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Found 3,146 results

  1. This has been mentioned but never really discussed. A straight answer hasn't really been provided. I'm writing this for my Jaguar, but I think it has plenty of merit with our cars as well since many people install transmission coolers. There are 3 possible scenarios here. 1. Use the built-in transmission cooler in the radiator 2. Route the transmission cooler lines from the radiator, to the aux trans cooler, and back to the trans 3. Bypass the radiator and go straight to the aux trans cooler Obviously, we know that our transmissions heat up to the point where the stock radiator is not enough to cool them. Buck reported that under heavy driving, his 05 GTP's 4T65E-HD would hit 260 degrees F. We also know that heat kills transmissions, and that temperature is rather high. Therefore, it can be assumed that the stock radiator is insufficient in cooling the transmission. This is primarily because it cannot cool the transmission below what the temperature of the radiator is, which during a typical summer day will sit nicely around 190 degrees F. IIRC, our w-bodies won't switch on the primary fan until the temperature reaches 235 degrees F. Correct me if I'm wrong here. The transmission will only get hotter than that. If one routes the transmission cooler lines through the radiator and then to the aux trans cooler, the radiator does some slight bit of cooling, and the transmission cooler does the bulk of the cooling thereafter. In my experiences, with a large transmission cooler flush mounted to the condenser, the engine could be running at even 220 degrees F, and the transmission will stay steady at 190 degrees, so the cooler is obviously making a big difference. Obviously its less than ideal to flush mount the transmission cooler, and I'm working on that. My concern with this approach is that the transmission can potentially be cooler using only the aux transmission cooler, which brings me to my next point. How cold is too cold? I've read that someone called valvoline to ask them that question, and the response was flat out "30 degrees F." I'm not sure how much validity there is to that claim, since I've also heard from around here that you can run a transmission too cold. Well how cold is too cold? I don't want to hear guesses here, but rather constructive feedback. Would it be detrimental to bypass the radiator entirely and have the aux trans cooler take care of all of the cooling? Has anyone done this and reported back on their temperature readings in different conditions? Another thing to consider with this approach is that the car itself will run cooler as a result of not having the heat of the transmission lines going through it. In regard to the aux trans cooler, I'm referring heavy duty coolers in the $50-$60 range, built for RV's.
  2. I have a question, if you know the origin of the photos of the 1988 pacecar in a museum, the ones where the car is behind a velvet barricade, and with an engine on display. Basically, where was this photo taken?????? who took it? I visited (finally!) the Indianapolis Motor speedway...... and went to look at the photo archives for 1988. so far..... here's what I learned: 1988 pace car replica convertibles were used as parade cars. 1988 coupes were also used as parade cars... and at least some of these had sunroofs! calais coupes were also used as parade cars in 88, painted in the 88 pacecar scheme, and not the 86 paint. JIM DAVIS rode in the 49 pace car. In the prior pictures I have seen, I have isolated only two real pace cars. 1 with race lighting, with HUD, with removal rollbar, with leather interior, WITH HOOD VENTS! with Quad 4 1 withOUT race lighting, withOUT HUD, with removal rollbar, with leather interior, without Hood vents, with Quad 4. almost ALL publicity shots are of the non-race ready vert. in the publicity packet that comes with the 50 pacecars (maybe all 250, or ?) is a picture showing two verts under construction whose caption implies that they were the only two cars produced to be real pacecars. so far the cars I have seen from the photo archives are consistent with these two, However, the archives guy said that typically they have 3 ready pacecars. the archive guy showed me a picture of a prior year HURST OLDS pacecars.... with EVERY Hurst Olds pacecar (including parade replicas) in a formation on the track. If I dig... and go through a stack of proofs that would sit 6 feet tall... I am hoping to locate a similar 88 image.
  3. hello everyone, I have been doing a good share of research into generation 2 suspension into a gen 1. From everything I have found it is not a bolt up modification. looking at the suspensions of both car I know the gen two control arm has the ball joint in it and is slightly higher in placement. My thought is to modify the gen 1 control arm to house the ball joint from the newer gen. I know the strut, spring and knuckle would have to be transferred over. My question is there anything you guys can see in this idea that would stop it dead in its track or anything I should look into?
