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Found 516 results

  1. Well this is my first post but i'm already on my 3rd 3800 series motor car. 89 Bonneville SE, 97 Lesabre Limited and now my incredible W-Body 94 Regal Coupe. I got the opportunity to buy a little old lady's car and I took it. A 1994 Buick Regal with only 32,000 miles. The car has lived a very easy life being the routine grocery getter. Spending most of it's life in a heated garage. I have a ton of service records on the car and all the original paperwork and documentation. Best of all it has the 3800 motor in it. Really fun car to drive and I can't wait to get a new pair of tires and 5 spoke rims on it.
  2. Looking for a set of 91-93 cutlass coupe or convertible seat belts for the doors. The plastic belt retainer cover on the bottom of the door has ripped on both doors and I'd like to find ones in good condition and in charcoal. Also looking for door mounted speaker mounts with covers in charcoal as well. shipping is to 18704
  3. Ended up with another Gen 1 (not complaining). After my asshole roommate blew up the engine in my Mark VIII a friend gave me this... 1997 Olds Cutlass Supreme coupe. Clearcoat is gone on the hood and tops of the fenders and front bumper. The passenger side body kit needs to be repainted as well. There is also minor damage to the passenger side from when the previous owners hit a deer. Not going to go crazy with the mods on this one until I get the title (should be in another 2 weeks). I do have a list of planned mods (mostly stuff I had done to my previous cutlass's... HUD, ATC, cleaning it up, ETC).
  4. No affiliation with this just came across it searching autotrader[bUICK[REG[]][]]&listingId=399816035&Log=0
  5. Hello everyone, new to here but been around the turbo buick world for awhile. Anyways I need some help getting info. I'm putting a 94 3800 supercharged engine in a 92 cutlass supreme coupe sl. I'm using the engine harness and computer from a 92 regal coupe with a n/a 3.8 to run it with a tuned chip. but I need the pinout for the c100 connector for the 92 regal and the 92 cutlass to get everything working. If someone has this info it would be greatly appreciated. I tried going to a local buick shop to get it but they wouldn't hand out the information.
  6. Idiot question of the day. As you guys know, I have been on the hunt for a half decent early 90's w-body. Lumina Z34, Cutlass Coupe/Convertible etc etc. The cars are half decent but most have rotted out rocker panels. How hard are these to replace? Whats involved? And what do they usually cost? Thanks alot Jason
  7. My 1997 Cutlass Coupe has the dark gray leather seats. I found a 1993 Cutlass with what looks like the exact same color seats. Did the color change from one year to the next? My car is nowhere near the junk yard, so I can't just pull the seat and compare. The seat I found is literally perfect. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. The starter in my wife's 94 coupe with the 3.1 died this morning, ended up going out and getting a new one along with a new battery. Tossed both in, went to start the car and it won't fire. I only unhooked the 3 cables going to the starter, along with the battery cables, and made sure they all got hooked back up properly. The car ran fine before the starter went out, and now it sounds like the fuel pump isn't kicking on. Is there something I am overlooking that I may have knocked loose, or do I need to reset something? Tried some starting fluid, in gas the pump wasn't pushing gas, but it didn't even attempt to fire. Could I have knocked something loose dealing with the ignition?
  9. Ok, so...window won't go down...motor runs...regulator does go up and holds my window closed. How do you get the freaking door panel off? I found a couple threads mentioning the hidden screw under the "don't hit my open car door" light, but is there anything holding the armrest on? How exactly do you get the door panel off? *mentally filed under 'things that are easier to do on g-bodies'*
  10. Hello All and Happy New Year! My wife purchased a 1990 Regal Gran Sport Coupe new and drove it until 2005. It was parked with about 160K well maintained miles. She bought a new vehicle and decided against trading in or selling the Regal as it was her 1st new car. It has sat outdoors under a car cover until just a couple of months ago. We made space for it in the garage. I have put it on stands. She wants me to get in back into shape so she can have it as a "play" car. It's the 3.1L V-6 and I have tore it down to the intake manifold so I can replace the gaskets. I plan to pretty much refurbish everything to new or as close to new as possible. I will post up some pics on the progress.
  11. Arkin

