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    Kind of new.

    Looks good! You did the opposite of what I want to do with my '96 engine wise. I know a supercharged 3800 would be easier to find parts for and give me more power, but I like my smaller, rev happy engines.
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    Yeah that’s what I am going to do. I seen in videos just remove the push rods, make sure they are all correct firing order as removed and label them. Than just lay and swing the rockers without removing them if you can. I just bought a torque wrench too. Factory info says torque rocker arms bolts to 18ft pounds on 2.8 and 3.1. Than you are good to go to put in
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    To Le Bra or not to Le Bra

    It destroys the paint underneath. There's a reason everyone stopped using them in the 90s.
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    Z34 swag

    I need the rear sway bar off of all of those please!
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