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Found 3,989 results

  1. *Big Update 12-20-2016* I finally put the lists to spreadsheet and html format. I don't have them hosted for direct viewing currently, but they can be downloaded here: link expires in 30 days. The file size is small, something like 165kb. It unpacks to about 6.9mb and includes the 89 Coupe, 90 Coupe, and 90 TSTE list in both spreadsheet and html formats. All of the lists are technically incomplete, but they're far more complete than you will likely ever see. There are supposed to be 751 1989 coupes, 2,749 1990 coupes, and 1,000 Turbo STE sedans. Those numbers are stated by the Pontiac Historical Society and Compnine also listed the exact same numbers. The totals I ended up at are 734 for the 1989 coupes, 2,740 for the 1990 coupes, and only 200 some odd Turbo STE sedans. The sedan list is so far off because I never got around to running through the list for them. I did add about 150+ cars to it during the course of doing the 1990 coupe list so at least we have that...The VIN program I used quit working before I got around to making my final pass through of the 1990 coupe list. I made it from the 200,000-277,000 range and only added one car I had missed in my previous methods. I also crossed off one car in that range that I had accidentally listed that was not real. Considering I only came up with one car in that large range, I kinda doubt I would have ever produced the other supposed 9 cars made from 277,000 to about 306,XXX. I need to thank a few people below for their help with this. Skitchin - Huge thanks to him for automating the process and literally knocking months or even years off of this project. turbo-v-sick - Thanks for doing all the leg work on the 1989 coupe list! He has also dug up tons of history and photos on these cars that we might not have ever found without him. ManicMechanic - Thanks for helping with the VIN project and constantly posting pictures and information on these cars making it easier for me to document them. I wouldn't have come across a fraction of the ones you do because I wasn't aware of half of those auction, salvage, etc. sites until you brought them to my attention. I'm probably forgetting some people here, but thanks to anyone that helped in any way, big or small! I wanted to turn in the list in a much more complete format but unfortunately it didn't turn out that way. Too bad compnine did away with the several free vin checks per day when my list was still in its infancy. Those were handy in filling out the color and option info on these cars. Eventually I would like to contact them about getting a custom account and have several people help go through and document the vins. That will not be any time soon though. I'm tired of looking at those numbers for now. I will be lightly modifying the list over time. I have some extra little blurbs of information on some cars I will include in a text document alongside it later. I also want to go through all my old car photos and pull any TGP ones that I documented by vin to upload to a directory to accompany the list. Don't hold your breath on either of those things as it will be quite a while before I get around to them..
  2. So, I hear about these things all the time, I need them, but I've never seen a pic, and they're just about mythical. I finally picked some up today, and decided to post pictures of the final product. I need to know how exactly to install these things. Do you put the thing so it's straddling the top of the knuckle, or some other way?? The cat is my parents', his name is Chester.
  3. It sure would be nice to know where these are hiding...
  4. Hi Everyone, Time has come to let this one go. Recently decided to rebuild this girl but the rear trailing arm-to-chassis mount areas are too far gone with rust. The car is an '89 but has a '91 B4U package from the first time the car was completely rebuilt. Engine: Fully machined 3.1 with rebuilt short block Slight overbore (0.010") to clean up cylinders Complete port/polish heads with multi-angle valve job Crane 2030 Cam with CompCams roller-tipped rockers Forged Pistons Transmission was completely rebuilt (Valve Body, clutch packs, higher stall TC) by Level10 Transmissions out in New Jersey. At the time, trans was redone to handle 300hp with Nitrous. Unfortunately, neither of these occurred prior to the car going into storage. The B4U front bumper has some warping around the headlights, but the other moldings are in good shape. I'd prefer to see the whole car go but am willing to part out. Car was in the middle of being torn down for the rebuild so there is currently no fuel tank on the vehicle and some of the B4U body moldings have been removed (Still intact). Included is also a complete Gen 2 rear suspension section out of a Grand Prix. Intention was to use this as a donor for the larger brakes, but again, this was never done. Full Car: $750 obo Gen 2 Rear Suspension: $50 obo Part Out: Name your part, and I'll let you know Car located in North East, MD
  5. I have done a ton of measurements and an aluminum cradle from a late model impala or others will bolt into my 96 gp. I am thinking of modding one for my control arms ect. I am not the best welder but a friend of my could weld a turd to diamond if need be. He is amazing, Anybody ever tried this? I think im gonna. I want to save weight and keep all the good stuff plus it looks pretty sweet. Is there anything i am over looking? Any input would be nice. Also is there any after market control arms available or do i need to make my own? It is a topswapped l36 in the car if wondering.