    1993 LQ1 -> L27

    hello from Ukraine, people I'm new here, as I'm new with W-body. Bought a 1993 Z34 coupe. Got some issues with my DOHC - it starts really tough, we thought we got starter or battery problems but when took off the transmission and tryed manually rotate the engine - it revealed there is some point where we have to apply much strength to pass it, then it goes smooth, but then again that tough point. We are going to open the engine to see what's up there of course but I keep a Plan B in mind. Plan B : we got a 1994 Trans Sport in town, 3.8L, so are there any issues to bolt that 3.8 into my coupe? I can get the engine and all stuff under the hood including computer. By the way, do I got a 4t60 or 4t60E in 1993 z34? thanx
  12. Not that I have any $$ for any at the moment, spent it all on the wife's Volvo 740 wagon that decided it needed a new master cylinder and starter this week...but my baby needs some new shoes. I've tried the Google machine many a time without seeing what I'm looking for. Gotta do something with these silver spray bombed 91 GS wheels on the 94.
  13. Inside the Beltway, that is...just barely. I can see it if I'm on the roof of the house... Greetings...I've been stalking the board for a couple months and I thought I should finally do the introduction thing...which is awkward always. My daily went down with a jumped timing chain (1980 Monte Carlo) so I thought I might need to take some pressure off of her (and give myself some time to fix I wouldn't always be needing the gf's Volvo 740 wagon), so I joined the wonderful world of w-body when I found a 1994 Regal GS coupe. Love the car...hate the wheels. Apparently at some point it got 91 GS wheels, painted silver, but dark silver and not even the Corvette Rally Argent Silver *grumble*. I'm all amazed at the technology of 1994 now, like an unfrozen early 80s caveman, but I got a deal on an Actron scanner from ebay and while I haven't bled on the Regal yet, I've cleared the CEL and did my first camshaft sensor (oooooh, serpentine belts!). So...hi all! Yeah, pics from the craigslist ad... Hmm, they look lighter here...maybe I should wash the damn things...
  14. I need to replace the PROM in my 90 regal custom coupe with the 3800. where can i get a PROM? these are discontinued. Can i just get an ECM from a junkyard that is engine and year matching and plug and play??
  15. Rather nervous here. I just had a big shock! The car is the 91 Regal Coupe I've posted about recently. It has a 3.1L multiport F engine, as written on what I understand to be the rear valve cover on top of the engine. I was tidying up the front lamp wiring, and was turning on the ignition (not running the engine) and the lamps to check stuff as I proceeded. Then I'd turn everything off and disconnect the battery. During one check (ignition on/parking lamps activated) there was a very loud bang in front of me, followed by smoke coming up from under the rear valve cover. I disconnected the battery very quickly, and just stood there in shock. It's not my car. When my heart rate had settled down, I connected the battery. The ignition and parking lamps were still on, just as before the bang. I went to start the fired up no problem, running as sweet as ever. I left it it that and came in here for help. I haven't tested anything else yet. If anyone can suggest what might have happened, I'd be extremely grateful. I have no idea at all why this happened, or what might now be toast. There are some wires which run under the valve cover, so I checked the Haynes manual for joy there. Mainly, I'd like to know what electronic component(s) is/are under that valve cover. If I have to remove it I will, but would really rather not .
  16. There is holey rust at the bottom of these panels on each side, between the doors and the rear wheels, and it makes sense to replace the full piece of metal and make the top join under the chrome strip. Are these chrome strips glued on or fixed with clips? I'm familiar with the small rectangular type of clip which sits on the panel (held in place by a plastic expansion pin pushed into a hole in the clip) allowing the strip to be fixed simply by putting it in place over the clips and tapping it sharply at the clip points with the side of a fist. Any tips most welcome!
  17. Hi all! As in the title, the on-the-road running temperature never gets above about 50 on the guage. The guage seems to work fine because when the car is standing and the engine running, the temperature reaches just under 100 and the electric cooling fan cuts in. I'm baffled on this one .
  18. Long story short. I have a 96 se coupe. Driver door and fender were hit. I bought replacement fender and door. Installed both. Door does not shut tight. Fits good as far as up and down, but the back side of the door protrudes from the body about 1/4 inch, front of the door seems to line up with the fender just fine. When the door is shut I can push it in about that 1/4 inch. I am guessing the hinges can be shimmed etc.. in some way to solve this problem. Just looking for any help in what I need to do for an adjustment to make the door shut properly/completely. Thanks.
  19. Im looking to get a 96 grand prix coupe 3.4 with a sunroof but I havent come across any yet. Im wondering if this is a rare option or only came on gtps? Looking if you guys could shed some light on the subject since I dont have the production numbers on the option
  20. This morning I took my Regal out. It's a 96 coupe with approx. 67K on it. A couple of miles from the house it started loosing power and stumbling. So I did a U turn and headed home. On the way home I noticed that it would act like it wanted to shift hesitate and not shift, then do it again, and again ,and again. It would finally shifted at approx. 5k. And took forever for it to get there. When I got home I pulled the plug wires off of the coilpacks and noticed the bottom tower on the second and third coil was really corroded badly. I cleaned them up the best I can and took it for another drive. It ran good for the first 1/4-1/2 mile. Then it started the same thing. I'm going to replace the coilpacks and wires. Is this the shifting problem also? Or is the shifting problem the big problem and I found the bad coils in the process? And they are two separate problems? Thanks
  21. I have a 1990 buick regal coupe, 45000 original miles, 3800 engine. at highway speeds it will suddenly jerk 2-4 times and then be fine. any suggestions??
  22. Is the bucket seat/full seat rear seat set up an option, or year specific? I think every 95 has a full seat, but I just saw a 93 on ebay with a full rear seat. Is the rear trim on the quarter panels the same regardless of seat style? So, could you change the buckets to a full rear seat just using a coupe rear seat? Thanks.
  23. Anyone know where to fine the lense/housing for the turn signal lense on a cutlass coupe? Just picked up a 95 and they are all fadded and nasty looking. Just wondering if they still make these. The part nunber on the lense is 16514989. It looks like a sealed unit so not sure where to get the whole asslmbly. Anyone replace these?
  24. 1990lumi

    94 grand prix

    just a quick question is it a good deal for a 94 grand prix coupe with 106k original miles seams clean in the pics for 900$?....sorry didnt know where else to put this
  25. i have a 90 lumina coupe base model and the rear trailing arm mounts are starting to rust away they are still solid but are getting bad is it worth fixing this (cutting the old mount out and making my own and welding it all up) or should i say goodbye to the old girl
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