth interior. Sun roof, HUD, Power windows and Locks. I am in Pa. I will post pictures as soon as I can.
  9. Hey- I just bought this 1998 Monte Carlo Z-34. It's driven great for about three thousand miles, and still runs OK. It throws a code for a small leak in the evaporative emissions canister. Probably the line is rotted. Where, exactly is the thing? It's not where my 1996 W-body manual says. My Buick GS rotted out around the right rear trailing (holding?) arm. No one would fix it. thanks for any replies, I know it's been a long time since I posted last. Mike
  10. So as im sure a lot of you have seen on FB i have this clunk in the front of my car. The noise seems to originate on the passenger side. I happens one single time on every initial acceleration from a stop. It also happens intermittently over large bumps like gutters and speed bumps, and on rear rare occasions full lock turning.. This clunk is loud I've had a cd skip while playing once or twice Now this started right after a lot of suspension work. I replaced control arms, ball joints, swaybars, endlinks, and lowered the car. I did reuse the old struts and mounts as they were less than 30k miles and 2 years old, i also installed shorter dogbones to make sure the downpipe doesn't hit the swaybar (clunking happened before shorter dogbones so thats been ruled out). Ive had a inspection done on all the replacement part and they all seem to be installed and tightened correctly Motor mounts were replaced 2 years ago but were replaced with stock hydraulic mounts, and both cv axles are spewing grease, but both of those usually have different symptoms than what I'm experiencing. Let me know what you think Thanks Jake
  11. 282 intermediate shaft bracket - $15+ shipping OBO ( This does have a crack, but relif hole has been drilled ) 5spd pedal bracket - $40 shipped - OBO (1994) ABS VI - $50 shipped- OBO 1994 Brake booster - $20 shipped OBO 5spd firewall plate $100shipped OBO 10mm fulcrum roller rockers, full set, $50shipped OBO 2.5" Vibrant exhaust resonator ( details in the link ) used for about 1,000 miles, still in great shape, can provide pics, $30shipped OBO Can provide pictures upon request. I know Ive got more stuff to get rid off, but Ill have to check and see what I have.
  12. Up for grabs I have a set of 1997 Monte Carlo 3.4 DOHC fuel injectors. I am unsure of the miles on them. Worked when pulled. $25 shipped. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. MY 1989 Oldsmobile Cutlass is f or sale, i am asking $4000 OBO. This vehicle has 58,519 miles. it has only had 3 owners and has been garage kept for the majority of its life time. There is 0 rust to be found on this vehicle. It is a 5 speed manual (very odd ball for this type of car) There is minor work to be done no immediate fixes: minor dent on side of passenger door, middle arm rest leather cracked, hood is rock chipped. other than that the vehicle gets great gas mileage on the high way and is a smooth riding car. I live in Piqua, Ohio and with the purchase of this car i will have it buffed, waxed, and detailed.
  15. Hello fellaz, I just purchased my second Regal GS, and since I didn't mod my first one I plan on goin balls deep into this one. Anywho I bought the car knowing it needed a trans, but the price was one I couldn't refuse. I have a pretty good starting point. Super clean interior for a 98, only 122K on odometer, and a slew of new parts. Even already has a K&N cold air intake. Needless to say I'm on the hunt for my tranny first so any help would be greatly appreciated. Doesn't have to be low miles since I plan on rebuilding my original. Just wanna know the mileage and get a fair price. Also any modification ideas would be greatly appreciated. P.S what should I do before going to a smaller pulley on the SC?
  16. L36 heads for sale, $20/pair. If someone wants them I can run them to the Columbus meet, too heavy to bring if nobody says they want them. 130,000 miles off running engine. L67 blower, TMU, off an engine I stripped. Again too heavy unless someone claims it. $25. 2 brand new remote fobs for gen II, bought for the Bonneville and they're the wrong ones $8/ea. Left hand DIC, lightweight, it's coming regardless. $8. 3 Gauge dashtop pod $15, wanted to live where my HUD is going so I used alternate mounts. L36 fuel rail, lim, tb, make offer, not coming without some interest. Have a used uim to go as well but I wouldn't run a used one so I'm assuming nobody wants it. l26 Fuel rail, I don't know why I have an L26 fuel rail but it's pretty. L36 Valve Covers I'll probably have more odds and ends.
  17. My car decided enough was enough, so it popped a head gasket. 3.4l lq1, 138000 miles. Here is the dilema: 1- I can sell it, for basically scrap value because engine issues and its a convertible in winter time and be out of a car. 2- fix it, but risk a main bearing or something bizarre go out in the next 5000 miles. 3- go all in and do a full engine rebuild to stock specs. Which ever option it is, it's going to be expensive. It burnt oil on start up, leaked a little oil over night so seals and stuff alike are on their way out. I need some more experienced advice on this matter, any input is appreciated.
  18. Hi I'm Kevin. I have a 2004 Buick Century that I got back in October. Its been a solid car. It survived being rear-ended at 35mph(No one was severely hurt) back on January 3rd. It only has 19,770 miles and counting. I've only done small things too it. The roof was once beige which was too old person-ish for me so I made it black, added an aftermarket air intake, and it has a thrush muffler. I plan on doing a lot more in late spring/early summer.
