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So where to begin. I have a 2003 Monte Carlo SS (L36 3800 Series 2) which has just recently started giving me issues. There are about 167,000 miles on the car. I am getting code P1811 (max adapt, long shift). Previously, on very rare occasions the car had kicked like a mule coming out of first gear when hot. After doing some research I ordered a whole new set of solenoids (1-2, 2-3, EPC and TCC) because from what I can gather that is the most common cause of this. I fear that I may have waited too long though because recently I ran into a more severe problem. While driving on the highway I had a very harsh/long upshift from 2nd to 3rd gear. I heard an audible click as the transmission engaged into third gear, and the check engine light started flashing and then went out. Also at this time I got a whiff of something that smelled like rotten eggs. After this happened I got off the hwy asap and the car was sluggish downshifting as well. Since this happened I have parked the car. Also I checked the transmission fluid, it is clean and not burnt. I soon plan to be dropping the pan to check for any pieces. If I'm lucky I got away without breaking anything.


My plan of attack so far, assuming I don't have large chunks of metal/clutch in my pan is going to be to replace the solenoids and see how it works after that. What I am wondering specifically is are there any tests I can do short of driving the vehicle (I really don't want to do that right now and risk further damaging the transmission) to see whether anything has physically failed inside the transmission? At this point I really don't have the money to spend on rebuilding the transmission in this car, and I'm on the fence as to weather I should attempt one of the accumulator shift-kits in hope of fixing this problem.

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