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Wiring garbage on TGP

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Did some work on the TGP today, found an old remote radar detector under the bumper, and found all kinds of wires under the dash connected to nothing, also found some other concerning things that I have questions on. Shall we began?


Found this under the dash that the radar detector was hooked into. Looks like stock wiring, says PED on it. Black wire is cut, what is this to???



Is there supposed to be a chime module here???



Found this under the dash, doesnt look stock is wired into my radio and my power antenna, maybe this is why power antenna no longer works...



I feel like there is something missing here, am I wrong? Or should this just all be exposed like this??




Thanks for looking guys!

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that box might be a signal booster so that it still recieves a strong signal even though the antennae doesn't go up, and i do believe you are missing a trim panel in the last 2 pics.

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Bottom two pics look okay. I took a pic of my chime module. which I pulled because I hated hearing it. I will get pics of the under dash of mine in the day light to help with what you are looking for.


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That connector isn't connected to anything. It should just clip up unconnected to a tab next to the data link connector. The black wire was probably discovered by somebody to be a good ground and the hooked something up to it.


Yeah you need that chime module NTRCOOL posted. You can still get it from the dealer, list price $60. Here's some on ebay below, but I would just grab one from the salvage yard for probably 5 or 10 bucks. You'll have zero trouble finding it. Below the ebay link is a list of what you can find it in (click the show button in product fitment):|R40|R40&LH_TitleDesc=1&_nkw=14101255&_trksid=p2045573.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0.X14101255.TRS0&_osacat=6000&_odkw=141101255



That module thing is an FM Modulator. If it is still fully hooked up (should just need accessory power and ground), there should be an aux input or RCA audio jacks on it to attach an audio device (like an MP3 player). When the player is attached (with volume pretty high usually) it will play from the device on the vehicle FM stereo on either 89.1 MHz or 89.5 MHz depending on which is selected. When no audio device is hooked up the radio operates normally. I have one on my CD player equipped TGPs. The cassette player ones I just use a cassette adapter. This has no effect on the operation of your power antenna.


I don't see anything missing in the last couple pics. That black box with the connector on the left side I think is the factory amplifier. It hangs down like that, no cover. You could probably stand to cut off that electrical tape that's coming down from the head unit though, lol.

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Cool, thanks guys. I will probably hit the yard this week I need to pick up some parts for my girl friends Saturn. I probably pulled a pound of wires out of this thing that went to nowhere. I think it was stereo and radar detector related. Need to get my rke system working too, maybe work on that this week

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