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Found 380 results

  1. Ended up with another Gen 1 (not complaining). After my asshole roommate blew up the engine in my Mark VIII a friend gave me this... 1997 Olds Cutlass Supreme coupe. Clearcoat is gone on the hood and tops of the fenders and front bumper. The passenger side body kit needs to be repainted as well. There is also minor damage to the passenger side from when the previous owners hit a deer. Not going to go crazy with the mods on this one until I get the title (should be in another 2 weeks). I do have a list of planned mods (mostly stuff I had done to my previous cutlass's... HUD, ATC, cleaning it up, ETC).
  2. I know it's a long shot, but just in case any of you guys hitting yards happen across them, I'm looking for a 3rd gen SPO front lip. They clip in (and maybe some double sided tape), and were available on the 06-08's with the special appearance package. They all can be had new, but I figure I'd throw this out there. There's also a rear bumper one, but that's secondary, still on my list though also there's a slightly different spoiler, but that's last on the list
  3. The front bumper has quite a bit of damage on my GP and the hood also has a big spot that needs attention. In order to address this and hopefully add some "flair", I am going to plasti-dip some hood/bumper stripes. If I like them enough, I might paint them. I took some pictures of possible stripes and am looking for some input on what anyone thinks will look best or if anyone has any suggestions. There's a good amount of gouges in the middle of the bumper, but on the passenger side, some damage extends to around where the middle of "PONTIAC" would be, so I'm trying to cover as much of that as possible. Please look at the pictures and tell me what you think. I know the lines aren't perfect, but I'll make sure they are before I plasti-dip it.
  4. Did some work on the TGP today, found an old remote radar detector under the bumper, and found all kinds of wires under the dash connected to nothing, also found some other concerning things that I have questions on. Shall we began? Found this under the dash that the radar detector was hooked into. Looks like stock wiring, says PED on it. Black wire is cut, what is this to??? Is there supposed to be a chime module here??? Found this under the dash, doesnt look stock is wired into my radio and my power antenna, maybe this is why power antenna no longer works... I feel like there is something missing here, am I wrong? Or should this just all be exposed like this?? Thanks for looking guys!
  5. It's a straightforward job now that all the elements have been split. The front (as it sits on the car) of this bar will be covered with a single piece of sheet steel, as per the original. One of the photos attached shows a bit of the old panel, with factory-cut holes. I can't decide whether to add these holes to the replacement panel, to keep the car looking original, or to dispense with the holes. The former route would enable water to get in and around but make it possible for an annual refreshment of rustproofing treatment. The latter route of a closed panel would keep water out but not allow future access. I'd be grateful for comments and opinions on this dilemma, before I get going on it on Tuesday. Either way, it's going to be in a much better state than it is now . Cheers! Note, for anyone who might do this job: The mounting brackets with the captive bolts were spot welded to the original large piece of steel I am replacing, and the large panel then spot welded to the reinforcement bar. There are no direct welds between the mounting brackets and the profiled rear section of the reinforcement bar, and this made it easy to strip the whole thing down.
  6. I am having some body issues with this 94. Was wondering about the following: How can I replace the weather stripping around the exterior windshield and where could I get a replacement? Behind the Wheel where the bumper meets the rear quarter panel, what can I do (I am not a body guy), to some what fix or hide the damage from the rust? I also have this on the other side as well. Other than that, I have a fast top that goes down but closing the roof takes awhile. I have read that I just need to fill it with AT fluid while the top is down, then leave the cap off, cycle it a few times (gets the air out), then tighten the lid cap, cycle it a few times more, and I should be good to go. Thanks for any help! Much Appreciated!
  7. do you guys think it would be worth relocating the battery of a first gen w-body (90 lumina) to the passenger side to free up room on the driver side of the car to make a true cold air intake with a box for a cone filter and a ram air pipe coming from behind my bumper up to where the battery tray is to let in cold fresh air?
