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Quick rear suspension question


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Ok, this is for all you rear suspension buffs out there-


I'm planning on changing my rear struts on friday. After searching through the archives, i've decided that it sounds the easiest to place a jack directly under the end of the monoleaf in order to relieve the pressure on the actual strut.


Now heres my question. I only have 1 good jack. Is it possible for me to relieve the pressure on the monoleaf one side at a time? or does the rear of the car have to be completely off the ground with jacks under both ends of the monoleaf.


Thanks guys!



1990 Chevy Lumina 3.1

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There is not a lot of pressure on the "strut".....it doesn't do much of anything except cushion the ride. The mono-leaf does all the heavy work. You should have no problems changing one side at a time.


Or..you can jack it up in the middle. 8)

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Changing 1 side at a time is no problem, each side is independently sprung.

When I first did this, I used a couple jackstands and the jack that came with the car. I just jacked it up real high, put a jackstand under the spring, and lowered the car until the jackstand was pushing up on the spring enough. Then I put another jackstand under the car's body and lowered it a little more to sit on that jackstand for safety.

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