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    hello everybody

    Beat them without mercy with the old timing belt? Awesome to see new members trickling in still rocking the 3.4 DOHC.
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    hello everybody

    i own a 91 cutlass with a 3.4l dohc engine it use to run great until i loaned it out to a friend i was doing ok until they were 20 miles from my house and the back three sparkplugs came out instead of sopping they drove it the 20 miles to my house dropped it off in front of my house and bailed on me. so now i am rebuilding the motor and am having fun buying the parts. they must have backed into something because the muffler in the rear is all jacked up as well. i had just put a new alternator on and a new timing belt, boy was that fun, until i had to rebuild the whole thing.
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