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Found 552 results

  1. Well this is my first post but i'm already on my 3rd 3800 series motor car. 89 Bonneville SE, 97 Lesabre Limited and now my incredible W-Body 94 Regal Coupe. I got the opportunity to buy a little old lady's car and I took it. A 1994 Buick Regal with only 32,000 miles. The car has lived a very easy life being the routine grocery getter. Spending most of it's life in a heated garage. I have a ton of service records on the car and all the original paperwork and documentation. Best of all it has the 3800 motor in it. Really fun car to drive and I can't wait to get a new pair of tires and 5 spoke rims on it.
  2. I have for sale 2 sets of rims, both mounted and balanced with tires, one set of all seasons and one set of winters. Why do I have such a dearth of gtp wheels and tires? My car was totalled in an accident involving me losing total steering response. Luckily me and the tires made it out unscathed. The summers are Continental true contacts, mounted to 5 spoke chrome 1998 pontiac grand prix wheels. These tires were purchased in april, and driven less than 1000 km before the accident happened, proabaly at like %90+ tread life. Great daily driver tires for your gp. The tires are 225/60/r16's and the rims have a 5x115 bolt pattern. Winter tires are the same size mounted on the same style of wheel. They are durun d2009's. 2 are at 80% tread life, the other ones are at 35%. Not a huge problem, just run the 80% ones on the front wheels until they level out with the back ones. One of the winter rims has a little bit of scraping on it from a curb. The car crashed at 215000km so each set of rims probably took about half the km's, 110,000km each, 68k miles in other terms. I'm looking for $375 for the summers with rims, and $250 for the winters with rims. I'm open to all offers, but I would rather sell the tires and rims connectted. So if you're in south Calgary or know a gp driver near south Calgary who's looking for some tires, send em my way. Message me via the forums or text me at 403 826 0681 for further inquiry. Images, I know there is an in forum way to attach images, but it says max size 500kb, and each of my pictures is bigger than that. Imgur link Side note, if anyone knows a good place to sell used tires online or in Calgary I'd like to hear about it.
  3. These are the old summer rims off my car. They are 16x7 american Racing areo polished. I have no need for these anymore, and they are taking up space in my garage. Tires do not come with rims. No curb rash. No damage. These rims are discontinued. Asking $400 OBO. I'm located in East Texas. Heres what they looked like on the car I used the stock size, 215/60/16.
  4. Began the process of preparation for painting rims. The central part is painted in gold color, the shelf is polished. [video=youtube;8y-yER1bCYE]
  5. I was looking for a 1st gen W-body Grand Prix GTP to purchase. I've wanted one of these cars ever since I was little. I found one on Kijiji not too far away from me. It's a red 1991 Grand Prix GTP with gold rims. No rust. Been in storage since 2008. Engine has 170000 kilometres on it, but won't fire. If I can get this for really cheap should I go for it? Based on the description of the vehicle's condition what would be a fair price to offer the seller? Seller says "he's sick of the car". Thanks. Sent from my iPhone 5s using Tapatalk
  6. Anyone put bonni gxp rims on a vert? If so any pictures..was looking for some 18s for the vert and I like the gxps and the 077s which I cannot find. Just not sure of the offset..I have bonni gxps on the gtp and didnt get a chance to try them.on the vert before winter and both the rims and the vert were packed away.
  7. I have been gathering info on the 88-96 cars lately. Specifically the manual transmission cars, I know that they produced them but I have only seen a handful. So I'm wondering if anybody knows exactly what trims came manual and with what motors? They did an interior revamp in 94 or 95, did they continue the manual transmission after that? Ive also heard that some were getrag 284's as well as 282's, Was there specific models that designated what transmissions each car got? Im really just looking for info right now, and thought I might as well ask here first.
  8. So moved the vert out to see how new rims fit and I noticed that the exhaust only comes out of one side of the dual tips on each side. It comes out the outer most tips and nothing comes out the inside. Never noticed it as I only drove it when warm and in the 10degree cold I could see it. Are my mufflers messed up or clogged? They are the factory ones. Just wondering
  9. Well, I found out that one of my stock wheels are bent and I'm not a very happy camper right now as I was planning on upgrading the wheels in 2015. Anyways, looks like I have to bite the bullet and get new wheels... I personally like 5 spokes, nothing too fancy but something that gives the car a more aggessive look while looking like a factory option. With that said, I've spent a long time looking at wheels, and most wheels I like are no longer made. My personal favorite are these Nexo P5's. But they're no longer made, so I've had to keep looking; and so far I've only liked these 2... Asuka ST15... Basically a knockoff verson of the Rota GTR wheels. They're import wheels, but it seems to be similar to the Nexo's and well... IDK it might look decent enough on my Cutty. Sadly it's an import wheel so I can't find domestics with em. The other wheel I like is the Mach M5. Not sure what this is a knockoff of, but it seems to be a German car scene wheel Out of these 2, which one would look better on a 94 Cutlass Supreme Convertible? Mind you this is more or less me right now Not my acutal car, but it's the same one minus the pinstripe near the body cladding and paint that needs to be redone. All help is appreciated... I also take suggestions, as these wheels are by no means final and just ideas.