  19. I have already introduced myself thru the "New Members" section. By the responses have received so far with a couple of ?'s I have asked I'm really stoked about getting the wife's Buick back into shape! A little backround; She bought her Gran Sport new in 1990 from the now defunct Saeger Buick in Columbus Ohio. She drove it for 15 years and 168k well maintained miles. It was her 1st new car and was (is) very proud of it. Even though it's a 3100 and not the 3800 it was fairly sporty. We have owned large dogs and have a house with maintenance issues. When it was time to look at a new ride she wanted a bigger vehicle to accommodate dogs and builing materials. She bought a GMC Envoy in 2005. I expected that she would trade/sell the Buick. WRONG!! She had a senti-MENTAL attachment and wanted to hang on to it, So........ In 2005 was parked out by the garage under the "protection" of a car-cover. Perhaps she thought it would be an occasional use car?? Well, it was never used again. Roll forward to present day. I am into vintage VW's and have restored a couple. We have an annual car show that features a different make/model each year. The 2015 feature is the 50th anniversary of Buick Gran Sport. She would like me to clean it up an show it as an original owner survivor. I'm not as familiar with the intricacies of "modern" cars and the associated electronics but now her Regal is 25 years old and qualifies for "Historic" vehicle status here in Ohio. If you have made it this far thank you. I will post up my progress and pictures here. Thanks for all the help! As she sat On Stands ready to dig in Interior is pretty clean More to come.....
  20. in 1992 my cutlass was repainted under warranty. Well the a**holes that did the work didnt bother to remove the trim around the doors and when they painted the paint got stuck to the rubber trim. as the rubber aged, dried and contracted over the years, it pulled the paint off around the doors until i couldnt take it anymore. I got in touch with automotive touch up and ordered primer, paint and clear then I went to town. I spent 4 days on it, mainly waiting for paint to dry. It looks pretty darn good for $40 worth of materials but if I had taken it to a body shop I would be let down by this. I am not a painter lol. The car had been missing paint in some areas for many years, the issue Starting the tear down and old paint removal, i used a razor blade and 600 grit sand paper covered everything, and the paint dust from over spray did collect everywhere I went over board, did about 5-6 coats of primer and sanded it with 600 girt as per the instructions send with the paint Then came several light then medium coats of color, I sanded around the 4th coat with 600 grit again, then added two more coats Then I started on the clear coats and man I thought I was messing up bad with this. Just remember resist the temptation and only sand the last coat of clear This is what you get, then get on it with 2000 grit sand paper as per the instructions and rubbing compound this is were I stopped with the sand paper after some work it seemed to match the car pretty good shinny Then It was time to put it back together, I found a car in the yard 80 miles away that had better trim than my car so I drove out got it and now it was time to install
  21. Hey guys, 95 vert 3.4, 172,000 miles usually runs pretty good. The other day I started it and it shut right off. Started it again and it revved up to 4000 rpm and slowly died out. Started it again and kept my foot on the gas and it wouldn't rev higher than 4000 rpms and started to sputter if I tried to go higher. Kept foot on gas steady for about 3 minutes, then slowly let off and it was fine. It seems to only do this in the morning or after sitting for a few hours. It runs fine after it stays started. Btw..where is the fuel filter on this car. Thanks in advance for any ideas.
  22. I have a set of 3.4L heads and cams from a 1993 Z34 with about 72k miles on them. I pulled them to do some work to them but ended up never getting around to it. They were pulled off of a working engine. I'll try to grab some pics later.
  23. I tried the search tab but had no luck. Today is our first fairly warm day so I set my thermostat on about 70 and the A/C got a bit cooler but it didn't cool off near enough so I went down to 60 degrees and it didn't cool any better, so I am certain I need a recharge. Air is cool, but not cool enough --so I bought some R134a and began to look for my high/low side fittings and can't find them. I see A/C lines but no low side fitting. Who can tell me where to look? I'm guessing the air filter may have to come out and the dr side strap, washer bottle, etc. and all that paraphenalia to get to the fittings. I have had that stuff out before, but I hate to tear into it if there is some secret location for the A/C service caps. I don't see any stickers saying " R134a" anywhere either. Suggestions? It's a '94 Cutlass with a 3.4l, automatic with low miles--still looks new.
  24. I have a 94 Culass Convert with ultra low miles, its loaded with the 3.4 engine, and it is a jewel, but it was driven by the previous owner's 16yo son, and he allowed a lot of things to go haywire, --I have been addressing the flaws one at a time and the next item on my list is to fix the driver's seat cover. It is showing very little wear on the usual spots on the edges of the bolsters of the seat, but oddly the small horizontal seam at the top of the seat-back has come unstitched. What I'd like to do is separate the seat back from the seat cushion. I presume the hinge can be taken apart or separated in some way. Once I have the seat halves separated I want to remove the leather seatback uphostery, turn it inside out and re-stitch the seam by hand (many years ago I was a leather worker hobbyist and made many nice items by stitching by hand) So who can tell me how to take the seat apart to that point so I can work on the seat back itself? Can I remove it from the seat cushion by simply prying the hinge apart, leaving the lower cushion bolted in place? I would go out and try to figure it out myself but its raining and the car is in a garage elsewhere. I hope someone has taken the upholstery apart and knows how to do this job. Any advice will be appreciated.
  25. Hello everyone my Name is Joe and my daily driver is a pampared 1999 Chevrolet Lumina LS it's has a 3.1 liter GM 3100 V-6 and only 58,000 miles
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