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    1987 GMC Jimmy

    New Owner!

    I’m the new owner of a 1990 Olds Cutlass Supreme sedan. Nothing too fancy here. It sat for fifteen years in what appeared to be somewhat adversarial conditions. It was located in the bayous of Cut Off, Louisiana, and it’s currently staying under the carport of my childhood home in Mississippi. It’s a 3.1L/4T60 car. It’s got crank windows and manual seats but power windows and locks. It’s got the base model digital cluster, cruise control, A/C, and the more basic radio option, however with a tape deck. So far, I’ve only been able to change the oil and filter, battery, and flush the cooling system (although I’m concerned that it didn’t do much good). Trying to crank it over yielded no results, and I don’t hear any fuel pump activity in the tank. A shot of starting fluid in the throttle body yielded a quick popping off. I bought a new pump, filter, and strainer sock I’m scared that the whole sender will be a chunk of rust, and it won’t read the level properly or at all which leads me to what doesn’t work electronically... I’ll post those issues in the appropriate section. Here are the photos from the night I went to look at it two weeks ago today. My profile picture is a more recent picture after a two hour struggle at the car wash.
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    96 CS sedan brakes.

    Just as long as your Ws have discs on the rear.. If you've got drums that tool is useless!!! As for "renting" a tool,,, most Auto Parts Store will charge the cost of the item and refund your $$ when you return it.. So,,, it costs nothing in the end... Good luck,,, Tom B...
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    96 CS sedan brakes.

    I just ordered that kit. $17.99 with free shipping!