  10. Anybody ever put 17" trans am rims on grand prix? Look like the gp ones but the bolt pattern is slightly larger.
  11. My buddy has a teal 94 grand prix 4 door i've been keeping alive for him.... I can get nice 1998 Cadillac Catera rims/ tires for cheap and they look great, I know they are 5 x115 just wondering if the backspace would be ok??? Sure would like better than the fan blade hub cap / steelies. Thanks
  12. As much as I would like someone else todo the work... I need to know how to remove the bumpers, and side body effects so I can dump the remainder of my air craft remover on it... As you can see, I was out in the sun when I was using the air craft remover... for obvious reasons. Anyhow, back on topic, anyone have any drawings for where the not-so-obvious bolts are? Btw, it's a 3800 w/ an CSC for those of you that don't remember me. I'm probably not back, back... still working my ass off while I'm young but trying to get this girl back to workable use. She's going orange to a dark maroon red w/ the same rims but the rims being a gloss black w/ a ton of clear.
  13. Hi! I'm new to the forum, I was searching on and off for a forum like this for years. Only recently did I come across this one, there appears to be plenty of knowledgeable, experienced, crazy people on here. I hope to become one of them. I'll post pictures of my ride later, though I'm not proud of her appearance, she is still mine. She's a 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP. Currently 196.8k and runs smooth, though I suspect my lower engine support needs to be replaced. As it stands right now I need wheel bearings and to assess my transmission leak. Other than that no major projects. I'm really into car audio but more specifically sub-stages. My current setup is a Custom Sub (Dual 2-Ohm coils) powered by a Cadence ZRS C5, seeing approx. 3500w RMS. Sorry for the scatterbrained post.. but I'm excited to finally find a forum with a plethora of information and seemingly like-minded community. Couple pics Just after my stock to H.O. Alt swap. Just after getting the rims (18") Yes my badges are missing. Winter was rough on both me and the car.. Sent from The Meth Lab
  14. I recently purchased an original set of 4 5 spoke rims for $300 plus tax. Apparently I have a choice between the silver and chrome finish. Which should I pick? Which looks the best?
  15. Everytime I do a burnout it tears chunks outta the road, why. Didnt do it with the 3400. Same tires/rims btw thanks
  16. This is a 95 EGR with a GM stamped on the bottom 96-99 adapter for the 96-99 styled intake. Don't ask what specific car it came off of because I was in a Junk Yard in Mississippi with about 3000 cars in the woods lol top was ripped off from a wreck and all that was left was the engine transmission and frame with some Pontiac emblems and rims inside it they spray painted 1997 Pontiac on the frame with they're stocking number for part pricing. It was OBD2 because of the socket under the steering column and the MAF sensor. Now any idea what car this was? I'm planning on going back and getting this for a ObD2 conversion so I won't have to change as many sensors.
  17. Long story short I'm tryna scoop this crashed jr edition from my old job my old boss sound he gonna scrap it he just wants cash to buy bullets. If I remember it was a front end hit enough to total it and it won't start so he is unsure on the motor. Tires are shot rims are nice. I need the trans want the rear suspension seats and other random shit. So what would you guys offer my guy says 400 as scrap cars don't get much.
  18. Hello All, I am a new member to the W-Body community. I bought a 1994 Cutlass Covertible last fall. It's been a long winter and I should be out on the road within a couple of weeks to start enjoying my car. It only has 45k miles and is very good condition. The previous owner put on some aftermarket rims on it so it handles like its on rails. I will post some pictures as soon as I get it out of storage. Thanks Darren Z
  19. This car sure has wrong rims, and something just doesn't look right... wink wink.
  20. I'm interested in putting some 16 inch rims off a Gen 3 regal GS on my Gen 1 regal custom. It looks like the bolt pattern is the same, I'm just concerned about the clearance of the wider tires.
  21. I'm new to the forum and w body cars in general! I have 94 lumina base 3.1l v6 98k and counting on the odometer! bought it from the 2nd owner who was a family, their 18 y/o daughter was driving it for the past 3 years the father was going to keep it for 2 more years till his 14 y/o daughter was able to drive but his wife won the argument about having too many cars (he had 4 cars). The 1st owner was a elderly couple (probably got scared at the buick dealership) its my dd and project car to restore the big 25 will be upon her in 5 years and she will be a classic like her siblings the A body cars still on the road! digging the celebrity euro I've seen running around henderson rocking classic tags I've yet to see it at the local car shows/meetups! So any tips on mods and upgrades would be greatly appreciated I've got my eye on euro trunk lid complete with spoiler from my local pic a part and its rims ( mine are 14" Steelies with off brand tires) I've also went the extra step and bought the factory service manual off Ebay to make the repairs easier.
  22. Pulled the Gold cross laces off last night for a cleaning, they clean up pretty well and surprisingly there is no damage, just lots of dirt. I then proceeded to put them away for storage for the winter, and put on these beauties!!! I know id doesnt look quite right, the rear wheels are set so far into the fenderwell its laughable. The car basically begged me not to put these rims on, I had to purchase wheel spacers to make them fit.
  23. Is the 1995 Grand Prix SE on shocks or struts? About how much would it cost a a speed shop or a shop that does suspension to replace the shocks and struts? Can I get the car lowered when i get the new suspension parts? Altogether, how much would I have to spend to get my car lowered and have the shocks or struts replaced? I want to do this all at once. Thanks! My suspension is pretty rough and my car seems to sit higher with these new rims I got.
  24. What would be the best way to restore my 97 Cutlass Supreme SL 16 aluminum rims? They need some serious help! I it bought like this and I don't know much about restoration, any tips would help.
  25. [ATTACH=CONFIG]13833[/ATTACH] < heres a pic with my car on the stock rims 3 of the 4 rims on my car are leaking air and i need new tires anyway, so i figured id get a rim and tire package online and go up to 18" I have been checking these out. what do you guys think? i know theyre tuner looking but i think the car can pull them off, plus the price is right. i already have red lugs and red valve stem caps that i need to use as well. Thanks!
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