  8. darkwolf45


    So, I was driving my Cutlass last friday. Went to work, no issues. Ran a quick errand after work, nothing out of the ordinary. Headed over to the gym, perfect as always. Left the gym, turned the key, and the engine stuttered heavily for about 3 seconds and that was it. She would't turn over anymore. I had to tow it up to a mechanic I can trust, which was a colossal pain- took an hour to check out the dolly I had reserved the night before, and as luck would have it, the cable puller was justa few inches too short to hook up to the dolly and the car... With some help I finally got it loaded and started my trek out of the cities to get it looked at. Got there, and unloading it off the dolly the underside of the front bumper was scraped up pretty bad. In any event, we disengaged the starter motor and tried to manually turn the crankshaft, which would only go a quarter each direction... At this point, my best hope is that the timing chain broke. I don't have the know how to fix it myself, but more importantly I don't have the equipment to do it, so with the mechanic is stays while he takes it apart. If it's a timing chain, that's not a big deal, I can work with that, but if it's something worse, like a broken rod or something... Jebus.. Mechanic wants over $4k for a rebuilt engine, maybe $2300 for a used one. That is a bit out of my price range. I love this car to death, and have poured my blood sweat and tears into making it live again, but I don't know that I can put that kind of money into it.
  9. Yes, this is going to sound a little ridiculous, but its been bugging me. I have a CAI installed on my GTP, so I've removed the stock washer reservoir and replaced it with a 3rd Gen F-body reservoir mounted behind my bumper cover in the center. It happens to use the same pump as the GTP IIRC. I had to obviously use a longer hose for the washer fluid and I'm not getting good pressure. In fact when it sprays I get about halfway up the windshield. Any one have any suggestions on how I could fix this? I was thinking maybe some other GM car had a particularly powerful pump I could put in its place...
  10. Would love input from my family on here. Briefing: Mom's 3.1, fuel pressure: 10-12 psi, manually...0 PSI turning key. No fuel seeping from regulator, replaced fuel filter, replaced pump. Realized triangular "bumper" between pump and pulse dampener was missing...disassembled. While sending unit is on my workbench, should I remove dampener, altogether? and if so, using rubber hose and worm clamp? Gonna start back at it at 8:15 AM. Thank you all very much for any input you have. Sincerely, Samuel
  11. Been looking for wheels, and I'd like to get a little less offset than the factory 35mm or 40mm or whatever. I like a musclecar look 5 spoke and would prefer to really push the wheels out and give the Regal a wider stance. Has anybody run 0 offset wheels on a first gen without them rubbing? Or a lead on a wierd like 10mm - 20mm offset rim in a sort of similar style to what I have shown here? 0 offset looks like it may be dangerously close the the front bumper to me.
  12. I know some of you are pretty good with the paint and care and such. The front of my car, mainly the bumper cover, is littered with bugs. What product or how/what would be the best to get them off? The stuff I have only goes so far, and Im like scrubbing the shit out of it to even try and get them off.
  13. Pitts

    Bumper Swap

    Anyone know if the 1st gen GP coupe front bumper will bolt up in place of the 1st gen GP sedan?
  14. 1990 Cutlass Supreme SL: I've been trying to track down the part number or a website where I can buy a front license plate bracket for the front bumper - NOT a "universal" one, but one specific to this car and bumper. The car never had one and in Ohio we are required. I can't come up with a part number or anything! Any help is appreciated!
  15. Well driving home from helping out my brother, the engine stalled out on me as I was throttling up into traffic luckily there was a empty lot I dove right into, upon reentering the vehicle from investigating the cause of the stall the handle snaps, to make matter worse while towing the car home, I failed at braking, the trailer hitch on the car-truck caught in the fog light while turning and ripped out half the bumper. So about this handle, does the entire thing have to be replaced or can just the handle part? What do the handle assemblies with lights look light? Just an illuminated lock?
  16. Well, since my rear bumper is a replacement which looks like it wasn't primed, clear-coated, it looks like maybe 1 coating of paint, and the trim is faded to almost white (not sure how that happens), I'm just going to repaint the whole damn thing. My question is, on the front and back bumper how do you remove the trim? I know on the sides it's just glued on, but the back also looks like it has some sort of clips right at the ends by the wheel wells. Here's a link to JC Whitney where you can see what I'm talking about. Does anyone know if these things have clips? Or is it just like the sides where they're just glued on? I've been searching all over google but all I can find out is how to remove the side trim, and how to paint the trim on the back without removing it from the car. I'd rather just remove it so I can paint it properly otherwise I'm gonna get peeling paint in the edges where the trim meets the bumper cover.
