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  1. Okay, I'm calling it... I'm planning the first weekend of July Friday the 5th-Sunday the 7th. Only a couple people have commented and hopefully Non-Chinese Matt can make the later date. The best Motel I've found is a super 8, I will have an absolute destination at the beginning of the week because there are a couple motels on the other side of town I didn't hit up yet. Sorry I haven't been around much guys, the busy season is absolutely kicking my ass this year, it's been nice because I don't have employees to watch over and stress about this year but doing literally everything at work is physically killer. I hope some of you will pass the information off to FB for me so we can get some numbers, as of now I've been using "6-12 rooms" as my opener for buying power at these motels because I have no idea how many are coming.
  2. Old medical vacuums sell for cheap on Ebay. That's what I have.
  3. Can you guys please post so I know what I'm planning? June or July?
  4. Do we all want to do july? It doesn't matter to me but I should probably know before I make plans with one of these motels I've been talking to
  5. Checked out a few more motels last night. One was better than the others but still a house next door. I'm going to look at another now.
  6. I'll have something this week. I thought I had a motel but when I went to see it it wasn't up to par.
  7. AGX struts are less than optimum for a first gen. They're a couple inches longer than stock. In the first picture is my 225# rear spring with about 1.5" of suspension travel. I'm going to order some 12", or maybe 14" springs but for now I stuck the front 325# springs in the back and got about 3" of travel in the second picture. The 325# springs are very firm, almost mining cart kind of firm but honestly I think I like it. I may do some longer 300# springs in the back and maybe 400# up front but I'm gonna drive this for a week and mull it over.
  8. Imp558

    3.1 Plugs and Wires

    Isn't there something about putting a couple notches in the front of the cowl that the seal hides to get useful trajectory with a bunch of extensions on a 60*?
  9. That's what I thought, and probably displaced by a car stereo dash kit so someone should need it to go back to stock.
  10. That's an incredibly complicated question.
  11. I'm guessing a pcm that's very confused is the problem.
  12. I don't know what this is, it came tossed in with some door handles I bought from a cat. If it's of significant value to someone PM me a shipping address, willing to trade for imaginary pat on the back.
  13. Perhaps a few more detailed description of the problem, assuming there's already a key involved.
  14. Update: Make certain you're getting a walbro, these years later I realize my pump didn't actually have any identification on it and may indeed have been a knockoff. Knockoffs do happen.
  15. I see stuff like that and always think there's a story behind the ridiculous. Like an engineer who was pissed off at work and decided GM was going to make 40,000 big long stupid tubes because he couldn't get the vacation week he wanted. Or maybe something failed late in the game in R&D so someone randomly grabbed a hunk of tube and it managed to make it to production.
  16. That doesn't make sense, they should be looser when the cam rools to 0 lift. I guess if that's the way it's done....
  17. I'll pm you tonight, have to dye the dash so color isn't of importance to me, neither are scratches.
  18. If you know what the donors were I can give you the information to test those.
  19. A HUD bezel like you have there, I have a HUD from a later one but need a bezel to modify.
  20. Jihgety, if you want to sell a HUD assembly I'd be interested, I need a bezel.
  21. If you're torquing rocker arms and setting valve lash they get torqued with the lifter riding on the bottom of the lobe.
  22. If you can't access FAQs I'll put it in there for you.
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