  6. Well, since the TGP had KYBs and the sleeves I have wont fit the Gabriels I have had on the CS, I had some time to play with the coilovers. Sure enough, the sleeves fit the KYBs no problem.. The mount has been the other thing that has kinda plagued me, so I was working on a custom mount when I discovered the mounts on the KYBs will WORK!! And they are prolly the best route to go with no modifications needed. So, I have the coilovers assembled and ready for the car. I have pics on my camera and will update in a couple hours with the simple step by step, the exact parts I used and links to buy them, and the cost of everything. Needless to say, the price will smoke Helds price anyday And quality over Helds, no difference, but the mount is better because its not so solid like Helds. The mount NEEDS to take some force instead of the strut rod directly tranferring it to the body. Using the stock mount justs adds a bit more needed cusion without sacrificing handling. I know Held uses a strut rod bushing in the upper mount. They are HARD as hell. -Bob
  7. For anyone not aware, I had bought a TGP in October, 2013 which had a few minor needs. I was chipping away at small projects. I bought a parts car a couple months ago. On July 21, 2014, my TGP burned out due to a PMIII accumulator failure. So now the parts car has become the fixer-upper. So I will update this tread as I finish little projects. It's not in horrible condition. I may sell it soon, as I found one with lower mileage that I might pick up. Here are some pics from when I brought it home : The closer one is the one that burned, the one towards the left is the one I have still.
  8. Hey guys! My radio controls on the steering wheel on the 92 are completely non-functional. original radio and all in it. i'd love to have these buttons work because my volume control knob on the radio wont do anything and i'd love to have volume control. Thanks!
  9. Looking to replace my dead 5 yr old Optima red top in the TGP. Would like to stick with a gel battery vs the acid kind. Any recommendations? Walmart here wants $200 for a 720 CCA redtop Maybe I'll hold out to buy one on the drive home from Seattle in a couple weeks.
  10. I'm starting this topic in the hope that we can get a sticky put up with different dyno charts for different powertrain/modification combo's. The catalyst for this was Aaron's 218whp dyno run...............3 threads later (all of 4+ pages) and yet I STILL HAVEN'T SEEN THE DAMN CHART So. What I would like is for people to post W Body (or other words swappable) charts, AND a list of EXACTLY what mods were done to the car at the time. These charts will be useful (if we get enough) to see what mod combos do what, and how much boost (for the TGP guys) will net how much power etc. Plus you can pick shiftpoints In any event: I WANT TO SEE THE DAMN CHART FOR AARON'S OLD Z34 !!!!!
  11. Those of you with aftermarket tips and stock mufflers, please post pictures. Looking at my TGP it looks like I only have about 8-8.5'' of length from the tip to the stock muffler - I'm not seeing too much that will fit in that same space, even if I modify the tips and cut off an inch or two. I generally prefer dual round outlet tips w/ rolled edges. If anyone happens to know of a short version of those, let me know. I want the tips to sit at the same place the factory ones do now rather than protrude farther(not a fan of that). On the off-chance I can't find something short enough to work as-is or with light modification, I might just keep the stock tips. I like the way they look, but kinda want something different at the same time.
  12. Hello all, I still have my 1990 TGP, been driving it off and on but it mostly sits because PMIII has been acting up. I was wondering if there is still a place you can purchase any of these parts new? I would like to get a new pressure switch for it. If any of you have a good used one laying around I would take that off your hands as well though. I plan on also replacing all the relays on it. Motor is still good and so is accumulator. With my second Gen GTP blowing up the other day I am parting it out and might as well put all my efforts into this car. Thanks for any and all input!
  13. Hey guys I was bored at work and was cruising the forums and and found in the section for the TGP a Shift kit XK1 for $30.79 is the part# listed. Now is this shift kit specific to the transmission family or is it a generic kit? That is the question that needs to be answered. also they have a really nice Rebuild kit for it, 753034 Is called a super kit $399.79 Does it have the extra clutch plate that is needed? Not sure I might have to email them and find out. I am just throwing this out there. Input on anyone that has used Rockauto for stuff like this let everyone know. I bought the Transmission Governor and it was the correct one so far so good there.
  14. Just got my first w-body almost a week ago. It's a '99 GP se with the L32 engine option. 156K on the clock with a completly rebuilt tranny:biggrin: Got rid of my Toyota Land Cruiser and pulled the trigger on this one for $1,600. Replaced the front struts and mounts and will be doing a couple of checks on her to put her back up to snuff and hopefully do some upgrades. This car drives awesome. It reminds me so much of my last sports car!('85 IROC-Z) I had back in '99!!!! Times have changed and with a toddler and a 3mo old baby a sports car is not my best choice right now, but with this car I can play, have 4 doors, a huge trunk for the double stroller and I can upgrade!!!!! Have some sick thoughts about this car and hopefully I'll be able to do them as time progresses. Will be lurking and asking questions so please bear with me. Thanks and stay safe guys and gals... Marcos...