  17. I've had a hard time selling it here.. SO I'll be listing it on ebay next month. Just giving a heads up to anyone here who really wants it.
  18. So, my new mufflers sound amazing, but since they're longer than stock, I have about 2" less to work with, meaning my stock tips didn't fit. I have about 7" from the muffler to the bumper, so that's my main issue. 2 1/4" inlet, looking for either dual exits, rounded square, or something. Mostly it has to not be too long Suggest away!
  19. On my way to work this morning had a slightly more than gentle encounter with a Ford truck and it messed the front passenger side corner up some. Plus the hood at that corner was damaged along with the front bumper and drivers front panel is damaged from the past. So ive decided to just replace everything that can be taken off vs attempting body work(saving that for damage in the back on the drivers side) My question is are there any good ways or tips for getting the all the lines right and body pieces fit? I figured the hood first then the front bumper then side 1\4 panels and installation is reverse. Im hoping i can find one in good shape the same color as mine but as long as i dont have to mix to many colors i can live with it til i can get the entire car repainted.
  20. First off, I'm kinda new to this communitybut I've been kinda checking it out for a while. I own a white 92 Lumina Z34, my second onein about 8 years. I'm a BIGGGGGGGGG fan of the W bodies and the Z34 in particular. the styling of them is soo not the norm, especially compared to what's out now. That said, Howdie. My Z34 is my daily driver but still my baby. I've been looking for a part though for a while. Like I said, this is my second Z34 plus the base model I had turned into a clone. All of them had the same issue, the rear licsence plate assembly. For those not familiar, the Z34 has an assembly that mounts between the tail lights, instead of being molded into the bumper. Whether it's because the plastic is just brittle, people are just careless, or they destroy them trying to deal with a plate, I've never seen one not damaged. Is there anyone out there that has a connection or direction for me to check out?
  21. Ive been looking for a few weeks on Google, and have not been able to locate any smoked tail lights for my olds. Just wondering if anyone has a good site to find some. Also I had the thought of moding the headlight assembly with a piece of curved, smoked plexi to match the curve of the hood/bumper to give the front end a more rounded look. I havent been able to fid any of these either.... Any ideas?
  22. Well, to say that Natasha's hood release cable is broken is an understatement; I had to reach up past the front bumper with a screwdriver to get the hood open, so replacing it is definitely on my list of things to do. Anyways, I found another 91 Cutlass at Parts Galore with a good cable and interior release handle. (!!!!!) What all does it take to remove the hood release cable from one of these and what kind of tools would I need to bring with me? I am hoping to go after I get off work Saturday and fetch it.....
  23. Hello everyone, the names Jen Owner of a 2004 Monte Carlo SS Dale Earnhardt Jr. edition #7 out of 2883 housing the Supercharged v6 BUICK 3800 Current mileage: 56,000mi Searching google for some new forums & came across wbody. Currently a member of & under the same username Currently no mods except for MSD ignition coils & k&n panel filter, working on getting her to a safe condition. Working on suspension at the moment. Tomorrow is the day my new mevotec control arms & tie rod ends go in. Future mods will be lowering springs, cold air intake, u-bend delete, magnaflow catback exhaust, resonator delete. will be getting the hood & front bumper repainted. Love auto detailing. Slowly creating my own mobile detailer service! Pics of monte: custom high mount stop light cover: before & after pics of engine bay detailing: ok...I think I'm done....
  24. I blew a bit of paint off my car with a power washer last month, and i know the only proper way to fix it is repaint the bumper. I was planning on just touching it up with touch up paint, but is there any better method to help it blend in more. It doesn't have to be perfect but maybe look good at 10ft
  25. could some one photo shop the words monte carlo , just behind the rear wheel well like on the line that seperates body from plastic bumper .. and z34 on the lower part of the door just behind front fender.. thanks
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