  4. I am new to the forum, and I may have posted this in the wrong section. I am also trying to learn how to move around on the forum. Here is my question posted in the new member section. Any help please. My wife loves this car, so I am trying to fix it before it goes to the Pull-a-Part. Thanks in advance. [h=2]PLEASE, Help for 2001 Intrigue[/h] I have a 2001 Olds Intrigue. Looks like a bunch of stuff just went wrong at once. It has 215K miles on it. Is there anyone out there that has dropped the sub-frame? Are there any references or info out there on how to do this. I need to replace the water pump, valve cover gaskets, serp belt, and cross-over gaskets. I think it will be easier to drop everthing and work on it while I can easily access everything. I have access to a car lift and full auto shop, although I am not a mechanic by trade, but I have been working on cars for years. Any one, please any information. Time is a killer for me, so I would rather do things faster even if it involves something as exotic as dropping drivetrain. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello Vert owners. Can anyone tell me how and where to purchase the best repair manual? Also, my left side convertible top latch mechanism is stripped. Does aanyone have any ideas on how I could repair it? Thanks!
  6. I needed a new battery for a 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass with the 3.4 L engine. the "book" called for a group size 78 battery. The battery is 10 3/16" long, and fits in the tray, but there doesn't seem to be enough room for the windshield washer fluid container, which fits over the battery. I cannot seem to wedge the washer fluid container into position. The previous owner had a smaller battery in the car, probably a group 75, which is 9 1/16" long, and I was able to get the washer fluid container in the car with no problems using that battery. Was I spoiled by the smaller battery, and gave up to easily when the washer fluid tank wouldn't go back in place with the bigger battery? Are you supposed to "work the washer container" a bit to get it in place, or is a group size 78 battery too big for this space?
  7. Hey guys I was bored at work and was cruising the forums and and found in the section for the TGP a Shift kit XK1 for $30.79 is the part# listed. Now is this shift kit specific to the transmission family or is it a generic kit? That is the question that needs to be answered. also they have a really nice Rebuild kit for it, 753034 Is called a super kit $399.79 Does it have the extra clutch plate that is needed? Not sure I might have to email them and find out. I am just throwing this out there. Input on anyone that has used Rockauto for stuff like this let everyone know. I bought the Transmission Governor and it was the correct one so far so good there.
  8. Ok question. I am going to be upgrading to 42# injectors, they have the older style clips. I got a set of clips and a known good set of older 97-03 L67 injectors. I soldered and heat shrunk the clips on and put in the older style injectors into my 04 comp g. Now even using the 97-03 injector flow rate table or the 04 injector table I still see 10 to 1 afr on my wideband under quarter throttle. Any higher and it just pegs out super rich. My question is has anyone else ever done this and got it to run good? And what should my injector table look like to make these work?
  9. Ok, so a quick question on voltage regulation. I suspect I know the answer, but if anyone can confirm I'd appreciate it. I've been having an issue for a bit with voltages. when cool / cold out, the voltage shoots up to 15-15.5+ (confirmed on a DVM). Now that it's been hot lately, I've been running the A/C and that causes voltages to run 12.5-13 after just 10 minutes of driving. So my question is what performs the voltage regulation; is that internal to the alternator, or is that done by the ECM? I'm hoping ECM, but I'm thinking it's the alternator...
  10. I just got the original boot. I have never used one so I am not really sure how it is suppose to fit. So I thought I would take some photos and get your opinions. The front of the boot to the interior made sense with the Velcro and 4 buttons. But the rear, I really have no idea. Thanks for any guidance!
  11. Idiot question of the day. As you guys know, I have been on the hunt for a half decent early 90's w-body. Lumina Z34, Cutlass Coupe/Convertible etc etc. The cars are half decent but most have rotted out rocker panels. How hard are these to replace? Whats involved? And what do they usually cost? Thanks alot Jason
  12. ron350

