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  1. Its exactly like you`d think to do it, no need to remove the bar. Clean the old bracket and hardware really good to get all the crud off the bolt threads and grease the bushing up before you bolt the bracket back down. I do believe unbolting the outer bushings first will make it easier.
  2. I`m all for planning something out but car stuff had to be put on hold to deal with things around the house and my work truck needs stuff as well.
  3. Ill make the budget allow for one, it needs to be done right. My thought was less weight/strain the pump had to contend with is why I even brought it up. I got front and rear tack strips and headliner on the to get list, what else should be replaced/mod-improved tools to acquire? Its hard to find the old thread but IIRC Galaxie didnt you replace some parts with eye-bolts or something else once upon a time? I remember reading there was some brittle parts that someone replaced with other hardware on these convertibles.
  4. Dont buy anything until you`ve talked to a shop or is what I meant, they should provide the material and might can get it cheaper
  5. It never hurts to have someone look at it, especially if they see you actually care enough about the car to try and figure it out. Call first and talk with them a little to see if they`re cool about just looking at it without the attitude. A few things to look at would be the subframe mounts, Ive got the two in the back I need to replace and since a remanned R&P isnt unreasonable I`m going to replace that too. IIRC the R&P has a rubber mount of bushing that might could fail causing steering issues. Not positive on what a bad inner tie rod feels like but I was told they need to be replaced like the outer ends do just not as frequently. I also had one of the plastic pins holding the wheel well cowling in place and it would rub up against the tire on occasions that caused an array of whirring noises. Sounded very similar to a bad wheel hub I replaced on the Vert but on my 94 coupe.
  6. Patch it with filler and vinyl wrap it? If its just on the trunk lid it might not be all that much to have a shop work on it.
  7. Ok got the top out and unpacked and looks like it doesnt have the tack strips or the headliner but does have the the 2 sets of cables. IIRC the shops might have some of that in stock so i might ask before ordering. On one site I read the headliner might be reused so I wanted to ask if that could be an option. Or do i need to order a new headliner as well? Treating this thing like a huge piece of sugar glass, heres what I got...
  8. Use the opportunity to change your pads and rotors yourself, its EZ. So long as you have the correct tools and a big ass breaker bar. The $$$ you save doing it yourself can go to more car parts.
  9. Save your money and take them to an upholstery shop that does classic cars on the regular. I`m having some stuff done before the year is up.
  10. This weekends car show is pretty much bust due to rain anyways, bullet dodged.
  11. What a hell of an adventure that was! Many thanks Andy. I got back about 1AM and just got everything unloaded today. all the road trips Ive ever really taken has been on the major interstates but google took me through all the small towns and it was really worth it, even if it did go out on me somewhere near Guntersville. I have a nice large road atlas in the truck now...
  12. Thanks man, I dont really have much a choice but to do it myself, I sort of want to do all the little stuff to like repainting some small parts, and making everything look new. I stashed everything in a wooden cradle I made and set it up high to be safe. After work I`ll get the top laid out to make sure everything is there. I definitely want to take the header covers off and repaint them, only thing is I dont want to damage any rubber seals I cannot replace.
  13. If MemphisMan doesnt want it, HOLY FREAKIN CRAP I DO!!!!!!!!!! sorry lots of coffee this morning. I`m in Nashville TN and have a pickup everything would fit into. Damn had I seen this when you posted I could be on my way today (4/28/19) to pick everything up. All this would save me $$$$ in getting my 1994 looking good again.
  14. Ive read several threads on replacing these and decided over the winter to start the project myself and do all the small things most shops wouldn`t do. The FSMs and threads are a wealth of info but when you have specific questions sometimes its better to ask and I wanted to keep all the info together best I could. This will be an ongoing thing and right now I want to get all the tools/materials I need to install the new top better than it originally was. I've read there are some heim joints that have been replaced with stronger parts and one member suggested using a metal strip along the rear curtain portion to help hold better but I forgot which thread that was in. Any advice you guys can provide will be much appreciated, I can only afford to do this once. Before this point I had taken the car to a reputable shop that kept the car outside under a tarp for 2 months and only ordered the top. To speed the story up they didn't put the top on but I got it at a decent discount for my troubles. Anyways complete install kit(cables, tack strips, headliner, etc) from Lectro-Tops black StayFast is what I haz. I dont have a stapler yet but was curious to know if there was something better to use than those, if not what would be a decent one to get.
  15. The CS 2 door is to sexy for a bra...
  16. As useful as that last big update was.....I still have yet to learn to navigate this site as good as I used to. That being said Ive not had any notifications on this thread and sort of forgot about it. If you guys interested in meeting up in the South lets shoot for a late summer/early fall date as May is coming up awful quick. I`m still going to be at the car show that weekend so of course any W-bodiers are welcome but if a later confirmed date= more people/cars. To be honest I`ve not put together a large event and not really sure what you guys expect of the planning. I`m good hanging around a parking lot of cars/tools/grille/cooler full o beer all at once but i realize some of the more refined people might have actual standards. Talking about the wives here guys, you know we could survive on MREs and a portojohn. Big thanks to MemphisMan for the map!
  17. Still here since `08 y`all crazy sumbitches aint gittin rid of this crazy sumbitch. I still haz W`s to complete. Praise be to Zeus or whatever I didnt end up with a 02 Eclipse as a first car or I`d be somewhere else now.
  18. I`ve heard of a fair family owned collision shop that does excellent work I want to take my 1994 to before deciding to pull the plug. Thats not to say I wouldnt jump to save one in really nice condition for a good price either, I do sort of need just a economical DD for when my truck needs a rest repair and a low mileage well maintained 3100 does fairly well.
  19. If you were closer I`d be interested in it for the parts, that looks like a really nice interior and dash and alot of other nice looking trim pieces and etc that cannot be found anywhere.
  20. rich_e777

    Z34 swag

    Check out Ebay, i got some cool GTP stuff there to hang on the wall one day.
  21. It`d probably be better to say what you`re looking for, i know Ive got a spare front strut tower brace from a Vert, possibly some hood vents with drip pans, lots of none CS stuff that was going to be/maybe turned into CS stuff.
  22. I lucked up on a grey one from a GP years ago but they have different switches and cables than the CS, but then I seem to recall buying one from someone here as well. I really need to drag everything out and take inventory, ive got to much duplicate stuff I should sell.........or buy additional cars for the parts to go on.
  23. Dude save your money, ive got 3-4 Cutlass front tower braces Ive collected over the years. PM me if you want one, they all could use a good painting though. The one in the link reads as if its for the 2nd gen GP that was started up in `97. Maybe a few made it out in 1996?
  24. If you are swapping to non-lipped tail lights the reverse bar will stick out like little bat ears,you can sand these off to make it look right though.
  25. Aside from the bad tranny, whats else is wrong or missing on the red 1993 Vert?
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