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    Imp558 Southern meetup 2019

    Rich, the summer meet up here is always in June or early July. IMO if you want to cement a date in May there's very little chance of it coinciding with the Northern Meet. Also if you set a date first we would simply take that weekend off the table. Besides, the weather is a factor and May would be less opportunistic here anyway.
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    K&R Southern meetup 2019

    Branson/Springfeild, Mo is a big car enthusiast cities. There are shows there all the time and route 66 runs right through there. Not as exciting as Nashville, but a idea for a future southern meet.
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    MemphisMan Southern meetup 2019

    I'm very interested in this. I've never been to a GoodGuys show, but heard good things. My wife loves Nashville too. It's a 3.5 hour drive so I'd plan on bringing both cars. I'm all in for the most central location as possible too. Let's see who all responds.
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    James Robert

    New Shoes

    That's why I take them off before I let anyone else touch my lug nuts (pardon the sexual innuendo) I don't want overzealous tire jockeys using impact wrenches on these delicate cosmetic parts!
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    James Robert

    New Shoes

    Yes NOS are expensive. I had a couple missing and bought the cheap aftermarket gray ones and painted them silver. They look good but don't fit quite right.
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