    Fuel pump damper?

    My 96 Regal uses the fuel pump damper (pulsator) like shown in the picture below. My question is do you replace the damper with a new one or just use a piece of rubber fuel line?
  13. Anyone here ever done their own clear bra install? Most shops here want $500-$700 to install one, and I can get a quality kit online for less than $200. Just wondering if anyone has done it and what was your experience. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. Gibby

    LQ1 drag car?

    Hello all, I recently lost my L67 drag car, it decided to implode at 7000 rpm. Before you ask me what I was thinking, it was fully balanced and had an SFI balancer on it... anyways it is toast. I found a straight, low mile grand prix with an LQ1. I was going to pick it up do as much weight reduction as I can and use it as a bracket racing car, 13.xx times would be cool, but the point is for it to be reliable and consistent. I guess my question is, am I crazy for wanting to do this? Will the LQ1 put up with the constant abuse if I keep up on maintenance?? With weight reduction, (all interior, and everything else I dont need) will the transmission hold up (automatic)? What are your thoughts?
  15. Hey guys, so I went to a junkyard today and noticed that this '95 GP has 215/60R16 tires in the front, and 225/60R16 tires in the back. Is this how they came stock? My own '94 GP was this way when I bought it. Is it okay to run this setup? I've never owned a first gen so this is new to me. Thanks!
  16. I want to wire my fog lights so that they not only come on with my headlights but can also be turned on when the headlights are off and off when the headlights are on. I'm assuming it'll require at least two relays but I'd like to only use one switch. A wiring diagram would be awesome but any help is appreciated.
  17. Hi. First I feel really stupid, but I have nothing found in searching for the answer above my question . Which oil should I use in my Regal ? (LH0 engine) Usually I used 5W30 - Can you prefer recommend the Valvoline MaxLife 5w30 ? Everybody says something else entirely - So now Im really confused !? If there is already a thread or something else about this theme please let me know. Kind regards from germany. Johannes
  18. Antmann1992

    DIC question

    Ok so I put the left pod dic in my gp and everything works but the temp reading. So my question is did my car not come with that sensor since its not a gtp?
  19. I do not have the money to purchase a pump currently. Is there a temporary way I can put the top up and down manually? (without hurting anything) until I get my new pump? If so, what would you recommend. Weather up here is spotty. It might be nice for a few hours and then pop up thunder storms. If not, that is ok too. Just a question. Thanks
  20. Dumb question here.... My car has a dead battery today. It's so tight in the engine compartment, I can not seem to see how to hook up the jumper cables to it. Thanks for any help!
  21. does any one know off hand,what size bolts are used to hold coils done on a 3.4 l dual over head cam? I dropped one and can't find it...thanks in advance,BTW,the guys that answered my question about the miss were right,I did have a bad coil,so I have replaced all of them...
  22. It's time to ask a fuel injector question of my own. This is the situation with my '94 Cutlass LQ1. At 150K an injector or many started leaking, dumping fuel in the intake while car was off. I either had to crank a long time or floor the gas pedal to lean it out enough to get it started Not having a way to figure out which were leaking I replaced all of them with remanned by Autoline (bad decision). It ran perfect for a month then started cranking longer sometimes. Within a 6 months 1 failed resulting in an intermittent violent surge at idle (400- 1500 a few seconds then die. Thought it was a vacuum leak. I did find a couple of small ones with no resolution. I finally took it to the dealership, they found the faulty injector. They said anything less than 12 ohms was considered faulty. One measured 11 ohms. Then again this was for a '94 lQ1. the injector was replace under warranty, but labor was a lot. I wish I would have bought NEW ones, I still might just to be done with it. It still cranks a while sometimes. This is happening again. I talked them in in to replacement under warranty or money back. Anybody have experience with: GB manufacturing (reman) Standard automotive (new) Accel (new) 23lb/hr. Thanks for your input.
  23. hey i have a 2000 buick century original 3100 v6 then i swapped to 3400 v6 from impala now im going to swap a 3500 v6 Lx9 non vvt from a 2005 malibu now im nt new to engine swaps at all but my question is im nt understanding this "external crank trigger" why cant i swap in block crank sensor from my 3400 into the 3500 im talking bout the one for the coils and use my crank pully onto the 3500 n put my other crank sensor tht goes behind the pully im going to use my 3400 upper intake and coils please let me kn
  24. Does any 1994-1995 W-body use a downstream o2 sensor to measure catalyst efficiency? If not, can you delete the catalytic converter with no ill effects to the engine or computer? I live in a state with no emissions check so no converter isn't a problem.
  25. Hi everyone! I've owned a 94 cutlass 3.4 for about 8 months now and practically everytime I've search a question about my car it brings me to this site so why not join? Absolutely love my car and looking forward to learning more from the forum here. I do have some interesting issues that have been boggling me for a while now so looking forward to seeing if anyone can help as well!
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