  15. Here goes nothing! Monies spent so far: Car: $500 Trailer Rental: $45 Gas: $100 Shopvac: $120 Megasquirt 2 $300 EGR Delete: $12.50 Header Flanges: $59 ========= $1065 Monies to spend: Powertrain 100K mile 3500: $400 lx5 TB: $?? --EGR Delete: $15-- Getrag 282/4: $??? ebay Turbo: $250 Innovate LC-1 WBo2: $150 >=38lb/hr injectors: $300 --Header flanges: $60-- Exhaust: $??? MSII: $300 ========== $1460 + $??? Suspension/Tires/Brakes Cooper Zeon ZPTs???: $450 KYB Part # 334228 x2 (GR2 Rear): $110 Other crap for gen2 rears (BXX stuff?): $??? gen2 rear brake stuff (junkyard?): $??? KYB Part # 366004 x2 (GR2 Front): $90 DORMAN Part # 905501 x2 (trailing arms): $24 MONROE Part # 901921 x2 (front strut mounts): $25 MOOG Part # ES2912RL x2 (outter tie rod ends): $50 ========== $750 + $??? Other go-fast goodies: 16gal fuel cell: $160 Jegs 555-159001 (fuel pump): $130 AN stuff to put it all together: $??? Optima yellow top 500CCA: $210 Aluminum drag seat: $200 ========== $700 Other wants: Paint: $????
  16. [video=youtube;UsMlsDgMXJM] I have a bad rattling sound coming from the driver side of my car somewhere. Anyone else have this issue? The rocker panel trim cover seems more loose on this side than the passenger side. It's driving me nuts and I can't figure out exactly what's causing it.
  17. I have a 94 GP 3100 4t60e. Is this model year trans able to use a 97 gasket, with the imbedded steel rather than just the cork? I'm guessing there was a slight design change in the trans gaskets?
  18. Heartbeat1991


    I am in the process of rebuilding Galen's TGP transmission. He had no 4th gear. After taking it apart, it's obvious why. The 4th gear clutch was all tore up. I never seen one like that before. But I don't have a lot of 4T60 experience either. The clutch material was gone. It was all metal to metal. The confusing part is that the clutch teeth were bent up pretty bad and the whole things seems to have been spinning in the outside of it's carrier. ( See pics ). I have yet to do much digging for parts. . .But, does anyone know if that clutch career is going to be ok to re-use? And what caused this? What else should I be looking for? It seems to me that something had to have been bound up to cause this. But I have no idea how.
  19. I am looking for a TGP tan rear seat female seat belt buckle. Anyone have one they can part with?
  21. I'm not excited about it, but the automatic road to riches upon getting my degree is taking its time... so I'm parting with the TGP. Trying to put feelers out there, let me know if you or any of your car buddies are interested: 1990 Pontiac ASC Mclaren Turbo Grand Prix 118k miles only 3700 made $3000 obo -needs master cylinder
  22. I have an 89 not running starting to rust out underneath clear peeling.. Been sitting outside now. Not a good picture I know. Whats a fair price for me as well as the buyer for the whole car? My thought is if I cant get 800.oo as is just part it then scrap the rest. Metal is down right now but the car can sit.
  23. Hi, I am looking for a LOWER front valence in very good to Excellent condition. Putting it on a 1989 red TGP. Dont mind painting it of course. I just bought the car(was just delivered from Maine today). This is my first 'WANTED' ad that I have not sure if I can post my phone#
  24. So late last year (2014), I had to several fixes all at once on my '95 GP SE. New hoses new radiator new alternator and a couple of small things here and there. I got all the parts and completed everything in a weekend. Afterwards, she was running just like she was before only with no leaking and more power <grunt, grunt, grunt>. Then I noticed my gas mileage dropping like a rock. I went from an avg of 22mpg to around 18mpg. At first I was baffled how anything I replaced could affect mileage so I did some research and couldn't really find anything. I even went and had the plugs and wires replaced. It was dead of winter in Michigan and I don't have access to a garage. I decided to tackle the simplest thing first. I had replaced my gad cap with a locking unit. So I decided to put the old one(original) back on, wait and see what happened. First tank of gas, my mileage jumped back up to about 19 mpg. After a while it has continuously climbed and is now around 21.59 mpg. Of course it all depends on my driving habits and stop and go traffic vs highway. So it just goes to show you, check the simple things first. Or Keep It Simple Stupid. Thats my story and I'm sticking to it.
  25. So these came on my car when I bought it and as luck might have it, my Dad decided to buy some new ones for my mom's GP, so I am getting her stock set. The tail lights are on the car and are in great shape, I am asking $90 plus shipping and paypal fees, I will have mine off this week, or this weekend. I am firm on the price as they are in great shape. They are these ones. I will get pictures up by tonight.
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