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Rear convertible window weather stripping

94 olds vert

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I've had a couple PMs about this topic over this spring and summer. Since most convertible owners are getting the cars out of the garages.


This was a new piece of NOS weather stripping about a year ago. They just don't last. So save your money and don't buy those E-bay NOS convertible weather strips.


Figured I'd show how to fix this problem and give a lot of info on the way. I know this has been done before. No one has really done a complete write up on it.


These are 1993+ Camaro/Firebird front window weather strips. You can buy these new or pull them at a local yard. There are several clips that hold these in place. Just put a flat screw driver down in between the window and the door and pry up. They should come off really easy.


I paid 3 dollars for TWO of these at the local yard. You have plenty of material to do the job.





There are clips that used to hold it onto the F-body car. I removed these so they weren't in the way. I took a flat head screwdriver and pried up on them and they came off.






There are six rivets on this piece of weather stripping. I drilled them out to remove what they were holding.






There are three of those metal bars on the back of the weather stripping. I removed so they would not be in the way of the window.






You will need to remove the B pillar trim. It's about 6 screws.






Have junk in the trunk? Remove it.




To remove the piece of trim below the weather stripping, you will need to go in the trunk. There are three 9mm nuts that attach it to the car. The last one is a stretch.






Once that is off you have a much better look at what your dealing with.




You will need to drill out those rivets. Roll down the window! You do not want to let the drill bit hit the glass.


I tossed in a rag in between the window and rivet.






Raining outside.




Tossed it up were it needs to go.




The length of the factory weather stripping.




Measure twice and mark your mark twice. Then drill once. Make sure it's in the right spot.






You can see I have some rubber remaining in my drilled holes. I made sure I cleaned that out before I installed. That way you have a really nice fit and finish.


Time for the pop rivet gun!






Then pop in your new rivets. Now it's time to put the B pillar and trim back on.


Old piece.




New piece.



And enjoy your new clean weather stripping. It looks a lot better than the old stuff.

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Thanks again guys!


The other side is now done and I have a couple of more pictures.


For being a NOS part that I only had on the car a year. It still had some minor cracks.




Drilled out the rivets and removed the weather stripping.




The new F-body sweep.




I didn't mention this last time. The rivets I used to replace the sweep. Were just a fraction bigger than the old ones. So I needed to drill out the hole. I did this very carefully and removed little material as possible.






With the top down.





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Great write up, very nice!


Several years ago I purchased new OEM Camaro weatherstripping and took them to a local auto upholstery shop for installation on my 1993 Cutlass convertible. The shop cut them too short at both ends so of course I now have a water problem as a result. I am now looking in local junk yards for suitable replacements. I now feel confident that I can cut and install these replacements myself thanks to your detailed photos and instructions. Just a few questions. Is it necessary to trim any material from the front edge of the weatherstip to make the reveal molding fit properly? Does any of the weatherstrip lap over onto the reveal molding or does all of it fit under the molding?


Again, WELL DONE!!!!:thumbsup:

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Well, thanks for the compliment! I hope you are able to do this it is not that difficult. First off I did not cut the material off from the back. I liked the facotry end of the weather stripping so I left it. If you feel so inclined you could cut off the end to make it straight. The molding trim peice will cover any overhang from the Fbody window sweep.


Does not matter so much which end you cut. I cut it next the B pillar.

Here is a close up picture.



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I know you haven't got the beast out yet for the summer, but how are these holding up compared to the stock ones? Will they still eventually crack, or do they seem to be softer and hold up better?

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They seem much better than the stock peices. The rubber is a bit softer and it bends nicely. I haven't had much use of these yet three months at the most, but they are holding up great. I put Vaseline on them to help them from getting brittle.

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I figure these have already seen the sun for 15 years already sitting on some v6 Camaro in a trailer park somewhere.


If they were going to disintegrate, they likely would've by now.

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Thanks! I have been trying to figure out something to replace mine with. About how long does it take to install both sides ?Check this out on ebay what this guy has done and what he wants for them.


Thanks again,



Yeah, NOS window seals go for a lot. They go bad and are replaced, they go bad again and get replaced, very few OEM ones left.

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I got an OEM set on ebay. They lasted less than one summer. They starting fall apart very fast.


If anyone is wondering, these are still holding up great with no cracks. They look just like the day I put them in going on 3 years already.

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