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Keith Golembiewski

32,000 mile 94 Regal Coupe

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Well this is my first post but i'm already on my 3rd 3800 series motor car. 89 Bonneville SE, 97 Lesabre Limited and now my incredible W-Body 94 Regal Coupe. I got the opportunity to buy a little old lady's car and I took it. A 1994 Buick Regal with only 32,000 miles. The car has lived a very easy life being the routine grocery getter. Spending most of it's life in a heated garage. I have a ton of service records on the car and all the original paperwork and documentation. Best of all it has the 3800 motor in it. Really fun car to drive and I can't wait to get a new pair of tires and 5 spoke rims on it.
















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Ironic, necromanced an old thread I never noticed before on a night when I just got back from Cambridge Springs area. I was just a couple miles from where the car lot he got this Regal was/is.

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I've been thinking lately that there were a few of those Regal 'vert Unocal pace cars made and sooner or later someone is going to sell one.

There was a thread on here where a member saw a Regal 'vert out on the road and took a pic of it.  Then another one (or might've been the same one) was parked in a driveway forever and the guy never came to the door to talk about it.  I suck at finding threads on here.  That Regal 'vert looked really nice though.  

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